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Notes on the Douglas dit Schott family in Belgium

•  Marie-Thérèse Douglas dit Schott Born June 14, 1694 in Mechelen
Deceased on January 21, 1754, at the age of 59
Married December 26, 1740, to Charles François de Partz (1695 - 1756), councilor at the Grand Council of Mechelen

•  Philippa Douglas, said Schott 18th C? Mechelen

•  Philippe de Schott dit Douglas married to Marguerite Ruts.
Madelaine de Schott dit Douglas 1590-????
Corneille de Schott dit Douglas

•  Belgium Armorial of 1866; Villegas Family of Saint Pierre Jette, in Belgium, but originally from Spain.
Français : Écartelé: au 1 d'or à la fasce bretessée et contrebretessée de sable (Kinschot); au 2 fascé d'or et de sinople de six pièces (Oyenbrugge); au 3 d'argent à cinq losanges de gueules, accolés en bande (van Ophem); au 4 d'argent à un cœur de gueules, sommé d'une couronne royale d'or, et au chef d'azur chargé de trois étoiles d'or (Douglas dit Schott); sur le tout : un écusson d'argent à la croix florencée de sable, vidée du champ, à la bordure componée de seize pièces, huit de gueules, chargées chacune d'une tour d'or et huit d'argent, chargées chacune d'une chaudière de sable (Villegas)
[Spread: at 1 gold at the breathssed and borerish sand (Kinschot) fess; at 2 Fascinals of Gold and Sinta of Six Pieces (Oyenbrugge); at the 3 silver with five rhombus Gules, ventilated in band (Van Ophem); At the 4 silver at a heart Gules, summoned with a royal crown of gold, and the chief of azure charged with three golden stars (Douglas says Schott); On all: a silver crest with the crossed cross of sand, emptied from the field, at the edge componed of sixteen pieces, eight Gules, each loaded with a round of gold and eight of silver, each loaded with 'a sand boiler (Villegas)]

•  Keyserlijck and Con. Belthouwer 'and his wife Isabella de Coninck Christoffelsdr. owe 600 guilders to Jacques Douglas-Scott, repayable in six months // his probate inventory (Arenbergstraet) is dated 1740; 1740: inventory of the estate of Jacques Douglas dit Scot and his wife Anna Catharina Damé (Arenbergstraat), he died 27 February 1740. In the lower room 17 paintings, stonework (ruin) upholstered with figures by the painter Rysbrack and Van den Bosch. Notary PJ Allefeldt, N 126 f (33). (van Hemeldonck 2007)

•  Jacques Douglas-Scott was a painter active in Antwerp 1679-09-18 - 1712 He died in Antwerp on 1740-02-27.  He was aslo a moneylender.

•  Séraphine Theresa Ghlislaine Douglas dit Schott +1850 70ans Malines Mechelen de Ratzitzky d'Ostrowick Ysebrandt de Lendonck Emmerich Créqui Unknown event 15 April 1850 (Marriage?)

The Radzitzky d'Ostrowick is a family of Belgian nobility from Westphalia and originally from Poland.

Charles Léopold Guillaume Louis de Radzitzky (Emmerich, October 1, 1799 - Mechelen, February 5, 1868) was a son of Frédéric de Radzitzky and Marie-Jeanne de Créqui-Hannicart.

•  Francois de Schott de Schott dit Douglas, born 1515 in Anvers, Belgium
Died April 15, 1587 (71-72)in Anvers, Belgium
Son of Jean Schott

•  François Douglas gezegd de Schott, born February 06, 1621
Died June 18, 1684 (63) in Mechelen, Antwerp, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
Son of Cornelis de Schott and Isabella van der Piet
Husband of Maria Anna van Paffenrode

•  Jacques François DOUGLAS dit SCHOT, Born 11 August 1743 - Szegedin, Csongrád-Csanád, Hongrie Jacques.  He was a lawyer at the Grand Council in Mechelen, Attorney General and then substitute the Attorney General.
Died 2 September 1816 - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, aged 73 years old
Son of
Simon Robert DOUGLAS dit SCHOT, born 1 August 1709 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, baptized - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, deceased 17 August 1773 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique aged 64 years old.  He was Master of the Police of the City of Mechelen in 1759, alderman and Communmestre of the same city.  He may have had 20 siblings!
Married 3 April 1742, Szegedin, Csongrád-Csanád, Hongrie, to
Julienne KAUFMANN, born about 1717 - Mosburg, Hongrie, deceased 27 October 1766 - Sint-Niklaas, 46021, Flandre-Orientale, Belgique aged about 49 years old

•  Bernard Victor DOUGLAS dit SCHOT
Born 2 August 1654 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique
Baptized 2 August 1654 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique
Deceased 22 April 1717 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, aged 62 years old
Treasurer and bourgmestre of the city of Mechelen (1684-1706).
Father of  Simon Robert DOUGLAS dit SCHOT

•  Bernard Victor DOUGLAS dit SCHOT was the third son of
François Bernard de SCHOT, Echevin of Mechelen in 1657,1658, 1664-1667, 1669-1672, 1675. Communmestre in 1673 and 1674, Treasurer in 1676-1680.
Born 8 February 1621 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique
Deceased 18 June 1684, aged 63 years old
He married 9 November 1649, Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique,
Marie Anne van PAFFENRODE, born 6 October 1628 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, baptized 6 October 1628 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique, deceased 20 October 1655 - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique aged 27 years old , buried 23 October 1655 - Saint-Rombaut - Malines, 12025, Anvers, Belgique (Parents : M Florent van PAFFENRODE †1649 & F Anne Marie de HAZE)

At this stage of my research it is not clear why the name Douglas was introduced.

Hotel Douglas Hotel Douglas Hotel Douglas

Hotel Douglas dit Scott, named after the family who bought it in 1643 and kept it until 1830. Reportedly previously wool dyeing business. Later owned by church factory Sint-Rumoldus until 1974.

In 1917 the estate was split into two buildings, with number 6 being radically altered and restored. According to a drawing by A. Van den Eynde, this part was no more than an entrance with behind it a courtyard bordered on three sides by a gallery, the fourth side being closed off by a blank wall. The courtyard was used as a circulation space and passage to the stables located in the southwestern part of the garden behind the entire complex.

Hotel Douglas Hotel Douglas Hotel Douglas

Hotel Douglas dit Scott is located in the Sint-Jansparochie, a district that was the residence of the members of the Great Council of Mechelen in the 17th and 18th centuries. This also explains the rich finish of the building, which dates back to the 15th – 16th century. The annex, which dates back to the middle of the 16th century, has a ceiling with Renaissance grotesque decoration, which bear witness to the influence of Cornelis Floris and which is unique to the city of Mechelen and Brabant. In the 18th century the interior was adapted to the then prevailing fashion, of which beautiful paneling and stucco ceilings are still preserved.

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Sources for this article include:
  • Miroir des Notabilitas nobiliaires Belgique des PaysBas et du Nord Franc
  • Archives de Malines
  • Guy van Marcke de Lummen; Genealogy of Van Marcke of Lummen - Tournay and allied families.

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