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Fun emails



I receive a regular flow of emails and message through the website.  Some are  interesting and relevant. Some are just interesting.

Here are a few of them:

good morning on the front cover of jeff lynne.s album could you tell me what the street name is many thanks danny

My nephew is in prison for being a quite idiotic 20 year old. I write him about his family
history and wanted to know if I could include .. picture of ....He says the guards even enjoy his kin's exploits. Especially since they can read about the family resemblance such as poor cousin Andrew de Harcla being executed, hung, quartered, etc... for treason by signing a peace treaty with Robert the Bruce.

I was wondering if it's possible to get married in claverhouse castle? if so what the price of it is  

Note: Claverhouse Castle was demolished in about 1826.

I would like to donate to the Kidney Foundation to help with the purchase of a dyalysis machine.This is in memory of my daughter Ann Marie Sxxxxt. Where should I send my donation?

Note: Err? The Kidney Foundation?

My father is an eighty-four year Jamaican-Canadian Who wants to return to Jamaica; however, he has prostate cancer and is looking for a urologist in Jamaica Are you taking new patients? If not, would you please recommend a urologist in or near the parish of Clarendon? Also, my father currently gets a Lupron injection once every four months, do you have this medication?

Can you tell me if you kept witches in your dungeon as I have a sister who believes she was a witch in a past life and me myself have some strong rooted feeling about knowing Glendevon castle even though I have never seen it.


Hi there...with reference to the subject-matter at caption, I hope you'll be able to provide assistance with the following enquiry:

I understand you were on condemned cell duty on the night immediately prior to the execution of Russell Pascoe by Harry B. Allen & Royston L. Rickard in December, 1963. Did you witness the execution? If so, would you be prepared to provide a 'fly-on'the-wall' account of the execution itself? If you weren't present, did any account(s) of the execution filter through to you? Would you be prepared to disclose this information? Are you aware of any photographs in existence of the former execution chamber at Horfield Prison?

Hope you can help in some way.

No subject:
We lived in MA for over 12yrs went to MV every summer eat and shopped at the black dog. I now have twins live in So. CA. I order and PAID for 2 shirts dec 6..On Jan 7 thought where are my shirts. called and emailed was told a system glitch will ship. Called yesterday jan13, only to find out still has not shipped and now will ship over nite. but will credit me my shipping cost. If I did not call or email Nothing would have been done. I am sending this to this site cuz..Black dog site is useless.

Note: some people like to write to me using anachronisms which mean nothing to me. What does So CA mean? Should it be Soccer? Soca?


No subject:
ould you tell me who owned Meikle Knox from 1755 until 1769? It has been suggested that it was a large cheese making farm. Do you have any idea what kind of farming is going on there today?

Note: it is not just genealogy I am expected to be an expert in!

No subject:
hello, the sunday herald are doing a feature on lamb island, and are looking for a picture of scota.  we would like to publish it but need a high res image

Note: Scota was King Tutankhamun’s half-sister, exiled from Egypt by her father, who travelled to Scotland nearly 3,500 years ago. Pictures of her are few and far between!

I’ve just seen the documentary in which you took part. Why do you seek to defend this degenerate, and exactly how was Lord Alfred Douglas responsible for Wilde’s downfall?

You appear to subscribe to the school of thought that thinks genius – however nebulously defined – excuses anything. We witnessed a similar obscene spectacle on the conviction of Mike Tyson for the rape of Desiree Washington; all boxing fans and indeed the world could talk about was when he would be released. At least the Victorians had the common decency to treat a pederast like a pederast. If Tyson had been just another black punk from the Bronx, who would have given him the time of day? If Wilde had been a working man or even a run of the mill aristocrat, who would have cared what happened to him?

Even his much vaunted literary works are vastly over-rated; The Ballad Of Brixton Gaol by the 1984 Koestler Award winner leaves his self-indulgent whinings about Reading standing, but I suppose I’m biased on that one.

For the record, I think the work you are doing is much more important than anything Wilde ever did.

Note:  I did not take part in any documentary! But I am pleased he thinks my work important!

I receive regular requests to put people in touch with the subjects of articles in the Douglas Archives. Here is the latest:

'Please, I want to contact Mr Denzil Douglas Premier ministre de Saint-Kitts and Nevis. I am the embassador of european Funds with my project "Villes des iles de La Caraibe"'

I am often asked to promote companies seeking marketing opportunities, but here is a request from someone seeking a manufacturer:

Message = I am looking for a store or manufacturer for custom Tailor to make a custom wool Pendelton type shirts in my Douglas family tartan colors.  Any suggestions?

Note:  as it happens, I was able to put them in touch with someone I used to do business with in Cyprus!

My husband and I were guests at "Hope for youth ministries" banquet last evening, and my husband's glasses have fallen out of his jacket he was carrying. We were wondering if anyone had handed them in.

My father passed away and left me some pocket watches... I am not sure I am looking for a buyer , would you be interested ..?

I have a few Smocks made by Julian Akers Douglas that belonged to my dear mother who passed away last year. Her best was a gorgeous cream coloured long sleeved smock, she would have purchased them many years ago.I remember going with Her to Eàst Hoathly to buy them.
My question is do you ever buy them back?

Would you have the printed circuit for you'r 440-470mhz 70 watts amp as used by the BBC.

Please could you give me a valuation price for a butchers block

I would like to know I have any benefits due to me? I was employed at the Douglas battery warehouse

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