People Honoured by a Mountain in the Canadian Rockies

Of the almost 1500 peaks in the Canadian Rockies, more than 600 carry the name of an individual felt worthy of the honour. The people chosen reflect what was important to those who named the mountains and in many cases Canadian society as whole at the time the name was selected.

People from many walks of life, from princesses to paleontologists, are in the list. Many of the well known historical figures in the Canadian Rockies have a peak named after them. Detailed information about them may be found in the "Mountain People" section of Peakfinder.

As you browse through the list, you may wish to return to the main page and enter a name to find out about the mountain that is named for a particular individual. In most cases, the surname was chosen but in some, such as the well-travelled explorer David Thompson, the given na
me was used (Mount David).


Douglas, David

Douglas, Howard

Douglas, Thomas