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Nancy Redenbaugh

Nancy Redenbaugh

Female 1804 - Yes, date unknown

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Generation: 1

  1. 1.  Nancy Redenbaugh was born in 1804 in Hamilton County, Ohio (daughter of *Andrew Andreas Redenbaugh and Mary Polly Unknown); and died.

Generation: 2

  1. 2.  *Andrew Andreas Redenbaugh was born on 1 Feb 1780 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania (son of *Henry Henrich Redinbo Redenbaugh Redenbach, I and Margaret Margaretha); died between 1850 and 1860 in Spring Creek Township, Miami County, Ohio.


    "Andrew can be found on the following census data
    1820 Miami County, Ohio Springcreek Township Listed as AndrewRedenbaugh
    1830 Miami County, Ohio Springcreek Township Listed as AndrewRedinbaugh
    1840 not found at this time. It is highly possible at this timethat Andrew was living with a son or daughter. His name would notappear on a census in this case. His last child married in 1835 and Ithink he sold some land at that time.
    1850 Miami County, Ohio Springcreek Township Living with sonJoseph the Sarah Graham living in this household is the mother ofNancy Redinbaugh wife of Joseph."
    SOURCE: Per Kim of the Redenbaugh Group. Received e-mail 13 May2007. Copy kept in Redenbaugh records. [SLJuhl, compiler]

    *Andrew married Mary Polly Unknown about 1802 in Ohio. Mary died in Unknown in Probably Miami County, Ohio. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 3.  Mary Polly Unknown died in Unknown in Probably Miami County, Ohio.
    1. *Joseph Redenbaugh, Sr. was born on 3 Jan 1803 in Hamilton County, Ohio; died on 29 Mar 1886 in Miami County, Ohio.
    2. 1. Nancy Redenbaugh was born in 1804 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.
    3. Michael Redenbaugh was born in 1806 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.
    4. Jemima Redenbaugh was born in 1807 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.
    5. Mary Redenbaugh was born in 1809 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.
    6. Matilda Redenbaugh was born on 30 Jun 1812 in Piqua, Miami County, Ohio; died on 10 Sep 1889 in Grant County, Indiana; was buried in Sep 1889 in Marion I.O.O.F.-Friends Boots Estates Of Serenity Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana.
    7. Eliza Ann Redenbaugh was born in 1813 in Hamilton County, Ohio; She May Also Be John's Daughter.; and died.
    8. Lydia Redenbaugh was born in 1816 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.
    9. Maria Redenbaugh was born in 1820 in Hamilton County, Ohio; and died.

Generation: 3

  1. 4.  *Henry Henrich Redinbo Redenbaugh Redenbach, I was born about 1749 in Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany (son of *Johann Gorg Redinbo Redenbaugh Redenbach and Wife); died between 1828 and 1829 in 94 Years Old; Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in 1828 in Hamilton County, Ohio On West Line Of His Farm..



    Per Joyce Lorraine Clore Elkins (deceased and mother of compiler) ofParke County, Indiana:
    "Henry Redenbaugh I, came from Germany to Pennsylvania (CumberlandCounty) and through Shenandoah Valley to Ohio. Married, Margaret_________. Issue: (Only child known) Frederick Redenbaugh." Thiswas in 1985. [Transcribed, SLJuhl, 28 Oct 2005]

    1820 - "1820 United States Federal Census
    Name: Henry Redenbaugh
    Township: Sycamore
    County: Hamilton
    State: Ohio
    NOTE: Adam Redenbaugh is living next door.
    Source Citation: Year: 1820; Census Place: Sycamore, Hamilton, Ohio;Roll: M33_87; Page: 286; Image: 220. 1820 United StatesFederal Census [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The GenerationsNetwork, Inc., 2004."

    "Henry Redenbaugh deed
    Northumberland co PA
    Bk 1E P 94, 95
    Alexander Johnston Deed to Henry Rettenbock
    This Indenture made the first day of June in the year of our Lord1787. Between Alexander Johnston of the county of Northumberland inthe state of Pennsylvania Yeoman of the one part. And HenryRettenbock of London Derry township Dauphin county & State afores.Yeoman of the other part.
    Witnesseth that the said Alexander Johnston, for and in considerationof the sum of one hundred and eighty seven pounds ten shillingsLawfull money of Pennsvylvania to him in hand paid by the said HenryRettenbock at or before the sealing and delivery hereof the receiptwhereof he doth hereby acknowledge, hath granted bargained assignedand confirmed and by thse presents, doth grant bargain assign andconfirm unto the said Henry Rettenbock his heirs & assigns all thatcertain tract or piece of Land Situate in Potters township in thecounty of Northumberland,
    Beginning at a marked white oak, thence by McMurreys land south eightysix degrees, west one hundred & thirty one perches to a ?.k. Thenceby George Woods land south four degrees west one hundred & fifty fourperches to a Stone, Thence by John Halls land north sixty five degreeseast one hundred and forty seven perches to a Stone, Thence by saidHalls land, Northfour Degrees, East one hundred perches to the placeof Beginning.
    Containing one hundred acres, and the usual allowance. Together alsowith all & singular the buildings, improvements woods underwoodswaters water-courses rights liberties priviledges hereditaments andappurtenances whatsoever thereunto beling ing or in anywiseappertaining & the reversions & remainders rents issues & rightsthereof, and also the estate right title inter.. use possessionproperty claim and demand whatever of him the said Alexander Johnstonof in and to the hereby granted premises and every part thereof, withthe appurtenances.
    To have and to hold the said described tract or piece of landhereditaments and premises hereby granted bargained and sold ormentioned or intended so to be with the appurtenances unto the saidHenry Rettenbock his and assigns; To the only proper use benefit andbehoof of the said Henry Rettenbock his heirs and assigns for everunder and subject to the Quit rent, due and to become due unto thechief Lord or Lords of the fee thereof, and the said Alex. Johnstonfor himself his heirs Exors & Admors doth covenant promise and grantto and with the said Henry Rettenbock his heirs and assigns by thesepresents, that the said Alexr. Johnston or heirs Shall and will at anytime or times hereafter at the reasonable request cost and charges ofthe law, of him the said Henry Rettenbock his heirs or assigns make doExecute and acknowledge or cause so to be, all such further and otherlawful & reasonable act & acts deed or deeds device or devices in thelaw whatsoever for the further better and more Effectual assurance andconformation of the ? described tract of Land, Hereditaments andpremises hereby granted or mentioned to be granted with theappurtenances unto the said Henry Rettenbock his heirs and assignsforever,
    As by him or them or his or their council Learned in the Law shall bereasonably advised devised or required. In witness whereof the saidparties have hereunto interchangeably set theirs hands and seals,dated the day and Year aforesd. Alexander Johnston (Seal) CatherineJohnston (Seal)
    Sealed and delivered in the presence of us, Ab(ra)m Piatt, GeorgeVannonstrand,
    Received the day of the date of the above written Indenture of theabove named Henry Rettenbock the sum of one hundred & eighty sevenpounds ten shillings Lawfull money of Pennsylvania. It being the fullconsideration therein mention; Alex?r Johnston Catherine Johnston
    Witness present at Signing Ab?m Piatt George Vannordstrand;--Before meAbraham Piatt one of the Justices of the court of common pleas forNorthumberland county, came the above named Alexander Johnston andCatherine his wife and acknowledged the above written Indenture to betheir act and deed, and Desired that the same may be recorded as Such. Witness my hand & Seal,--Ab?m Piatt (Seal)
    Recorded the 27th Day of Jany, AD 1791. J Simpson R?"
    SOURCE: E-mail dated: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 8:06 PM; From:s.m.mills (# 4, Redenbaugh Group researcher); To: gsjuhl (SLJuhl,Compiler); Subject: Henry Redenbaugh's Northumberland County PA deeds. [Transcribed 16 April 2008, SLJuhl, Compiler, Family Genealogist;]

    "Henry Rettinbaugh
    Deed to John Hall
    Book # P 146.-147
    This Indenture Made this Eleventh day of April in the Year of our Lord1793. Between Henry Rittenbaugh of the County of NorthumberlandHaines?s Township in ye State of Pennsylvania Blacksmith of the onpart. And John Hall of ye County Township & State AforesaidGentleman,
    Witnesseth that the said Henry Rittenbaugh for & in consideration ofthe sum of Five hundred & fifty pounds Lawful money ye State ofPennsylv?a to him in hand paid by the said John Hall at or before theSealing and Delivery hereof the Receipt whereof he doth herebyAcknowledge hath granted bargained, Assigned and Confirmed & by thesepresents doth Grant bargain, assign and Confirm unto the said JohnHall his Heirs and Assigns, all that Certain tract of land Situate inHanines?s Township in t he County of North..d
    (Being part of Certain Tract of land sold by the said John Hall toAle. Johnston as by Bearing Date the first day of January in the Yearof our Lord 1787. & Sold by Alex. Johnston to the above HenryRittenbaugh as by Deed bearing Date the first day of June in ye Yearof our Lord 1787.---
    Entered in the office for Recording of Deeds in & for the County ofNorthumberland in Book E Page 94. The 27th day of January AD 1791.
    Beginning at a marked white oak thence by land of said John Hall southeighty six Degrees West one hundred and thirty one perches to a WhiteOak, thence by land of George Woods South four Degrees West onehundred & fifty four perches to a Stone thence by land of said JohnHall North Sixty five Degrees East one hundred & forty seven perchesto a Stone thence by said Hall?s Land north four Degrees East onehundred perches to the place of Beginning
    Containing one hundred acres and the usual allowance of six ? Cent forRoads & ??? Together with all singular the Buildings ImrovementsWoods Underwoods, Waters Water Courses Rights Liberties PriviledgesHereditaments and Appurtenances Whatsoever thereunto belonging or inany wise Appertaining and ye Reversions and Remainders rents Issuesand profits thereof and also the Estate Right Title Interest Claim usepossession property Claim and Domain Whatsoever of him the said HenryRittenbaugh, of in & to the Hereby Granted premises and Every partthereof with the Appurtenances.
    To have and to hold the said Described Tract or Piece of land herebygranted bargained and sold or mentioned as intended to be with theAppurtenances unto the said John Hall his Heirs and Assigns to theonly proper use Benefit and behoof of the ???. John Hall his Heirsand Assigns for ever, under and subject to Just Rent due and to becomedue Unto the Chief Lord on Lord?s of the yr Fee thereof, and the saidHenry Rittenbaugh for himself his Heirs executors and Admors. DothCovenant Promise and Grant to & With the said John Hall his Heirs andAssigns by these presents that the said Henry Rittenbaugh or his Heirsshall and willat any time or Times hereafter at the Reasonable RequestCost & Charge of him the said John Hall his Heirs or assigns make doExecute & Acknowledge or cause to be all Su ch further & Other Lawful& Reasonable Act & Acts Deed or Deeds Device or Devices in the LawWhatsoever for the Further better more Effectual Assurance &Confirmation of the said Described Tract of land Hereditaments &premises hereby granted or mentioned to be granted with theappurtenances unto the said John Hall his Heirs and Assigns forever asby him or them or his or their Council Learned in the Law Shall beReasonably Devised or Required.
    In Witness Whereof the said Parties have hereunto Interchangeably settheir hands and Seals, Dated the day and Year aforesd.
    Henry Rittenbaugh Sealed and Delivevered in the presence of us, AdamHarper; Cornelius Hall.
    Received the day of the date of the above written Indenture of theabove named John Hall the sum of five hundred & fifty pounds lawfulmoney of Pennsylv?a it being the full Consideration therein mentioned. Henry Rittenbaugh witness present at Signing; Adam Harper, CorneliusHall.
    Northumberland County PA Before me Adam Harper one of the Justices ofthe Peace for the County of Northumberland Came the above named HenryRittenbaugh and Margaret his wife and Acknowledged the above writtenIndenture to be their act & Deed and Desired that the same may beRecorded as such, Witness my hand & Seal the day & Year above written.
    Adam Harper (Seal) Recorded the 12th of Sept. 1795. J SimpsonR..dr."
    SOURCE: E-mail dated: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 8:06 PM; From:s.m.mills (# 4, Redenbaugh Group researcher); To: gsjuhl (SLJuhl,Compiler); Subject: Henry Redenbaugh's Northumberland County PA deeds. [Transcribed 16 April 2008, SLJuhl, Compiler, Family Genealogist;]

    Internet Source: World Connect Project
    E-mail: ___________
    Contacted compiler per e-mail, 12 Nov 2005 to request source forinformation on Henry Redenbaugh and on Johann Henrich Redenbaugh. Todate the information that has been added from this source has not beenverified by compiler.
    Redenbaugh Descendant Genealogists, #1.

    Redenbaugh Descendant Genealogists, #3.
    Names, birth, death, and marriage dates of all of their childrenreceived per e-mail from this source.

    Internet Source:
    "Settlement Of Voorhees Town
    In 1794, Abraham Voorhees, Sr. ...from.....through the mountains ofPennsylvania, down the Ohio River to present day Cincinnati. ...tothe banks of the Mill Creek in Sycamore Township via an Indian trailthen known as the "Great Road." This trail extended from Kentucky tothe Great Lakes.
    Shortly after the Voorhees settled, Harvey (Henry) Redinbo fromReading, Pennsylvania, visited the area. He liked what he saw andproceeded to purchase the south half of section 27 (30 Aug 1795) fromJohn Cleves Symmes. In the spring of 1795, Redinbo with his wifeMargaret and their family of eight sons and three daughters came totake possession of his purchase. One son drowned during the arduousjourney. (Solomon) After seeing the land, Redinbo was very upset thatit was not located in the fertile flat lands as was the Voorheesproperty. His purchase was hilly terrain in the area, on the East sideof Reading, bounded by what we now know as Hunt Road and ColumbiaAvenue. Believing that he had been defrauded, Redinbo argued for abetter tract, but to no avail. He had no choice but to settle thetitled land. The family cleared the land, constructed a large logcabin and began to develop the land.
    After enduring early frontier hardships, they too succeeded asfarmers. Henry Redinbo lived there until his death in 1828 or 1829 atthe age of 94.
    Neither the Voorhee?s nor the Redinbo?s experienced serious problemswith the Indians. However, during the first few years, food and otherprovisions were in short supply and occasionally exhausted. Very soonafter the settlement was established, other settlers began moving intothe area. It was around this time when, at Redinbo?s suggestion, thename of the town was changed from Voorhees Town to Reading.
    A genealogy search of the Redinbo Family revealed that the spelling ofthe name as recorded in the Reading History books is not the originalspelling. The name was Henry Redinbaugh. It seems that, at some point,John, one of Henry?s sons changed the spelling to Redenbo. It isrecoreded in Reading as Redinbo.

    Internet Source:
    In the early spring of 1795 the Voorhees settlement was reinforced bythe arrival of the Redinbo family, consisting of Henry and MargaretRedinbo and their eleven children, viz., Solomon, Frederick, John,Philip, Samuel, Andrew, Henry, Adam, Ann, Barbara, and Margaret. Mr.Olden, from whose sketches these facts are derived, states that theywere from Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania, and that Solomon wasdrowned while crossing the Schuylkill river, just as they set out ontheir departure for the West. The Redinbos located upon the southernhalf of section 27, and constructed their improvements on laudsubsequently owned by Dr. Thomas Wright.
    Frederick and John Redinbo also built cabins on their father's lands.And about the year 1798 Abraham Voorhees laid out the town of Reading,although the plat was not recorded until 1804. It was first calledVoorheestown, but at the suggestion of Henry Redinbo it was changed toReading, in honor of his native place in Pennsylvania."

    Source: Ohio Wills And Estates To 1850: An Index, by C.W. Bell,C.G. 4801 Mockingbird Court, South Columbus, Ohio 43229: ScottCounty, Iowa Genealogical Society; Printed 1981; Library of Congress# 81-68345
    1). Redenbaugh, Samuel E-1823 HM wb4 p. 229 cA6156
    2) Redinbaugh, Samuel of Jefferson County, Indiana W-1823 HMwb4 p. 229 cA6156
    3). Redenbough, John E-1847 SH cA418
    4), Redinbo, Adam E-1834 HM cA6158
    5). Redinbo, Henry E-1846 HM cA6163
    w.b. -- Will Book; p. -- Page (Researched Davenport Public Library,321 Main Street, Davenport, Iowa 52801-1490; Per SLJuhl, 19 Jan 2006and transcribed)

    Family Coat Of Arms: The Redenbaugh Family History summary extractedfrom our Authenticated Historical Archives.
    The surname Redenbaugh is of local origin, deriving from the placewhere the ancestors of this lineage lived.
    In the year 1714 we find a reference to the surname Redenbaugh.
    Variants for this surname include Riedenbacher, Riedenbach andRedenbacher.
    The name of Adam Redenbaugh is documented in historical archives.
    The colour Gules, Red, in this coat of arms symbolizes MilitaryFortitude and Magnanimity. It also reflects the hopes, ambitions andaspirations of its original bearer.
    The Redenbaugh family traces their ancestral roots back to Prussianorigin.

    Content: ?The Redinbaugh Family At Reading, Ohio; 1 and 2?
    Titled: ?The Redenbaugh Family?
    [Page 1 of notes]
    ?From Historical Sketches and Early ___in essenes of Hamilton County,Ohio by J.J. Oldin, in 1882, on pages 119-120-a sketch on Vorhees(Voorhees) Settlement. The Vorhees family, including sons - in - law,were sufficiently numbered to form a self sustaining community. Itwas in the fall of 1794 that they moved their families out upon theirimprovements, and but a few months afterwards another large familyjoined their settlement.
    Henry Redinbo and his wife Margaret are Pennsylvania Germans residingnear the town of Reading in Berk County. They came to the territoryin spring of 1795, and settled the south half of section 27, adjoiningthe Vorhees? section on the west.
    On the 13th day of August following, Mr. Redinbo obtained a deed forhis lands from Judge Symmes. This couple brought the entire familywith them, consisting of eleven children, eight sons and threedaughters nearly all of who are grown men and women. The sons wereSolomon, Frederick, John, Phillip, Samuel, Andrew, Henry and Adam, andthe daughters Ann, Barbara, and Margaret. They built log cabin andborn on the lands now belonging to the estate of Dr. Thomas Wright?(1960)?. The writer, ?(Mr. Olden)? has a distinct recollection ofthese buildings and also of the old couple Henry and Margaret Redinbo. Henry and Margaret
    Redinbo both lived to the great age of ninety-four years and both diedwithin the same year, 1828-1829. They were buried near the west lineof their farm, in a northwest direction from the draying (sp) house.Their son, Solomon Redinbo was drowned while crossing Schuylkill Riverin coming to the Miami Country (I wonder if she meant, ?County??)
    Page 122 - Frederick and John Redinbo also built cabins on theirfather?s lands. And about the year 1798, Abraham Vorhees laid out thetown of Reading although plat not recorded till 1804. It was firstcalled Vorheestown, Ohio [Page 2 of notes] at the suggestion of HenryRedinbo, it was changed to Reading, in honor of his native place inPennsylvania.?
    From Ford History of Hamilton County, Ohio, 1881, p 390, ?Vorhees(Voorhees) station was situated on section 33, near present towns ofLockland and Reading. It was not a blockhouse, or even stockade, buta large, strong, log cabin, which answered for both residence anddefense, and was frequently mentioned, in early times as VorheesStation. It was a strong gamily, almost enough in itself to make aneffective garrison. Abraham Vorhees was the head and front of it, andwith him were his sons - in - law, Thomas Higgins and John Rynearson,with their families, and his five sons, Abraham, Miney, Garrett, John,and Jacob. They began their improvements in spring of 1794 and infall of same year moved their families to the station. They were soonafter joined by another and still larger family, nearly all of themadult persons. The parents were Henry and Margaret Redinbo, of thePennsylvania German stock, who removed from Reading, that state, inthe spring of 1795; their eight sons were Solomon (drowned in thejourney westward), Frederick, John, Phillip, Samuel, Andrew, Henry,and Adam; and the daughters were Ann, Barbara, and Margaret. InAugust of same year they obtained a deed from Judge Symmes of thesouth half of section 27, west of the Vorhees tract, built a cabin andlog barn on property. (Owned by Dr. Thomas Wright 1960) and theresettled. The parents both lived to the age of ninety-four years, anddied in same year, 1828 or 1829. ----- The elder Vorhees laid outupon his land the adjacent village of Reading about 1798, and had itfirst called Vorheestown, but allowed it afterward to be named Readingand the suggestion of Henry Redinbo, from latter?s birthplace (?) inthe Keystone state.? I think Henry was born in Germany 1734/35.
    These two articles in the Hamilton County, Ohio histories have almostidentical information, so feel sure it is factual and true.
    Page 3]
    ?I. Henry Redenbaugh (this spelling used mostly now) b. 1734/1735Germany and wife Margaret Redenbaugh b. 1734/35, both died 1828/29 inReading, Ohio. One informant said Margaret was a Penn, but in thePenn family chart, there is no Margaret marrying a Henry Redenbaugh.
    1.2 Solomon Redenbaugh, drowned in Schuylkill River
    2.2 Frederick Redenbaugh, died about 1864, Montgomery County, Indiana m. Margaret Haney
    3.2 John Redenbaugh, m. Christine ? Lived Shelby County, Ohio - Hed. 8-17-1847 - wife was Susannah then, nu Susannah Evans.
    4.2 Phillip Redenbaugh, b. 2-14-1783 m. 1. Margaret McNeeley4-28-1806
    m. 2. Frances Arbuckle 3-21-1824
    5.2 Samuel Redenbaugh, d. 1833 Jefferson County, Indiana - m. MariaVorhees Hulick, widow of Tunis Hulick (She m. 3. Joseph McCune)
    6.2 Andrew Redenbaugh
    7.2 Henry Redenbaugh, d. 3-16-1836-0-
    8.2 Adam Redenbaugh, d. 2-16-1834 - m. Sarah Shanklin
    9.2 Ann Redenbaugh, m. Jacob Keller, Butler County, Ohio-
    10.2 Barbara Redenbaugh, m. Anthony Jacob Henkle IV 1803. She d.Cass County, Indiana
    11.2 Margaret Redenbaugh, m. John Hetzer 10-8-1829 Shelby County,Ohio"
    cont' Frederick Redenbaugh's notes.
    [Source: A Portion of Pauline Walters Notes, Transcribed 11 May 2006,SLJuhl, compiler]
    "Check out this site at the PA State Archives. It's patent indexesand lists the names given to the farms. This one connects a HenryReidinbough with a George Reidenboch. I think the German name for thefarm would be Redenbaugh cow pasture, if it's kovain. Or maybe thatisn't kovain by whatever spelling but housin, which would be house Isuppose. Shows Henry with a 1747 patent.
    This is patent index Vol I, covering 1781-1794.
    [Per Email of Redenbaugh Group dated Saturday, July 21, 2007 3:38 PM]

    "But here's George Raudenbusch in 1734! No Henry. Maybe the deed wasrecorded for land previously sold or given."
    Sharon [Per Email of Redenbaugh Group dated Saturday, July 21, 20076:28 PM]

    "What strikes me about this patent, is that it is not in itself anoriginal grant from the government, as we define land patents instates surveyed after the Revolution. The warrantor was HenryReidenbough, but he is not the government or its agent. So now wehave to look for the person(s) from whom Henry acquired it. Maybe itis part of the original Wm Penn purchase, though I think Wm Penn diedmuch before this. His sons took over for him, and I can't rememberwhen they died. But it looks as if Henry Reidenbough got the landfrom either Wm Penn's heirs or the English government. I haven'tlooked into how land was sold by the English, except general knowledgeof the acreage Penn received."
    Sharon [Per Email of Redenbaugh Group dated Sunday, July 22, 20071:51 PM]

    "The origins of the Proprietary Land Office may be traced to 1682 whenWilliam Penn appointed Thomas Holme Surveyor General. Under aconstantly evolving set of procedures and relationships, the SurveyorGeneral cooperated with the Secretary of Proprietary Affairs, a Masterof Rolls, a Receiver General, and Commissioners of Property inconducting the sale of Pennsylvania lands. Acting collectively, thevarious officers who comprised the Land Office were responsible foraccepting applications, issuing warrants, surveying tracts, verifyingreturns of survey and granting patents for tracts of land inPennsylvania. By 1699 the Land Office was operating from SamuelCarpenter's Philadelphia residence, sometimes called the Slate RoofHouse, where William Penn and Secretary of Proprietary Affairs JamesLogan then resided. The Land Office was moved to Clark's Hall whenDeputy Governor John Evans arrived in Philadelphia in 1704. WhenWilliam Penn's heirs, Thomas and John Penn, acted as Commissioners ofProperty from 1733-1741 they conducted Land Office business from theirhome. Upon their return to England, the Penn brothers abolished thepositions of Commissioners of Property and delegated responsibilityfor signing warrants and patents to the Deputy Governor. The Secretaryof Provincial Affairs began conducting land office business from roomsin the west wing of the new State House, the present day IndependenceHall, during the early 1740s. "
    Sharon [Per Email of Redenbaugh Group dated Sunday, July 22, 20073:09 PM]

    FYI--Sharing Email from a Redenbaugh Group member; Dated: Saturday,July 28, 2007 2:40 AM
    Sorry I have been out of touch . One of the last items I brought uplast year was before my computer crashed was Kem?s papers on thevarious families . I completed a 1790 census in Berks/ Lancastercounties and thought I e-mailed copies. I had included every name ofimportance to our group but also those of our other families. I willlook harder for the zip disk
    The oldest Church records I found were there too. I includedLancaster because most of the area to become PA counties was lumped asLancaster the British governing center.
    It encompassed 100 mills in every direction; Part of south and eastarea were still listed as Virginia. North and east New Jersey. at thattime . I hadn?t determined yet where the British records were keptif at all after the revolution or sent away with the British.
    From other families I have learned the port of embark and the nationwhere the passenger ship was registered was part of the spelling namesconfusion. Some of the Palatine immigrants didn?t sail from Germanports but headed south to a French port and ship then went to Hollandfrom there to the US on British ships. If the ship was British nameswill include all the extra vowels and letters the English languageuses such as ough added to a name that could have been Bach. Dutchusually had oek or H o in spelling. The French Rad and so on.. Aperson who couldn?t write usually ended up with what ever the shipmanifest spelled him.
    We are fairly positive the church record listing the names of threechildren spelled Redabach or redenbach was our Henry and Marget?sfamily.
    I found two families who could have been spelled Haney after theBritish left. Hennig and Henny.
    For example, My GG grandfather had three name changes upon leavingDenmark
    Jens son of lars Jorgen?s son became Jens Larsen until he reached Saltlake City several years later . The church told him that doesn?tdefine who you are so he was to be identified with his grandfather andbecame Jens Larsen Jorgensen. That name wasn?t American enough for thenaturalization officials and he was renamed James Larsen Johnsen.Things got really confusing when his first family were Larsen and thesecond was Jorgensen and Grandma?s name was Johnson. While he playedat polygamy.
    One reason many families moved west centered around the beginningrevolution.. When Washington nearly lost the war at Brandywine from aflank attack. He had to retreat losing Philadelphia because he didn?thave protection at this back or for supply lines. In regroup he sentmen to the area now Berks County and Lancaster County; with Readingwith their families to protect that supply line. I studied the battleof Brandywine because of the story of n Margaretha Haney ( I think)huddled in her rocker with cannons booming for hours crying, ? Oh! MyStophern ! My Stophen,? (Her son fighting.). Somewhere in that studyI found Frederich Redenbaugh, 19, who settled there before joining hisparents. Once again find the zip.
    Georgia" [Transcribed 28 July 2007, SLJuhl, compiler]

    *Henry married Margaret Margaretha about 1760 in Possibly In Pennsylvania Or Duchroth, Wuerttemberg, Wertheim, Zweibruecken, And Schaffhausen, Palatinate Germany. Margaret was born about 1749 in Palatinate, Germany; died between 1828 and 1829 in 94 Years Old; Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in 1828 in Hamilton County, Ohio; On The West Line Of Their Farm With Her Husband Henry Redenbaugh Sr.. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 5.  Margaret Margaretha was born about 1749 in Palatinate, Germany; died between 1828 and 1829 in 94 Years Old; Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in 1828 in Hamilton County, Ohio; On The West Line Of Their Farm With Her Husband Henry Redenbaugh Sr..


    "Not sure of the last name of Margaret, cannot remember where I gotthe information"; Her last name has not been confirmed as yet.
    Redenbaugh Descendant Genealogists, #3.

    Margaret Margaretha ?? Jane Barnhardt; some researchers believeMargaret's surname to be Barnhardt even though there is no directproof to that effect at the present.

    1. John Redinbo Redenbaugh was born between 1765 and 1770 in Palatinate, Germany; Berks County, Pennsylvania Near The Towns Named Rehrsburg, Womelsfort, And Berneville In Tulpehocken Township; died between 10 and 17 Aug 1847 in Shelby County, Ohio; was buried on 17 Aug 1847 in Shelby County, Ohio On His Farm..
    2. *Frederick Redinbaugh was born between 12 Sep 1773 and 1774 in Palatinate, Germany; Two Other Birth Years Listed Are 1758 & 1782; died on 15 Jun 1856 in East Of New Market, Montgomery County, Indiana; Aged 82 Years Old Per Grave Stone.; was buried in Jun 1856 in Montgomery County, Indiana, USA.
    3. Solomon Redenbaugh Redenbach was born on 15 Nov 1775 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania; died in 1795 in Died While Crossing The Schuylkill River On The Way To Ohio With The Family..
    4. 2. *Andrew Andreas Redenbaugh was born on 1 Feb 1780 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania; died between 1850 and 1860 in Spring Creek Township, Miami County, Ohio.
    5. Margaret Margaretha Redinbough Redenbaugh was born on 14 Apr 1782 in Berks County, Pennsylvania Near The Towns Named Rehrsburg, Womelsfort, And Berneville In Tulpehocken Township; died on 18 Feb 1881 in Shelby County, Ohio; was buried in Feb 1881 in Shelby County, Ohio.
    6. Anna Redingbaugh Redenbaugh was born in 1783 in Berks County, Pennsylvania; died in 1863 in Butler County, Ohio.
    7. Barbara Ann Redenbaugh was born in 1784 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania; died on 15 Jul 1866 in Cass County, Indiana.
    8. Philip Redenbaugh was born on 10 Feb 1784 in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania; died between 1820 and 1844 in Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in Hamilton County, Ohio.
    9. Adam Redenbaugh was born on 8 Feb 1792 in Berks County, Pennsylvania; died on 16 Feb 1834 in Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in Feb 1834 in Reading Protestant Cemetery, Reading, Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio On The North Side Of Cincinnati, Ohio; The Head Stone Has Both Of Their Names, Birth & Death Dates..
    10. Samuel Redenbaugh was born about 1795 in Possibly Pennsylvania (Question Possible Birthdates & Place Of Birth); died in Nov 1823 in Jefferson County, Indiana; was buried in Nov 1823 in Possibly Ohio Or Jefferson County, Indiana.
    11. Henry Redenbaugh, Jr. was born on 9 Apr 1797 in Possibly Pennsylvania (Question Possible Birthdates And Place Of Birth); His Birthdate Maybe In C. 1794, Because In The Ohio Hamilton County, Sycamore Township In 1820 Census He Is Listed In The 26-45 Age Range.; died on 16 Mar 1836 in Cincinnatti, Ohio, USA; was buried in Mar 1836 in Reading Protestant Cemetery, Reading, Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio On The North Side Of Cincinnati, Ohio..

Generation: 4

  1. 8.  *Johann Gorg Redinbo Redenbaugh Redenbach was born in in Duchroth Is A Municipality In The District Of Bad Kreuznach In Rhineland-Palatinate, In Western Germany; was buried in Jan 1762 in Probably Berks County, Pennsylvania.



    NOTE: A copy of the e-mail/s are on record in the compilers DouglassVolume or Redenbaugh Volumes, and the compiler will not revealwithout express permission from the author/s their names or e-mailaddresses, nor for any other e-mails in the Douglass Genealogy orRedenbaugh Genealogies without permission. The Redenbaugh Group ofresearchers now contains approximately 17 members.
    NOTE: I'd also like to note that there is a family researchersinformation, Pauline Walters of Indiana, that was not used muchextensively at this time except where noted. Her work is easilyaccessible at the genealogy department in the file cabinets atMontgomery County, Indiana, Crawfordsville Public Library,Crawfordsville, Indiana. This compiler also has a copy of Pauline'soriginal genealogy notes on the family, [ tocontact compiler] Pauline apparently knew some of the older membersof the family well, and was able to glean a good deal of information.Her work is a great outline before the era of computers, but needsmore research to be confirmed in it's findings. And as with all worksdoes contain some date errors, but for the most part is reliable as anoverview of the family structure.

    "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to NorthAmerica, Volume II: The Western Palatinate, by Annette KunselmanBurgert, Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, The Pennsylvania German Society1985; SC 974.8 Bur.
    "Page: 373: 1749, Joh, Gorg Redenbach of Duchroth moves to America."
    [Transcribed 27 July 2007, SLJuhl, compiler]

    "Pennsylvania German Immigrants, Edited By Don Yoder 1709 - 1786,page 304
    Johann Gorg Redenbach of Duchroth Leaves For America 1749."Davenport Public Library; [Transcribed 27 July 2007, SLJuhl, compiler]

    Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
    Redenbach in Pennsylvania from 1700 - 1800
    NOTE: He is the only one listed on with thissurname.
    Johann Gorg Redenbach 1749 Pennsylvania
    Name: Johann Gorg Redenbach Year: 1749 Place: Pennsylvania SourcePublication Code: 9964 Primary Immigrant: Redenbach, Johann GorgAnnotation: Five lists originally published between the years 1936 and1951. See no. 2444, Gerber; no. 4525, Langguth; no. 3193, Hinke; no.4357, Krebs; and no. 8945, Steinemann. The lists cover emigrants fromWuerttemberg, Wertheim, Zweibruecken, and Schaffhausen. I SourceBibliography: YODER, DON, editor. Pennsylvania German Immigrants,1709-1786: Lists Consolidated from Yearbooks of the PennsylvaniaGerman Folklore Society. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1980.394p. Repr. 1984. Page: 304
    Source Citation: Place: Pennsylvania; Year: 1749; Page Number: 304.
    Source Information:
    Gale Research. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s[database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.,2006. Original data: Filby, P. William, ed.. Passenger and ImmigrationLists Index, 1500s-1900s. Farmington Hills, MI, USA: Gale Research,2006.
    Book: Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany(to America and other countries), edited by Professor Werner Hacker,Closson Press, 1913 Samson Drive, Apollo, Pennsylvania - 1994
    Obtained: 24 July 2007 at Davenport Public Library, 321 Main Street,Davenport, Iowa 52801; SC 943 Hac #036014321; International StandardBook # 1-55856-165-x.
    Lastname: Redenbach
    Firstname: Johann Gorg
    Place of Origin: Duchroth (Duchroth is a municipality in the districtof Bad Kreuznach in Rhineland-Palatinate, in western Germany)
    Emigr De Pro: 1749 - A=America
    Source: X11903
    [Transcribed 25 July 2007, SLJuhl, compiler]

    From: A Redenbaugh Group Genealogist
    Sunday, February 05, 2006 12:43 AM
    "Hi Everyone (Redenbaugh Group),
    I asked __ and ___ questions about Henry and Appolonia today, andhad the answer when I was giving ___ a one two three lesson intorootsweb, surfing through Redenbaugh caches on Google (Internetsearch engine) I found a 1992 book ad on:
    The Christian Rodabaugh and family. Immigrated 1740 to PA.
    The author Kem Luther included an over view of various line "R"lines in an appendix .
    In years of searcing kept every real source for all the namevarations.
    C the author?s conclusion: Is that all the persons in the index had some cognate connection
    To Rodeabough.
    Every item was further sourced in a 50 page appendix, but not listedin the overview.
    I wrote an E-mail to connect with Luther. And hope for an answer.
    A brief summary of the families in the appendix included thisdata:
    Henry and Appolonia Reigel immigrated 1738 from Otzweiler Gemany toTulpehoken, Berks County Pa. with 8 children. They had 4 more inBerks County making a total of 12.
    They became the source of many "R" families.
    Spreading to some Southern States -- first West. Va., and manycounties in Ohio.
    They seemed to prefer the spelling Radabaugh and Raudabaugh.
    The only data on Henry and Margaret was when they moved to HamiltonCounty, Ohio. 1795. Descendents moved to Shelby County, Ohio ,Montgomery Couty. Indiana, and Kansas.
    They spelled the name Redinbaugh?Redenbaugh ? or Redinbo.
    If Henry was their son and born in 1734, he would have been 4 whenthey immigrated. It seems then that Fredrick was born in BerksCounty Pa., and married there.
    Margaret ( called Margaretha on church records) then could have beenborn in Gemany and brought here as a child.
    Otzweiler is near the Rhine River where it borders Switzerland andFrance.
    [Transcribed 20 March 2006, SLJuhl, compiler]

    E-mail From: A Redenbaugh Group Genealogist
    At 12:31 PM 2/5/2006, wrote:
    "_________r states "Genealogists who belong to this line say thatHenry was
    born in Germany, but there is no evidence for this one way or the
    other. There is no known immigration record which matches up withthis
    Henry. If he is an immigant, either the record was lost or notrecorded,
    or Henry came as a boy with his father. There are two Henrysdescribed in
    other lines from which this group could hang. One is the namesake sonof
    the 1728 immigrant Henry (Page A-32), and the other is the Henry who
    appears on early Lancaster records, speculated to be related to theheads
    of the Lancaster-Dauphin group (Page A-38)."
    "Henry lived in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and Cumberland County,
    Pennsylvania, and immigrated to Hamilton County, Ohio (near
    Cincinnati). His descendants appear to have ended up mostly in Ohio
    (Shelby County), Indiana (Montgomery County) and in Kansas."
    A footnote states that most of his data is from Pauline
    Walters (of Indiana). An interesting note is that someone else hasHenry's daughter
    Margaret married to a John Humes and dying in 1805.That's about all hereally has to say. He lists the children of Henry and their childrenwith approximate dates when they lived and sometimes who
    they married. There are only 4 pages dedicated to this branch.
    ________ follows a Christian Rodabaugh and his wife Elizabeth who came
    to the US ca 1690 who settled in MD and then Westmoreland Co. PA whichis
    his line.
    With regard to the Riegel line, this Henry Rodebaugh (age 42) came onthe
    Ship Glasgow in 1738 and his name was spelled "Henry Rodobach" and
    "Henrich Radebach." He signed with a mark of "H". Ken calls thisgroup
    the Otzweller-Tulpehocken Group. Henry and his family left Otzweilerwith
    8 children: Johann Peter christened 1724, Johann Adam c. 1725, Anna
    Catherine c. 1727, Johann Jacob c. 1729, Anna Maria c. 1732, AnnaAmelia
    c. 1734, Johann Georg c. 1736. Then Henry married Anna AppoloniaRiegel in
    1720 in Germany. Appolonia died in 1764 stating she was the widow of
    Henry R and named her children: "Marisarah" (Maria Sara),"Mariagreda"
    (Maria Margaretha" ?), "Marilisabetha" (Maria Elizabeth),, "Annamaria"
    (Anna Maria) and "Anna Catrina" (Anna Catherina), "Matheis" (Matthew),
    Peter, Hans Adam, "Heinrich" (Henry) and George. ___ lists thesechildren:
    Matthew b. 1720-23
    Peter b. ca 1724
    Adam b. ca 1725
    Catherine b. ca 1727
    Jacob b. ca 1729
    Anna Maria b. ca 1732
    Amelia b. ca 1734
    George b. ca 1736
    Henry b. 1737-43
    Elizabeth b. 1737-43
    Sara b/ 1743
    Margaret b. 1748
    [Transcribed 20 March 2006, SLJuhl, compiler]

    E-mail From: Redenbaugh Group Genealogist
    To: Group
    Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 7:53 PM
    "Subject: Penna info
    *Pennsylvania Births Berks County 1710-1780
    SurnameGiven NameDay MonthYearFatherMother
    *Pennsylvania Births Berks County 1781-1800
    SurnameGiven DayMonthYearFatherMother
    *Berks County, Pennsylvania Births 1705-1780 Volume 3 1770-1780
    *Berks County, Pennsylvania
    Births 1705-1800
    ReidenbachMargaretha14April1782Henry Margaretha
    **Berks County Soldiers in the American Revolution:
    *). CompanyThird
    CaptainHenry Shepler
    1st Lt CptChristopher Kern
    2nd Lt CptJohn Riegel
    EnsignGeorge Loos
    Class2nd Class
    SoldierGeorge Radenbach
    *). CompanyFirst Company
    CaptainJohn Lesher
    1st Lt CptIsaac Dupuy
    2nd Lt CptJohn Anspach
    EnsignValentine Reed
    Class7th Class
    SoldierHenry Radebach"
    [Transcribed 20 March 2006, SLJuhl,compiler]

    Please check this: CONC person is kept in the family records. All personal information is
    CONC private, and will not be given out to anyone other than the members
    CONC listed without their permission. Reference/Resources: The Redenbaugh
    CONC Descendant Genealogists, 2006 Internet Group.

    *Johann married Wife in Possibly Pennsylvania. and died. [Group Sheet] [Family Chart]

  2. 9.  Wife and died.
    1. 4. *Henry Henrich Redinbo Redenbaugh Redenbach, I was born about 1749 in Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany; died between 1828 and 1829 in 94 Years Old; Reading, Hamilton County, Ohio; was buried in 1828 in Hamilton County, Ohio On West Line Of His Farm..
    2. John Adam Redenbach was born in in Pennsylvania Or Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany; and died.
    3. George Redenbach was born in in Pennsylvania Or Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany; and died.
    4. Benjamin Redenbach was born in in Pennsylvania Or Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany; and died.
    5. Jacob Redenbach was born in in Pennsylvania Or Duchroth, Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate Germany; and died.

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