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Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church



Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnhard, Christian  9 Jul 1817Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121494
2 Barnhard, Isaac Henry  25 Mar 1820Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121495
3 Barnhard, Jeremiah  28 Mar 1825Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121497
4 Barnhard, John  23 Mar 1809Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121491
5 Barnhard, Peter  16 Oct 1822Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121496
6 Barnhard, Sarah Catharine  27 Aug 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121499
7 Barnhart, Polly  9 Oct 1812Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121576
8 Craver, Solomon Pecker  18 Jan 1810Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121459
9 Meyer, Gatrie  11 Jan 1809Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121570
10 Meyer, Hannah Frances  9 Apr 1815Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121572
11 Meyer, Polly  4 Jan 1811Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121571


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Barnhart, Cornelius  28 Dec 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121581
2 Barnhart, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121579
3 Barnhart, George  28 Dec 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121582
4 Barnhart, Henry  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121575
5 Barnhart, Julian  28 Dec 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121580
6 Barnhart, Siphronias  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121577
7 Barnhart, Tabitha  28 Dec 1828Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121578
8 Craver, Anna  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121566
9 Craver, Annatje  20 Oct 1799Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121699
10 Craver, Catharine  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121456
11 Craver, Catherine  11 Nov 1821Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121306
12 Craver, Christian  23 Oct 1824Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121510
13 Craver, Elizabeth  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121651
14 Craver, Evaline  28 Jun 1812Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121302
15 Craver, Francis Ann  23 Oct 1796Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121669
16 Craver, Gertruy  26 Jan 1797Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121565
17 Craver, Hannah  8 Sep 1822Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121509
18 Craver, Henry  23 Feb 1799Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121598
19 Craver, John N  31 Jan 1807Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121299
20 Craver, John W  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121701
21 Craver, Jonas  27 May 1814Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121303
22 Craver, Kesiah  6 Jun 1819Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121305
23 Craver, Maria  17 Sep 1826Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121512
24 Craver, Martin  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121718
25 Craver, Matthew  8 Apr 1827Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121308
26 Craver, Paul  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121667
27 Craver, Peter  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121511
28 Craver, Philip  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121599
29 Craver, Polly  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121601
30 Craver, Rebecca  1 Sep 1797Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121455
31 Craver, Simeon  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121602
32 Craver, Solomon Pecker  24 Feb 1810Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121459
33 Craver, Susannah  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121657
34 Craver, Sylvester  1 Jun 1817Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121304
35 Craver, Willem  Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church I121597


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barnhart / Craver  3 Jul 1808Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52282
2 Craver / Feller  1 Mar 1806Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52252
3 Craver / Hayner  4 Jan 1850Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52292
4 Craver / Lappius  19 Apr 1808Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52251
5 Meyer / Craver  10 Nov 1807Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52281
6 Moul / Craver  13 Oct 1821Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52307
7 Shaver / Craver  5 May 1832Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52298
8 Warner / Craver  19 Dec 1829Wynantskill Dutch Reformed Church F52297