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Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Rev. Samuel  9 May 1649Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113973
2 Briggs, Silas  8 Sep 1708Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I138728
3 Clark, Mary  18 Mar 1713/14Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114365
4 Dexter, Abigail  6 Nov 1717Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114273
5 Dexter, Abigail  16 Mar 1744/45Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114380
6 Dexter, Abigail  4 Nov 1777Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115431
7 Dexter, Abigail  16 Nov 1786Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114403
8 Dexter, Alden  4 Jun 1788Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115697
9 Dexter, Alice  28 Mar 1740Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114378
10 Dexter, Alice  15 May 1792Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115699
11 Dexter, Anna  2 Jan 1758Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114469
12 Dexter, Anna  6 Jan 1774Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115690
13 Dexter, Anna  10 Dec 1778Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114474
14 Dexter, Benjamin  4 Mar 1699/00Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113977
15 Dexter, Benjamin  25 Sep 1734Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114324
16 Dexter, Benjamin  18 Jul 1778Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114486
17 Dexter, Benjamin  11 Mar 1783Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115434
18 Dexter, Benjamin  29 Jun 1800Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115441
19 Dexter, Bethuel  20 Jul 1784Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114410
20 Dexter, Betsey  1788Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114405
21 Dexter, Betty  19 Mar 1732/33Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114354
22 Dexter, Caleb  13 Apr 1751Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114382
23 Dexter, Caleb  23 May 1779Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114407
24 Dexter, Caleb  23 Jan 1794Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115709
25 Dexter, Charles  Jul 1782Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114409
26 Dexter, Constant  27 Nov 1706Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113979
27 Dexter, Daniel  29 Jul 1713Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114248
28 Dexter, David  17 Jun 1760Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114309
29 Dexter, David  17 May 1770Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115712
30 Dexter, David  26 Nov 1794Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115440
31 Dexter, Davis  12 Oct 1785Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115707
32 Dexter, Deborah  5 Apr 1758Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114294
33 Dexter, Desire  9 Dec 1786Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114411
34 Dexter, Dinah  14 Oct 1711Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114240
35 Dexter, Drusilla  12 Mar 1736/37Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114356
36 Dexter, E. Allen  13 Jan 1792Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115439
37 Dexter, Ebenezer  6 Aug 1728Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114346
38 Dexter, Edward  13 Sep 1730Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114322
39 Dexter, Edward  13 Nov 1766Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114470
40 Dexter, Elenor  29 Oct 1751Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114302
41 Dexter, Elisha  20 Jul 1747Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114502
42 Dexter, Elizabeth  Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I29556
43 Dexter, Elizabeth  9 Jun 1766Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114297
44 Dexter, Elnathen  17 Jun 1732Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I29684
45 Dexter, Enoch  6 Mar 1725/26Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114345
46 Dexter, Ephraim  27 May 1711Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113981
47 Dexter, Ephraim Jr.  31 Dec 1741Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114379
48 Dexter, Ephraim  28 Apr 1779Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I115693
49 Dexter, Epipheny  25 Apr 1767Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114482
50 Dexter, Eunice  1768Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114472

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Silas  30 Mar 1790Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I138728
2 Dexter, Constant  1756Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113979
3 Dexter, Fortunatus  5 Dec 1715Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I114241
4 Dexter, Mary  1729Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113984
5 Dexter, Mary  1761Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I29685
6 Dexter, Sarah  9 Jan 1783Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA I113978
7 Holmes, Sarah  7 NovRochester, Plymouth Co., MA I126424


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Briggs / Dexter  29 Mar 1730Rochester, Plymouth Co., MA F48920