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Northolt, Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crow, James  Abt 4 Jun 1823Northolt, Middlesex, England I267911
2 Crow, John  Abt 29 Jun 1828Northolt, Middlesex, England I267912
3 Crow, Selina Charlotte  Abt 13 Apr 1851Northolt, Middlesex, England I268078
4 Crow, Thomas William  Abt 1 Feb 1852Northolt, Middlesex, England I268079
5 Crow, William  Abt 22 Apr 1820Northolt, Middlesex, England I267910
6 Douglas, George  Bef 17 Feb 1771Northolt, Middlesex, England I268075
7 Douglas, James  Abt 12 Mar 1769Northolt, Middlesex, England I267958
8 Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth  Abt 1849Northolt, Middlesex, England I268010
9 Kirby, Eliza  Abt 1869Northolt, Middlesex, England I268111
10 Kirby, Emily A  Abt 1872Northolt, Middlesex, England I268112
11 Kirby, John  Abt 1873Northolt, Middlesex, England I267919
12 Kirby, Susan  Abt 1876Northolt, Middlesex, England I268113
13 Kirby, William  Abt 1 May 1843Northolt, Middlesex, England I267895
14 Prickett, Emma  1847Northolt, Middlesex, England I267924
15 Prior, Charlotte  Abt 1839Northolt, Middlesex, England I268059
16 Prior, Fanny  1844Northolt, Middlesex, England I268061
17 Prior, Hannah  Abt 1830Northolt, Middlesex, England I268057
18 Prior, James  1849Northolt, Middlesex, England I268062
19 Prior, John  Abt 1820Northolt, Middlesex, England I268056
20 Prior, William  Abt 1832Northolt, Middlesex, England I268058
21 Saunders, Albert William  1901Northolt, Middlesex, England I268123
22 Saunders, Annie Elizabeth  1881Northolt, Middlesex, England I268120
23 Saunders, Annie Elizabeth  2 Jul 1899Northolt, Middlesex, England I268122
24 Saunders, Benjamin  Abt Jun 1868Northolt, Middlesex, England I267922
25 Saunders, Charlotte  1879Northolt, Middlesex, England I267873
26 Saunders, Daisy Evelyn  Oct 1909Northolt, Middlesex, England I268127
27 Saunders, George  25 Nov 1865Northolt, Middlesex, England I267865
28 Saunders, Jane  1887Northolt, Middlesex, England I267875
29 Saunders, John  16 May 1839Northolt, Middlesex, England I267872
30 Saunders, Lucy Lottie  1897Northolt, Middlesex, England I268121
31 Saunders, William Henry  1885Northolt, Middlesex, England I267874
32 Saunders, William John  20 Sep 1906Northolt, Middlesex, England I268126
33 Trussler, Susan  Abt 1900Northolt, Middlesex, England I267660
34 Trussler, Susan  Abt 1900Northolt, Middlesex, England I267664
35 Vincent, Mary  Abt 20 Oct 1798Northolt, Middlesex, England I267907
36 Vincent, Thomas  Abt 21 Apr 1771Northolt, Middlesex, England I267908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crow, Elizabeth  Abt 6 Oct 1866Northolt, Middlesex, England I267651
2 Crow, James  Abt 17 Sep 1824Northolt, Middlesex, England I267911
3 Crow, John  Abt 11 Mar 1829Northolt, Middlesex, England I267912
4 Crow, Selina Charlotte  13 Nov 1853Northolt, Middlesex, England I268078
5 Crow, Thomas  Abt 3 Feb 1856Northolt, Middlesex, England I267809
6 Crow, William  Abt 15 Dec 1872Northolt, Middlesex, England I267906
7 Crow, William  Abt 6 May 1888Northolt, Middlesex, England I267910
8 Holding, Mary Ann  Abt 3 Jul 1881Northolt, Middlesex, England I267920
9 Kirby, Jane  Abt 21 Aug 1932Northolt, Middlesex, England I268116
10 Kirby, John  Abt 29 Jun 1896Northolt, Middlesex, England I267891
11 Kirby, John  Jan 1914Northolt, Middlesex, England I267893
12 Payne, Charlotte  Sep 1912Northolt, Middlesex, England I267892
13 Prickett, Eliza  14 Feb 1924Northolt, Middlesex, England I267918
14 Saunders, Benjamin  Abt 20 Sep 1868Northolt, Middlesex, England I267922
15 Saunders, Daisy Evelyn  Feb 1910Northolt, Middlesex, England I268127
16 Saunders, James  Abt 14 Jan 1891Northolt, Middlesex, England I267921
17 Saunders, John  Abt 19 Jun 1884Northolt, Middlesex, England I267879
18 Saunders, John  Abt 15 Jun 1907Northolt, Middlesex, England I267872
19 Saunders, Thomas William  Abt 15 Jan 1932Northolt, Middlesex, England I268117
20 Saunders, William Henry  Abt 16 Jun 1928Northolt, Middlesex, England I267874
21 Shackell, Elizabeth  Abt 12 Dec 1802Northolt, Middlesex, England I267909
22 Vincent, Mary  Abt 1 Dec 1872Northolt, Middlesex, England I267907
23 Vincent, Thomas  Abt 1 Jul 1845Northolt, Middlesex, England I267908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Saunders, Benjamin  20 Sep 1868Northolt, Middlesex, England I267922
2 Saunders, John  19 Jun 1884Northolt, Middlesex, England I267879


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carter / Saunders  1 Jun 1903Northolt, Middlesex, England F134930
2 Mitchell / Saunders  1 Jul 1907Northolt, Middlesex, England F134932
3 Prior / Vincent  11 Jul 1819Northolt, Middlesex, England F134947
4 Saunders / Harris  9 Nov 1913Northolt, Middlesex, England F134978
5 Saunders / Payne  3 Aug 1896Northolt, Middlesex, England F134936
6 Saunders / Reynolds  15 Jun 1901Northolt, Middlesex, England F134979