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New York, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1822New York, USA I12197
2 Allen, Elizabeth  Abt 1855New York, USA I604215
3 Astor, Waldorf (2nd Viscount Astor)  19 May 1879New York, USA I160976
4 Astor, William Waldorf (1st Viscount Astor)  31 Mar 1848New York, USA I160977
5 Barber, W. Scott  Abt 1826New York, USA I126726
6 Beach, Jefferson Bradford  1825New York, USA I15905
7 Bedell, Susan A.  New York, USA I120645
8 Beker, Sophia  Abt 1739New York, USA I124622
9 Bennedict, Elizabeth  Abt 1756New York, USA I124631
10 Branning, Lott J.  1827New York, USA I135017
11 Branning, Oliver  1815New York, USA I135009
12 Brower, Cornelia Lott  24 Jul 1790New York, USA I33198
13 Burlingame, Mary Elizabeth  9 Jan 1866New York, USA I124755
14 Bushnell, Betsey  WFT Est 1807-1829New York, USA I107462
15 Bushnell, Clarissa Gibbs  11 Aug 1818New York, USA I107458
16 Bushnell, Harriet Townsend  17 Nov 1825New York, USA I107461
17 Bushnell, Lovinda  17 Mar 1816New York, USA I107457
18 Bushnell, Thomas Ephraim  27 Jan 1821New York, USA I107459
19 Carpenter, Laura  10 Dec 1797New York, USA I117425
20 Case, Ada A.  1863New York, USA I134334
21 Case, Alice  Abt 1835New York, USA I134636
22 Case, Amanda  Abt 1825New York, USA I134633
23 Case, Charles  22 Apr 1820New York, USA I133721
24 Case, Chauncey  11 Mar 1813New York, USA I117768
25 Case, Dorcas  Abt 1820New York, USA I134632
26 Case, Eliza  Abt 1829New York, USA I134635
27 Case, Esther C.  1838New York, USA I130235
28 Case, Florence E.  Feb 1893New York, USA I139715
29 Case, Frank Converse  Mar 1860New York, USA I125676
30 Case, Hannah  30 Jan 1816New York, USA I120098
31 Case, Harland  1855New York, USA I134331
32 Case, Henry  1823New York, USA I138743
33 Case, Ida  1861New York, USA I134333
34 Case, Isaac  Abt 1816New York, USA I130239
35 Case, Jay D.  12 Oct 1871New York, USA I132688
36 Case, John  1838New York, USA I123961
37 Case, Joshua Jr.  1821New York, USA I133685
38 Case, Julia A.  Abt 1829New York, USA I130233
39 Case, Julia Anna  Bef 1808New York, USA I125836
40 Case, Louisa  Abt 1799New York, USA I122662
41 Case, Marcus B.  2 Oct 1831New York, USA I134325
42 Case, Marion  1853New York, USA I134329
43 Case, Mary Ann  Abt 1814New York, USA I130237
44 Case, Merritt  1845New York, USA I139746
45 Case, Philemon  1822New York, USA I138744
46 Case, Philothe  27 Sep 1800New York, USA I137948
47 Case, Seth  Abt 1827New York, USA I134634
48 Case, Walter C.  14 Dec 1858New York, USA I134332
49 Case, William  27 May 1864New York, USA I137216
50 Case, William W.  Abt 1831New York, USA I128680

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adelia, Mary  5 May 1965New York, USA I134422
2 Allen, Andrew  Abt 1857New York, USA I604220
3 Bodgeley, Phebe  Aug 1873New York, USA I117031
4 Brown, Prudence  17 Apr 1796New York, USA I156501
5 Burr, Freelove  25 May 1837New York, USA I113474
6 Case, Agnes  2 Jul 1876New York, USA I117181
7 Case, Elihu  30 Jun 1836New York, USA I113425
8 Case, Elvira  Aft 1833New York, USA I133662
9 Case, Harvey  1876New York, USA I117030
10 Case, Mary Beebe  Aft 1870New York, USA I123541
11 Case, Mercy  8 Aug 1864New York, USA I120564
12 Case, Phebe  10 Oct 1824New York, USA I115883
13 Curry, Martha  1778New York, USA I125825
14 Dietz, William  15 Nov 1915New York, USA I134345
15 Douglas, Jesse  7 Oct 1965New York, USA I171343
16 Foote, Azubah  New York, USA I113464
17 Freer, Solomon  9 May 1846New York, USA I134367
18 Haver, Peter  Bef Nov 1818New York, USA I121019
19 Higley, Mabel  New York, USA I130069
20 Hillerman, Sarah  Feb 1903New York, USA I134486
21 Humphrey, Dorcas  25 Aug 1850New York, USA I117150
22 Lemming, Philathea  19 May 1853New York, USA I116883
23 Margretta, Anna  New York, USA I105638
24 Minkler, Johannes  Abt 1770New York, USA I121016
25 Robinson, Alice  13 May 1844New York, USA I117160
26 Sherwood, Andrew  1823New York, USA I125821
27 Skift, Jane  Bef 1860New York, USA I133035
28 Woodruff, Thomas Allen  18 Apr 1868New York, USA I116359


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Case, Henry Jr.  New York, USA I124971


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Benham / Case  18 Jan 1826New York, USA F56607
2 Case / Carscadden  12 Jul 1756New York, USA F53730
3 Case / Converse  5 Nov 1849New York, USA F51854
4 Case / Furguson  Abt 1828New York, USA F50617
5 Case / Logan  25 Aug 1886New York, USA F52968
6 Case / Maxon  18 Jun 1908New York, USA F55832
7 Case / Pierson  7 Apr 1817New York, USA F51336
8 Case / Sherwood  Abt 1851New York, USA F46102
9 Case / Whitney  4 Jul 1816New York, USA F46512
10 Cass / Baker  Abt 1889New York, USA F56877
11 Cass / Hillerman  Abt 1851New York, USA F56866
12 Cathcart / Ellliot  10 Apr 1779New York, USA F4669
13 Dietz / Case  1 Feb 1854New York, USA F56813
14 Freer / Van Bommel  22 Apr 1720New York, USA F52065
15 Hall / Douglas  Abt 1895New York, USA F2290
16 Haver / Reiffenberger  Abt 1768New York, USA F52074
17 Hoerschelmann / Monsanto   F48865
18 Loomis / Hinman  New York, USA F51232
19 Minckler / Eaton  1823New York, USA F51732
20 Minkler / Abigail  Abt 1783New York, USA F58188
21 Minkler / Schneider  1725New York, USA F46197
22 Minkler / Van Husum  Bef 1735New York, USA F52073
23 Vail / Cougle  1 Apr 1783New York, USA F54814
24 Wright / Gibson  12 Mar 1873New York, USA F46213