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Muskingum County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blackson, Benjamin Franklin  24 Jul 1872Muskingum County, Ohio I157025
2 Blackson, Charles Hatfield  25 May 1870Muskingum County, Ohio I12210
3 Blackson, Clara  Between 1900 and 1901Muskingum County, Ohio I12223
4 Blackson, Eliza J.  Abt 1845Muskingum County, Ohio I157034
5 Blackson, Perry Nelson  24 Aug 1899Muskingum County, Ohio I12222
6 Brewer, *Jacob H.  1841Muskingum County, Ohio I21345
7 Brewer, Sarah M.  1847Muskingum County, Ohio I22545
8 Gay, Albert  20 Dec 1875Muskingum County, Ohio I12289
9 Gay, Alta  13 Apr 1870Muskingum County, Ohio I12287
10 Gay, Annie Emma  22 Nov 1873Muskingum County, Ohio I12288
11 Gay, Clarissa  1852Muskingum County, Ohio I20408
12 Gay, Gerta  22 Jul 1877Muskingum County, Ohio I12290
13 Gay, Ida  13 Oct 1880Muskingum County, Ohio I12291
14 Gay, Jacob  1842Muskingum County, Ohio I22527
15 Gay, Joseph  1836Muskingum County, Ohio I22526
16 Gay, Rachel  8 Mar 1883Muskingum County, Ohio I12292
17 Hamler, Adam  29 Feb 1872Muskingum County, Ohio I18416
18 Hamler, Catharine Hamline  1832Muskingum County, Ohio I12202
19 Hamler, Charles Adam  Jun 1860Muskingum County, Ohio I12204
20 Hamler, Child  Muskingum County, Ohio I20419
21 Hamler, Child  Muskingum County, Ohio I20420
22 Hamler, Child  Muskingum County, Ohio I20421
23 Hamler, Child  Muskingum County, Ohio I20422
24 Hamler, Frank  Feb 1883Muskingum County, Ohio I20413
25 Hamler, Letha Ann  1857Muskingum County, Ohio I12283
26 Hamler, Margaret Maggie  Aug 1885Muskingum County, Ohio I20414
27 Hamler, Mary Blackson Hamline  14 Mar 1831Muskingum County, Ohio I12201
28 Hamler, May  Oct 1887Muskingum County, Ohio I20415
29 Hamler, Noah  1875Muskingum County, Ohio I18418
30 Hamler, Robert  1830Muskingum County, Ohio I12203
31 Kenney, Catherine  Muskingum County, Ohio I20401
32 Kenney, George W.  Muskingum County, Ohio I20404
33 Kenney, James  Muskingum County, Ohio I20402


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blackson, *Michael Blackstone  Between 1845 and 1850Muskingum County, Ohio I157009
2 Blackson, Adda Ellen  1930Muskingum County, Ohio I12208
3 Blackson, Albert Carson  20 Aug 1905Muskingum County, Ohio I12213
4 Blackson, Charles Hatfield  29 Dec 1945Muskingum County, Ohio I12210
5 Blackson, Margaret Maggie Delora  10 Mar 1911Muskingum County, Ohio I12212
6 Blackson, Mary E.  11 Aug 1869Muskingum County, Ohio I12209
7 Blackson, William Tatman  14 Aug 1907Muskingum County, Ohio I12211
8 Hambler, Elizabeth Elisabeth Hatfield Johnson  Aft 1860Muskingum County, Ohio I157031
9 Hamler, John Hambler  Bef Sep 1850Muskingum County, Ohio I12200
10 Hendricks, Hannah  Aft 1833Muskingum County, Ohio I12267
11 Sparks, Elijah  1828Muskingum County, Ohio I23325


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Blackson, Clara  Mar 1920Muskingum County, Ohio I12223
2 Gay, *Henry Jr.  Dec 1872Muskingum County, Ohio I157045


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blackson / Calhoon  16 Dec 1865Muskingum County, Ohio F4374
2 Brown / McPherren  1820Muskingum County, Ohio F65695
3 Gay / Duerrwaechter  7 Jul 1825Muskingum County, Ohio F4380
4 Gay / Hamler  6 Feb 1855Muskingum County, Ohio F4707
5 Gay / Wallace  20 Mar 1866Muskingum County, Ohio F4387
6 Hambler / Gay  29 Sep 1859Muskingum County, Ohio F4383
7 Hamler / Miller  23 Dec 1859Muskingum County, Ohio F4708
8 Hartley / Miller  29 Mar 1883Muskingum County, Ohio F6669