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Monmouth County, New Jersey



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barkalow, *Derrick  19 Apr 1754Monmouth County, New Jersey I6834
2 Barkalow, Aert Arthur  1740Monmouth County, New Jersey I9231
3 Barkalow, Cornelius  1754Monmouth County, New Jersey I9237
4 Barkalow, David  1752Monmouth County, New Jersey I9236
5 Barkalow, Helena  1760Monmouth County, New Jersey I9240
6 Barkalow, Jannetje  1738Monmouth County, New Jersey I9234
7 Barkalow, Samuel  1758Monmouth County, New Jersey I9239
8 Barkalow, Unknown  1757Monmouth County, New Jersey I9238
9 Barkalow, William  1750Monmouth County, New Jersey I9235
10 Brewer, *Jacob  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22537
11 Brewer, *Mathew Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22538
12 Brewer, Anatie Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22606
13 Brewer, Arnaut Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22600
14 Brewer, Cornelius Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22601
15 Brewer, Jacob Arnont Brower  2 Mar 1705/06Monmouth County, New Jersey I22592
16 Brewer, Jannetjie Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22603
17 Brewer, Petrus Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22604
18 Brewer, Saratie Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22605
19 Brewer, Sybrant Brower  Monmouth County, New Jersey I22602
20 Gant, Charles  1815Monmouth County, New Jersey I22362
21 Marlin, *Nathaniel  Oct 1755Monmouth County, New Jersey I22445
22 Marlin, Mary Marlin  1779Monmouth County, New Jersey I22449
23 Perrine, Susan Elizabeth  29 Oct 1832Monmouth County, New Jersey I22433
24 Thompson, Mary A.  1834Monmouth County, New Jersey I22413
25 Thompson, Nathan  Between 1826 and 1850Monmouth County, New Jersey I22409
26 Thompson, Sarah W.  1831Monmouth County, New Jersey I22411
27 Thompson, William W.  1831Monmouth County, New Jersey I22412
28 Tilton, Asher Clayton  21 Apr 1806Monmouth County, New Jersey I22360
29 Tilton, Elizabeth Boggs  3 Jan 1833Monmouth County, New Jersey I22422
30 Van Cleave, *Benjamin  15 Nov 1741Monmouth County, New Jersey I10318
31 Van Kouwenhoven, *Annetje Willemse  13 Apr 1683Monmouth County, New Jersey I9230
32 Van Kouwenhoven, *Joris  31 Mar 1734Monmouth County, New Jersey I9252
33 Van Kouwenhoven, Cornelius  2 Jul 1727Monmouth County, New Jersey I9264
34 Van Kouwenhoven, Elizabeth  18 Mar 1724/25Monmouth County, New Jersey I9263
35 Van Kouwenhoven, Garret  18 Mar 1722/23Monmouth County, New Jersey I9257
36 Van Kouwenhoven, Peter  26 Feb 1730/31Monmouth County, New Jersey I9266
37 Van Kouwenhoven, Sarah  1720Monmouth County, New Jersey I9256
38 Van Kouwenhoven, Unknown  1 Jan 1728/29Monmouth County, New Jersey I9265
39 Van Kouwenhoven, Unknown  12 Jan 1762Monmouth County, New Jersey I9254
40 Williamson, *Aeltje  1714Monmouth County, New Jersey I6837


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barkalow, Cornelius  1783Monmouth County, New Jersey I9247
2 Barkalow, Daniel  28 Jun 1795Monmouth County, New Jersey I9248
3 Margaret  Aft 1762Monmouth County, New Jersey I9253
4 Tilton, Elizabeth Boggs  23 Dec 1916Monmouth County, New Jersey I22422
5 Van Kouwenhoven, *Annetje Willemse  Aft 1744Monmouth County, New Jersey I9230
6 Van Kouwenhoven, *Joris  Jul 1772Monmouth County, New Jersey I9252
7 Williamson, *Aeltje  Aft 1766Monmouth County, New Jersey I6837
8 Williamson, Aert  Aft 1744Monmouth County, New Jersey I9229


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barkalow / Williamson  2 Dec 1737Monmouth County, New Jersey F10065
2 Thompson / Marlin  28 Jan 1798Monmouth County, New Jersey F7816
3 Tilton / Thompson  22 Apr 1832Monmouth County, New Jersey F7818
4 Williamson / Van Kouwenhoven  Abt 1703Monmouth County, New Jersey F65061