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Mercer County, Missouri



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ader, Clara Revetta  20 Jan 1897Mercer County, Missouri I17473
2 Ader, Sandford Estes  30 Jan 1894Mercer County, Missouri I17464
3 Ader, Sanford Eli  14 May 1850Mercer County, Missouri I17463
4 Foxworthy, Margaret Louella  4 Aug 1859Mercer County, Missouri I7923
5 Foxworthy, Nellie  31 May 1869Mercer County, Missouri I7926
6 Foxworthy, Oliver Wellington  8 Feb 1855Mercer County, Missouri I7921
7 Mark, Emma  25 Dec 1872Mercer County, Missouri I7972
8 Mark, Lawrence H.  2 Aug 1874Mercer County, Missouri I7973
9 Moorman, Mary  24 Sep 1904Mercer County, Missouri I17478
10 Redenbaugh, James A.  1858Mercer County, Missouri I7538
11 Robb, William Leslie  16 Aug 1896Mercer County, Missouri I17471
12 Thompson, Benjamin  Dec 1869Mercer County, Missouri I13500
13 Thompson, Edward  Mercer County, Missouri I13509
14 Thompson, Eliza H.  1872Mercer County, Missouri I22442
15 Thompson, James M.  1862Mercer County, Missouri I13418
16 Thompson, Joseph E.  Nov 1864Mercer County, Missouri I13498
17 Thompson, Louiza E.  1879Mercer County, Missouri I22444
18 Thompson, Mary Jane  1867Mercer County, Missouri I13499
19 Thompson, Norah E.  4 Sep 1885Mercer County, Missouri I13504
20 Thompson, Ollie  Mercer County, Missouri I13508
21 Thompson, William A.  1876Mercer County, Missouri I22443
22 Wyatt, Albert Monroe  Jun 1864Mercer County, Missouri I7911
23 Wyatt, Alice A.  Jun 1864Mercer County, Missouri I7912
24 Wyatt, Henry M.  Mercer County, Missouri I7903
25 Wyatt, Lewis J.  1860Mercer County, Missouri I7910
26 Wyatt, Manerve L.  Aft 1845Mercer County, Missouri I7902
27 Wyatt, Martha E.  Aug 1855Mercer County, Missouri I7909


Matches 1 to 35 of 35

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 A, Julia  1910Mercer County, Missouri I13505
2 Ader, Sandford Estes  1 Mar 1894Mercer County, Missouri I17464
3 Crigler, Nancy  Mercer County, Missouri I7901
4 Dudley, *Alta Altie A.  26 Oct 1895Mercer County, Missouri I13462
5 Dudley, Henry H.  29 Jan 1908Mercer County, Missouri I13463
6 E, Ibbie  Between 1900 and 1910Mercer County, Missouri I13467
7 Foxworthy, Nellie  17 Dec 1954Mercer County, Missouri I7926
8 Johnston, Elizabeth Eliza Liza  Bef 1881Mercer County, Missouri I13495
9 Kooken, *Lovina  1916Mercer County, Missouri I13493
10 Mark, Benjamin Lee  9 Jul 1935Mercer County, Missouri I7969
11 Mark, Emma  27 Jul 1950Mercer County, Missouri I7972
12 Mark, Lawrence H.  29 Apr 1933Mercer County, Missouri I7973
13 Redenbaugh, Emery Radabaugh  18 Apr 1930Mercer County, Missouri I11683
14 Redenbaugh, James A.  17 Dec 1862Mercer County, Missouri I7538
15 Redenbaugh, John Radabaugh  28 Jun 1883Mercer County, Missouri I7529
16 Redenbaugh, Laura  1924Mercer County, Missouri I17461
17 Redenbaugh, Mary Lizzie  10 Dec 1930Mercer County, Missouri I17462
18 Redenbaugh, Mary Susan  9 Jul 1910Mercer County, Missouri I7530
19 Redenbaugh, William H.  Mercer County, Missouri I7532
20 Sloane, Amanda  10 Aug 1873Mercer County, Missouri I7537
21 Thompson, *Nathanial  1909Mercer County, Missouri I13469
22 Thompson, Edward  Bef 1900Mercer County, Missouri I13509
23 Thompson, James M.  Bef 1900Mercer County, Missouri I13418
24 Thompson, Joseph Jr.  May 1864Mercer County, Missouri I13503
25 Thompson, Ollie  Bef 1900Mercer County, Missouri I13508
26 Waldian, *Amanda A. Waldow  Bef 1920Mercer County, Missouri I13464
27 Waldian, *Waldow  Bef 1900Mercer County, Missouri I13465
28 Waldian, Sanford G. Waldow  Between 1910 and 1920Mercer County, Missouri I13466
29 Wife  Bef 1900Mercer County, Missouri I13471
30 Wyatt, Lewis J.  1943Mercer County, Missouri I7910
31 Wyatt, Margaret Ann  20 Dec 1921Mercer County, Missouri I7907
32 Wyatt, Martha E.  12 Feb 1904Mercer County, Missouri I7909
33 Wyatt, Mary L.  9 May 1888Mercer County, Missouri I7906
34 Wyatt, Samantha J.  23 Dec 1872Mercer County, Missouri I7904
35 Wyatt, William H.  1915Mercer County, Missouri I7905


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dudley / Waldian  1872Mercer County, Missouri F5065
2 Thompson / Dudley  Abt 1885Mercer County, Missouri F5058