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Longton, Staffordshire



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allridge, Emma  Abt 1856Longton, Staffordshire I165902
2 Copestake, Alfred  Mar 1878Longton, Staffordshire I165901
3 Copestake, David  Mar 1871Longton, Staffordshire I165865
4 Copestake, David  Abt 1894Longton, Staffordshire I165920
5 Copestake, Edward  Abt 1869Longton, Staffordshire I165866
6 Copestake, Eliza Ann  Abt 1882Longton, Staffordshire I165924
7 Copestake, Elizabeth  Dec 1873Longton, Staffordshire I165864
8 Copestake, Emma  Sep 1877Longton, Staffordshire I165861
9 Copestake, Ernest  Abt 1900Longton, Staffordshire I165919
10 Copestake, Ethel  Abt 1892Longton, Staffordshire I165921
11 Copestake, Florence  Jun 1881Longton, Staffordshire I165900
12 Copestake, Florrie  Abt 1890Longton, Staffordshire I165922
13 Copestake, Frances  Dec 1883Longton, Staffordshire I165899
14 Copestake, Frederick  Oct 1857Longton, Staffordshire I165868
15 Copestake, Frederick  Abt 1886Longton, Staffordshire I165898
16 Copestake, Henry  Sep 1875Longton, Staffordshire I165863
17 Copestake, Hilda  Abt 1909Longton, Staffordshire I165925
18 Copestake, Louisa  Oct 1855Longton, Staffordshire I165869
19 Copestake, Victor  Abt 1905Longton, Staffordshire I165918
20 Copestake, Victor  Abt 1910Longton, Staffordshire I165926
21 Copestake, William  Abt 1880Longton, Staffordshire I165860
22 Copestake, William  Abt 1903Longton, Staffordshire I165927
23 Davies, Arthur Edward  Jun 1882Longton, Staffordshire I165932
24 Davies, Frank   I165931
25 Goodfellow, Emma  Abt 1893Longton, Staffordshire I165910
26 Goodfellow, Harriet  Abt 1896Longton, Staffordshire I165908
27 Goodfellow, Harry  Abt 1894Longton, Staffordshire I165909
28 Goodfellow, William  Abt 1869Longton, Staffordshire I165911
29 Goodfellow, William  Abt 1897Longton, Staffordshire I165907
30 Goodwin, Annie  6 Jul 1877Longton, Staffordshire I165894
31 Goodwin, Clara  13 Dec 1884Longton, Staffordshire I165892
32 Goodwin, Ethel  23 Sep 1886Longton, Staffordshire I165891
33 Goodwin, Lizzie  5 Oct 1882Longton, Staffordshire I165893
34 Goodwin, Mary Ellen  15 Dec 1878Longton, Staffordshire I165896
35 Goodwin, Richard  25 Jul 1888Longton, Staffordshire I165890
36 Goodwin, Richard Hugh Bell  Apr 1852Longton, Staffordshire I165897
37 Wooldridge, Martha Elizabeth  Mar 1870Longton, Staffordshire I165923


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goodwin / Copestake  20 May 1877Longton, Staffordshire F69814