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Lewis Co., West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, Catherine  1808Lewis Co., West Virginia I144560
2 Cunningham, Leah A.  1841Lewis Co., West Virginia I144618
3 Cunningham, Phebe  10 Apr 1795Lewis Co., West Virginia I144567
4 Goff, Alexander Jr.  29 Nov 1818Lewis Co., West Virginia I144448
5 Goff, Benjamin S.  17 Aug 1837Lewis Co., West Virginia I144652
6 Goff, Elizabeth  1809Lewis Co., West Virginia I144495
7 Goff, Elzaria  15 Jul 1845Lewis Co., West Virginia I144742
8 Goff, Hannah Roanna  3 Jul 1835Lewis Co., West Virginia I144756
9 Goff, Henry Smith  1835Lewis Co., West Virginia I144726
10 Goff, Hila Ann  5 May 1836Lewis Co., West Virginia I144727
11 Goff, John Nelson  1839Lewis Co., West Virginia I144653
12 Goff, Joseph H. Sr.  1822Lewis Co., West Virginia I144449
13 Goff, Marcellus H.  9 Nov 1843Lewis Co., West Virginia I144778
14 Goff, Marshall M.  9 Nov 1843Lewis Co., West Virginia I144777
15 Goff, Nancy Ann  Abt 1816Lewis Co., West Virginia I144505
16 Goff, Strawther  22 Aug 1833Lewis Co., West Virginia I144755
17 Goff, Thankful Ann  3 May 1832Lewis Co., West Virginia I144735
18 Keith, Rebecca M.  20 Apr 1819Lewis Co., West Virginia I144531
19 Lamb, Matilda  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144547
20 Pickens, Mary E.  1834Lewis Co., West Virginia I144552
21 Riddle, Albert Gallatin  1833Lewis Co., West Virginia I144511
22 Riddle, Albert J.  1863Lewis Co., West Virginia I144559
23 Riddle, Austin F.  1856Lewis Co., West Virginia I144554
24 Riddle, Benjamin Newton  1844Lewis Co., West Virginia I144532
25 Riddle, Cora Ellen  1851Lewis Co., West Virginia I144541
26 Riddle, Elizabeth  Abt 1818Lewis Co., West Virginia I144455
27 Riddle, George M.  1812Lewis Co., West Virginia I144453
28 Riddle, George Washington  4 Mar 1819Lewis Co., West Virginia I144404
29 Riddle, James Richard  25 Dec 1841Lewis Co., West Virginia I144535
30 Riddle, Laura G.  17 Dec 1857Lewis Co., West Virginia I144549
31 Riddle, Leonidas L.  1861Lewis Co., West Virginia I144557
32 Riddle, Margaret  Abt 1839Lewis Co., West Virginia I144918
33 Riddle, Sarah E.  1860Lewis Co., West Virginia I144550
34 Riddle, Sarah Elizabeth  1841Lewis Co., West Virginia I144919
35 Riddle, Sheridan  8 Nov 1829Lewis Co., West Virginia I144408
36 Riddle, Silas T.  12 Oct 1826Lewis Co., West Virginia I144407
37 Riddle, Silas Vancoy  1855Lewis Co., West Virginia I144545
38 Riddle, Sophronia  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144661
39 Riddle, Virginia  1859Lewis Co., West Virginia I144556
40 Riddle, Virginia  1862Lewis Co., West Virginia I144558
41 Riddle, Virginia Alice  1852Lewis Co., West Virginia I144543
42 Smith, Hila  7 Mar 1808Lewis Co., West Virginia I144624
43 Venoy, William S.  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144619
44 Wetzel, Rebecca  4 Jun 1830Lewis Co., West Virginia I144660
45 Williams, James  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144551
46 Woofter, Francis A.  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Keith, Rebecca M.  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144531
2 Riddle, George Washington  12 Oct 1891Lewis Co., West Virginia I144404
3 Riddle, Dr. Richard Welsh Dr.  1893Lewis Co., West Virginia I144409
4 Riddle, Virginia  1861Lewis Co., West Virginia I144556
5 Stalnaker, Theodure Isom  Lewis Co., West Virginia I144542


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cunningham / Riddle  1825Lewis Co., West Virginia F59496
2 Goff / Booher  26 Aug 1817Lewis Co., West Virginia F59508
3 Goff / Bush  14 Apr 1841Lewis Co., West Virginia F59515
4 Goff / Smith  2 May 1832Lewis Co., West Virginia F59513
5 Goff / Smith  21 Dec 1833Lewis Co., West Virginia F59511
6 Riddle / Bush  1 Nov 1831Lewis Co., West Virginia F59488
7 Riddle / Goff  20 May 1830Lewis Co., West Virginia F59480
8 Riddle / Goff  2 Oct 1836Lewis Co., West Virginia F59482
9 Riddle / Keith  6 Feb 1840Lewis Co., West Virginia F59486
10 Riddle / Lamb  9 Sep 1908Lewis Co., West Virginia F59549
11 Riddle / Norman  30 Jun 1836Lewis Co., West Virginia F59521
12 Riddle / Smith  10 Jan 1830Lewis Co., West Virginia F59519
13 Short / Riddle  27 Apr 1836Lewis Co., West Virginia F59523
14 Williams / Riddle  13 Apr 1883Lewis Co., West Virginia F59550