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Lancaster County, South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Mary  1749Lancaster County, South Carolina I602945
2 Barnes, Dixon  9 Oct 1816Lancaster County, South Carolina I599475
3 Barnes, Elizabeth Amanda  20 May 1825Lancaster County, South Carolina I603907
4 Blair, George Douglass  23 Mar 1787Lancaster County, South Carolina I104130
5 Blair, General James  26 Sep 1786Lancaster County, South Carolina I104127
6 Blair, William  24 Mar 1759Lancaster County, South Carolina I104124
7 Brown, Charlotte Rebecca  27 Nov 1819Lancaster County, South Carolina I600459
8 Brown, Charlotte Rebecca  20 Apr 1849Lancaster County, South Carolina I602501
9 Brown, Daniel Washington McDonald  9 Sep 1822Lancaster County, South Carolina I603895
10 Brown, John  1780Lancaster County, South Carolina I603918
11 Cantzon, Ann Kelsey  14 Jan 1795Lancaster County, South Carolina I602723
12 Cunningham, Bonnie M.  Abt 1849Lancaster County, South Carolina I602565
13 Douglas, Rev Alexander  27 Oct 1807Lancaster County, South Carolina I106141
14 Dunlop, Ann  1732Lancaster County, South Carolina I603608
15 Foster, John  14 Aug 1785Lancaster County, South Carolina I602612
16 Huey, Elizabeth  1788Lancaster County, South Carolina I599886
17 Massey, Alford  1823Lancaster County, South Carolina I602548
18 Massey, Benjamin Henry  1847Lancaster County, South Carolina I602564
19 Massey, Benjamin Sykes  1778Lancaster County, South Carolina I602504
20 Massey, Charlotte  1828Lancaster County, South Carolina I602549
21 Massey, George Leonidas  1819Lancaster County, South Carolina I602544
22 Massey, Henry Thomas  1816Lancaster County, South Carolina I602542
23 Massey, James Rinaldo  1840Lancaster County, South Carolina I602550
24 Massey, Jane  1783Lancaster County, South Carolina I602374
25 Massey, Joseph  1773Lancaster County, South Carolina I602370
26 Massey, Lycurgus Herschel  1813Lancaster County, South Carolina I602541
27 Massey, Robert  1766Lancaster County, South Carolina I602369
28 Massey, Samuel Franklin  1845Lancaster County, South Carolina I602563
29 Massey, Temperance  1785Lancaster County, South Carolina I602375
30 Massey, William Andrew  1765Lancaster County, South Carolina I601603
31 McDonald, Daniel  10 Jun 1770Lancaster County, South Carolina I596519
32 McDonald, Mary  20 Jul 1778Lancaster County, South Carolina I603974
33 McDonald, Middleton  3 Nov 1746Lancaster County, South Carolina I603950
34 McDonald, Rebecca  7 Mar 1769Lancaster County, South Carolina I596518
35 Taylor, Anna Louise  29 Jan 1889Lancaster County, South Carolina I597774
36 Tilman, Charlotte Lee  3 Oct 1838Lancaster County, South Carolina I602233
37 Tilman, Edwin Dixon  1853Lancaster County, South Carolina I600795
38 Tilman, Isaac  12 Jul 1809Lancaster County, South Carolina I600609
39 Tilman, Middleton McDonald  Abt 1790Lancaster County, South Carolina I600605
40 Tilman, Middleton McDonald  Jul 1856Lancaster County, South Carolina I600797
41 Wade, Mary  Abt 1801Lancaster County, South Carolina I597227
42 Wade, Nathan Center  Abt 1789Lancaster County, South Carolina I600618
43 Wade, William Center  1791Lancaster County, South Carolina I600883
44 Walker, Jane  Abt 1760Lancaster County, South Carolina I599889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkins, Mary  3 Nov 1801Lancaster County, South Carolina I602945
2 Barnes, Elizabeth Amanda  2 Jun 1891Lancaster County, South Carolina I603907
3 Blair, William  2 Jul 1824Lancaster County, South Carolina I104124
4 Brown, Daniel Washington McDonald  1 Mar 1892Lancaster County, South Carolina I603895
5 Brown, John  11 Jan 1850Lancaster County, South Carolina I603918
6 Cantzon, Ann Kelsey  31 Oct 1846Lancaster County, South Carolina I602723
7 Dickey, Elizabeth  19 Nov 1803Lancaster County, South Carolina I601272
8 Douglass, Margaret  Lancaster County, South Carolina I600031
9 Dunlop, Ann  14 Dec 1795Lancaster County, South Carolina I603608
10 Foster, Henry  19 Dec 1797Lancaster County, South Carolina I603056
11 Foster, John  17 Nov 1812Lancaster County, South Carolina I602834
12 Huey, Elizabeth  Lancaster County, South Carolina I599886
13 Huey, James  Apr 1836Lancaster County, South Carolina I599888
14 Massey, Benjamin  15 Jul 1846Lancaster County, South Carolina I602372
15 Massey, Benjamin Sykes  Aft 1840Lancaster County, South Carolina I602504
16 Massey, John Philpott Curran  Aft 1850Lancaster County, South Carolina I602536
17 Massey, Joseph  1860Lancaster County, South Carolina I602370
18 Massey, Mary Jane  3 Sep 1844Lancaster County, South Carolina I602562
19 McDonald, Elizabeth Rebecca  Abt 1809Lancaster County, South Carolina I596522
20 McDonald, Mary  24 Oct 1796Lancaster County, South Carolina I603974
21 McDonald, Thirsa Polly  20 Feb 1862Lancaster County, South Carolina I603929
22 Moore, Paul  Aft 1910Lancaster County, South Carolina I597861
23 Robinson, Mildred Chewn  4 Apr 1842Lancaster County, South Carolina I602381
24 Tilman, Edwin Dixon  1908Lancaster County, South Carolina I600795
25 Tilman, Isaac  7 Aug 1849Lancaster County, South Carolina I600609
26 Walker, Jane  Lancaster County, South Carolina I599889
27 Williams, Fowler  1841Lancaster County, South Carolina I599884


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blair / Taylor  16 Jul 1788Lancaster County, South Carolina F596703
2 Cantzon / Foster  18 Jul 1791Lancaster County, South Carolina F598970
3 Foster / Brown  9 Nov 1869Lancaster County, South Carolina F598646
4 Ketchin / McIlwaine  23 Feb 1823Lancaster County, South Carolina F596332
5 Massey / Broomfield  1809Lancaster County, South Carolina F598351
6 Massey / Cotten  1799Lancaster County, South Carolina F598350
7 Massey / Marshall  1787Lancaster County, South Carolina F598348
8 Massey / Massey  Abt 1800Lancaster County, South Carolina F598690
9 Massey / Perry  1818Lancaster County, South Carolina F598692
10 McDonald / McDonald  24 Mar 1794Lancaster County, South Carolina F599132
11 Williams / Huey  1807Lancaster County, South Carolina F597690