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Boone County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Alfred Milton  7 Nov 1858Boone County, Indiana I7267
2 Bowen, Edith Stella  13 Mar 1887Boone County, Indiana I7268
3 Hamilton, Bertha  1876Boone County, Indiana I19221
4 Hamilton, David Henry  27 May 1830Boone County, Indiana I20438
5 Hamilton, Hannah L.  1840Boone County, Indiana I20458
6 Hamilton, John Gregg  6 Feb 1826Boone County, Indiana I20436
7 Hamilton, Martha M.  1837Boone County, Indiana I20457
8 Hamilton, Mary J.  1835Boone County, Indiana I20456
9 Hamilton, Maud  1870Boone County, Indiana I19220
10 Hamilton, Robert Lytle  21 Feb 1833Boone County, Indiana I20455
11 Hamilton, Samuel S.  Jan 1850Boone County, Indiana I20461
12 Hamilton, Thomas A.  1842Boone County, Indiana I20459
13 Hamilton, William W.  1846Boone County, Indiana I20460
14 Rader, Ida Mae  May 1875Boone County, Indiana I17572
15 Redenbaugh, Amanda E.  1836Boone County, Indiana I7534
16 Redenbaugh, James F.  1840Boone County, Indiana I7535
17 Redenbaugh, Rhoda A.  1855Boone County, Indiana I24057
18 Swindler, Myrtella Mae  6 May 1870Boone County, Indiana I17569
19 Swindler, Nancy Jane  16 Feb 1872Boone County, Indiana I17570
20 Swindler, William Edward  2 Mar 1874Boone County, Indiana I17571
21 Tyler, Mary A.  Abt 1843Boone County, Indiana I160460


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bowen, Alfred Milton  30 Dec 1936Boone County, Indiana I7267
2 Douglass, *Mary Katherine  15 Nov 1890Boone County, Indiana I6846
3 Hamilton, David Henry  2 Jan 1895Boone County, Indiana I20438
4 Hamilton, James S.  Boone County, Indiana I19229
5 Hamilton, John Gregg  Abt 1896Boone County, Indiana I20436
6 Hamilton, William Scott  Abt 1902Boone County, Indiana I20863
7 Rader, Ida Mae  Bef 1963Boone County, Indiana I17572
8 Redenbaugh, Sarah "Mary" Ann  22 Dec 1918Boone County, Indiana I6898
9 Strahan, Elizabeth  Boone County, Indiana I20440
10 Swindler, Edna Joan  6 Sep 1915Boone County, Indiana I17566
11 Swindler, Irene Elizabeth  11 Mar 1898Boone County, Indiana I17567
12 Swindler, James Clayton  9 Aug 1942Boone County, Indiana I17563
13 Swindler, Joel Kelsey  8 Jul 1880Boone County, Indiana I17562
14 Swindler, John Henry  17 Mar 1933Boone County, Indiana I17561
15 Swindler, Myrtella Mae  24 Mar 1915Boone County, Indiana I17569
16 Swindler, Robert Gott  6 Mar 1879Boone County, Indiana I17560


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Clore, Cave  Boone County, Indiana I14522
2 Souther, Lucinda  Boone County, Indiana I19879


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Black / Parker  3 Mar 1842Boone County, Indiana F10003
2 Graham / Tyler  1847Boone County, Indiana F9956
3 Hawkins / Lewis  3 Dec 1799Boone County, Indiana F10000
4 Jackson / Tyler  1852Boone County, Indiana F9955
5 McClain / Clore  7 Sep 1892Boone County, Indiana F5451
6 Redenbaugh / Mallot  27 Apr 1877Boone County, Indiana F10108
7 Saunders / Hawkins  1 Jan 1828Boone County, Indiana F9998
8 Swindler / Rader  24 Dec 1900Boone County, Indiana F6405
9 Tyler / Abney  8 Nov 1843Boone County, Indiana F9787
10 Tyler / Spencer  1848Boone County, Indiana F9957