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Beaver County, Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Best, Harvey Monroe  18 Jun 1918Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51095
2 Boots, Amanda Jane  14 Sep 1853Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95314
3 Boots, Ambrose  1839Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95192
4 Boots, Amos Clarke  5 Aug 1845Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95281
5 Boots, Bertha Cleis  22 Apr 1884Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95380
6 Boots, Carrie Maude  27 Jan 1878Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95347
7 Boots, Edgar Warren  21 Aug 1888Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95392
8 Boots, Edmund Rutledge  26 Sep 1842Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95214
9 Boots, Edward Nicholas  1834Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95024
10 Boots, Elizabeth  12 Jul 1841Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95258
11 Boots, Ernest Delbert  5 Mar 1875Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97184
12 Boots, Frances Jeanette  7 Jul 1916Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51131
13 Boots, George Hurst  29 Aug 1848Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95292
14 Boots, Harry Clifford  1 Sep 1900Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51120
15 Boots, Harry Nesbit  31 Aug 1892Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95414
16 Boots, Harry Roscoe  4 Apr 1879Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97206
17 Boots, Hattie Hart  10 Jan 1877Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97195
18 Boots, Horace  1843Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95059
19 Boots, J. Dawson  1881Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95791
20 Boots, Jabez H.  1850Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95114
21 Boots, James Douds  1840Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95203
22 Boots, James Hazen  15 Nov 1867Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95813
23 Boots, James Henry  18 Aug 1839Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95247
24 Boots, John Cleveland  3 Jan 1885Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97217
25 Boots, John Leslie  9 Nov 1894Beaver County, Pennsylvania I98928
26 Boots, John Raymond  24 Nov 1910Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51130
27 Boots, John Wesley  25 Oct 1837Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95035
28 Boots, John Wesley Jr.  18 Mar 1890Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95403
29 Boots, Levadia  5 Mar 1876Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95336
30 Boots, Lloyd Delbert  10 Aug 1902Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51121
31 Boots, Maria  5 Oct 1837Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95236
32 Boots, Martha Elease  21 Nov 1906Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51123
33 Boots, Mary Ann  20 Aug 1843Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95269
34 Boots, Nancy Jane  9 Nov 1850Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95303
35 Boots, Paul Richard  21 Jul 1911Beaver County, Pennsylvania I98861
36 Boots, Richmond  1847Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95092
37 Boots, Roy Amos  1887Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97228
38 Boots, Samuel C.  1835Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95181
39 Boots, Serena Ethel  21 Mar 1881Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95369
40 Boots, Smith Mcdanel  1849Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95103
41 Boots, Sylvia  14 Feb 1894Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95514
42 Boots, Verenda Viola  17 Jul 1879Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95358
43 Boots, Wilbur Harold  1 Apr 1914Beaver County, Pennsylvania I98162
44 Boots, William D.  15 Feb 1840Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95046
45 Castor, Susannah  16 Oct 1806Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52914
46 Druschel, Blanche A.  20 Jan 1901Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51394
47 Fombelle, Catherine Jane  18 Mar 1851Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95325
48 Frazier, Lila Mae  20 Aug 1895Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51081
49 Frazier, Mary Clarinda  13 Jan 1899Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51082
50 Frazier, Verna Irene  8 Aug 1893Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51080

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Alleman, Henry  1846Beaver County, Pennsylvania I53696
2 Alleman, Mary Eliza  7 Nov 1893Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97173
3 Barton, Alice Jane  12 Feb 1886Beaver County, Pennsylvania I96057
4 Best, Harvey Monroe  20 Jun 1983Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51095
5 Boots, Alice Elizabeth  12 May 1951Beaver County, Pennsylvania I96828
6 Boots, Amanda Jane  23 Sep 1858Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95314
7 Boots, Ambrose  1840Beaver County, Pennsylvania I94924
8 Boots, Ambrose  23 Feb 1893Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95192
9 Boots, Amos Clarke  19 Oct 1915Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95281
10 Boots, Edmund  27 Dec 1890Beaver County, Pennsylvania I94991
11 Boots, Edmund Rutledge  3 Nov 1911Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95214
12 Boots, Edmund William  16 Sep 1939Beaver County, Pennsylvania I96613
13 Boots, Ernest Delbert  1957Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97184
14 Boots, George Hurst  6 Feb 1850Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95292
15 Boots, Harry Clifford  5 May 1979Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51120
16 Boots, Harry Roscoe  19 Oct 1901Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97206
17 Boots, Jabez H.  25 Oct 1903Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95114
18 Boots, James Hazen  1940Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95813
19 Boots, James Henry  18 Jan 1857Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95247
20 Boots, John  20 Sep 1853Beaver County, Pennsylvania I94980
21 Boots, John Sheridan  4 Jul 1921Beaver County, Pennsylvania I96502
22 Boots, John Wesley  8 Jan 1925Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95035
23 Boots, Lloyd Delbert  13 Aug 1987Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51121
24 Boots, Lylian Rosena  8 Jan 1941Beaver County, Pennsylvania I98584
25 Boots, Maria  4 Feb 1865Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95236
26 Boots, Martha Elease  2001Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51123
27 Boots, Mary Ann  26 Dec 1919Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95269
28 Boots, Mary Isabella  27 Jun 1874Beaver County, Pennsylvania I96724
29 Boots, Richmond  1860Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95092
30 Boots, Roy Amos  1963Beaver County, Pennsylvania I97228
31 Boots, Samuel  20 Jun 1896Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95002
32 Boots, Samuel C.  1897Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95181
33 Boots, William D.  2 Mar 1903Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95046
34 Bull, Elizabeth  22 Nov 1847Beaver County, Pennsylvania I94947
35 Caldwell, Eliza Dean  4 May 1881Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95147
36 Coleman, Sylvia  2 Aug 1884Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95013
37 Druschel, Blanche A.  14 Jun 1979Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51394
38 Ferguson, Margaret J.  1916Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51443
39 Fombelle, Catherine Jane  12 Jul 1914Beaver County, Pennsylvania I95325
40 Frazier, Edward Lycurgus  15 Apr 1944Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51078
41 Frazier, Lila Mae  25 Apr 1959Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51081
42 Freed, Abraham  1879Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52832
43 Freed, Lucinda  WFT Est 1821-1916Beaver County, Pennsylvania I53052
44 Freed, William S.  WFT Est 1811-1913Beaver County, Pennsylvania I53047
45 Funkhouser, Abraham  1825Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52752
46 Funkhouser, Abraham Jr.  30 Apr 1831Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52760
47 Funkhouser, Isaac N.  1947Beaver County, Pennsylvania I53443
48 Funkhouser, Isaac Newton  1898Beaver County, Pennsylvania I51442
49 Funkhouser, Job  1853Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52808
50 Funkhouser, John  1829Beaver County, Pennsylvania I52759

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Boots / Bonzo  12 Jun 1890Beaver County, Pennsylvania F35023
2 Boots / Caldwell  1834Beaver County, Pennsylvania F34714
3 Boots / Funkhouser  9 Dec 1909Beaver County, Pennsylvania F18529
4 Boots / Hart  1 Jan 1874Beaver County, Pennsylvania F34842
5 Boots / Horner  3 May 1899Beaver County, Pennsylvania F18522
6 Boots / Wildle  WFT Est 1831-1860Beaver County, Pennsylvania F34722
7 Hart / Whisler  20 Jan 1874Beaver County, Pennsylvania F19335
8 Nygard / Boots  1 Jan 1964Beaver County, Pennsylvania F18525
9 Stuber / Swick  25 Dec 1890Beaver County, Pennsylvania F18482
10 Swick / Boots  11 Oct 1866Beaver County, Pennsylvania F34834
11 Vankirk / Funkhouser  23 Aug 1821Beaver County, Pennsylvania F19114

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