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Ballymackey, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Casey, Henry  Ballymackey, Ireland I96713
2 Hodgins, Catherine  1820Ballymackey, Ireland I96721
3 Hodgins, Catherine Napier  1795Ballymackey, Ireland I96623
4 Hodgins, Esther Napier  1798Ballymackey, Ireland I98915
5 Hodgins, Isabella  Oct 1803Ballymackey, Ireland I95185
6 Hodgins, James  1817Ballymackey, Ireland I96717
7 Hodgins, Jane  Ballymackey, Ireland I96635
8 Hodgins, John  1756Ballymackey, Ireland I95188
9 Hodgins, John "Peeler John"  1799Ballymackey, Ireland I96716
10 Hodgins, John C. "Raker John"  1819Ballymackey, Ireland I96630
11 Hodgins, Johnny Stout  1820Ballymackey, Ireland I95776
12 Hodgins, Richard  Abt 1760Ballymackey, Ireland I95215
13 Hodgins, Robert "Old Robert"  1770Ballymackey, Ireland I95216
14 Hodgins, Robert "Young Robert"  1808Ballymackey, Ireland I96719
15 Hodgins, Thomas "Nigger Tom"  1806Ballymackey, Ireland I96718
16 Hodgins, William Napier  Abt 1790Ballymackey, Ireland I96625
17 McCutcheon, Elizabeth  Ballymackey, Ireland I96634
18 Sceli, Elizabeth  1830Ballymackey, Ireland I100371
19 Sceli, Jane  1822Ballymackey, Ireland I100369
20 Sceli, John  19 Oct 1829Ballymackey, Ireland I100370
21 Sceli, Joseph  1828Ballymackey, Ireland I100367
22 Sceli, Robert  1790Ballymackey, Ireland I96874
23 Sceli, Robert  1823Ballymackey, Ireland I100366
24 Sceli, William  13 Apr 1833Ballymackey, Ireland I100372
25 Scilly, Joseph  1794Ballymackey, Ireland I95184


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, John  Bef 1830Ballymackey, Ireland I95188