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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Campbell, Archibald (9Th Earl of Argyll)  30 Jun 1685Executed I40868
2 Clifford, Roger (Sir)  1485Executed I43356
3 Courtenay, Henry  1466Executed I42064
4 Courtenay, Thomas (6th Earl of Devon)  1461Executed I42062
5 De Berkeley, Andrew (9Th of Gratley)  Oct 1822Executed I55985
6 De Crawford, Reginald (Sir) (of Loudoun)  9 Feb 1302-1303Executed I37632
7 De Lisle, Warin (Sir)  1321Executed I85898
8 De Mortimer, Roger (1st Earl of March)  1330Executed I43367
9 De Mowbray, John (2nd Lord Mowbray)  1322Executed I46143
10 Denmark, Earl Ulf Thorkilsson (Wolf) Jarl of  22 Sep 1027Executed I39321
11 Douglas, Hugh (Earl of Ormond)  1455Executed I44708
12 Drummond, William Master of  1490Executed I44665
13 Fitzalan, Edmund (9Th Earl of Arundel)  17 Nov 1326Executed I42264
14 Galloway, Dougal of  Executed I65376
15 Gaveston, Piers (Earl of Cornwall)  Jun 1312Executed I46821
16 Grey, Richard (of Wilton) 6th Lord  1461Executed I67185
17 Grey, Richard (Sir)  1483Executed I37855
18 Howard, Thomas (4th Duke of Norfolk)  30 Sep 1572Executed I38977
19 Kent, Edmund of Woodstock 1st Earl of  1330Executed I37883
20 Kopyl, Mikhail Olelkowicz Prince of Sluck And  14 Aug 1481Executed I83430
21 Macdonald, Allan (4th Chief of Clan Ranald)  1505Executed I54783
22 Macgregor, Robin Og  6 Feb 1754Executed I64014
23 Mackenzie, Kenneth Na Sroine (3rd of Kintail)  1346Executed I56773
24 Mercia, Edric Streona Ealdorman of  1017Executed I47651
25 Nugent, Nicholas (Chief Justice)  1582Executed I46247
26 Plunkett, James  1681Executed I45601
27 Ross, Heinrel Haraldsson Earl of  Jun 1215Executed I39941
28 Russia, Alexei Tsarevich of  7 Jul 1718Executed I89319
29 Russia, Vladimir Paley Prince of  18 Jul 1918Executed I82020
30 Scott, James Crofts (Duke of Monmouth)  15 Jul 1685Executed I40271
31 Seymour, Jane  24 Oct 1537Executed I42801
32 St Leger, Thomas (Sir)  Nov 1483Executed I37867
33 Stafford, Edward (3rd Duke of Buckingham)  17 May 1521Executed I40531
34 Stafford, Henry (2nd Duke of Buckingham)  2 Nov 1483Executed I37700
35 Taronites, Gregorios  1040Executed I90390
36 Wedderburn, John (Sir) (5th Bt)  28 Nov 1746Executed I63438
37 Woodville, John (Sir)  1469Executed I43229
38 Wydevill, Richard (1st Earl Rivers) Woodville  1469Executed I37854