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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bazley, Patricia Margaret   I108248
2 Birtwistle, Henry Michael Astley   I414
3 Clayton, Clifford  1904Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I152188
4 Colligan, Linda Helen   I152220
5 Dee, Alexander   I152301
6 Dee, Brett   I152302
7 Dee, Kelly   I152303
8 Douglas, Alexander Gilbert  7 Apr 1845Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I32732
9 Douglas, Bruce Gordon  13 Sep 1938Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I160645
10 Douglas, Frances  2 Jul 1842Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I32729
11 Douglas, Georgina  28 Jul 1850Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I32737
12 Douglas, James Hardie  2 Jul 1847Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I32734
13 Douglass, Jack  15 Sep 1923Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I1430
14 Elbourne, William  1858Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I153850
15 Green, Elizabeth  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I154381
16 Green, Elizabeth   I140597
17 Harrison, Margaret Jane  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I160674
18 Humphries, Michael  19 Dec 1803Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I59339
19 Johnston, Rhonda May   I140999
20 Lane, Kevin Victor   I154895
21 Lane, Kevin Victor   I1585
22 Mullavey, John   I1400
23 Mullavey, Joseph Peter   I1402
24 Munn, James  30 Jun 1846Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I175000
25 Sexton, Emma Louise   I1405
26 Sexton, Garry   I1404
27 Sexton, Matthew John   I1406
28 Sexton, Timothy John   I1407
29 Stanek, Rowan Anthony   I155752
30 Stanek, Rowan Anthony   I141168
31 Symonds, Craig Michael   I59877
32 Symonds, Paul Kenneth   I59876
33 Turnbull, Anne Elizabeth   I160759
34 Turnbull, Catherine Jane   I160761
35 Turnbull, Peter David   I160796
36 Weston, Augusta Sydney  31 Jan 1818Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I169106


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bucknell, Dorothy  1983Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I93346
2 Bucknell, Leslie  Between 1977 and 1978Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I93431
3 Bucknell, Muriel  Between 1977 and 1979Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I93430
4 Douglas, Florence Isobel  18 Nov 1964Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I160698
5 Douglas, Georgina  Jul 1850Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I32737
6 Douglas, William Alexander Gordon  15 Nov 1948Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I160746
7 Duff, Sir Robert William  1895Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I168265
8 Haylock, Donald Keith  15 Apr 1995Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I166980
9 Humphries, Michael  1860Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I59339
10 Jackson, Oliver David  7 May 2004Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I93343
11 Macleod, Major Donald (6th of Talisker)  11 Apr 1838Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I74201
12 Midgley, James (1st)  20 Jan 1879Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I48337
13 Morris, Florence  1863Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I616
14 Morris, James  1872Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I621
15 Skilbeck, "Harry" Charles Harrison  Abt Jul 1975Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I155688


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 McMahon, Terence (Francis)  8 Sep 1801Sydney, New South Wales, Australia I48386


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baglin / Douglas  1 Jan 1890Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F71305
2 Brown / McMahon  28 May 1815Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F20506
3 Burrows / Champion   F1039
4 Cumming / Oh   F62242
5 Douglas /   1889Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F599368
6 Douglas / Cornwell  1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F11814
7 Douglas / Riely  1886Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F11816
8 Douglass / Byfield   F791
9 Elder / Turnbull   F65837
10 Gunn / Douglas  1910Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F70838
11 Hale / Douglas  1875Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F11813
12 Humphries / Mooney  28 Feb 1802Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F20879
13 McQuillan / Jackson   F41395
14 Norton / Bree  21 Nov 1865Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F519
15 Oliver / Skilbeck   F806
16 Skilbeck / Wardrop  Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F63980
17 Skilbeck / Wardrop  Abt Nov 1952Sydney, New South Wales, Australia F803