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South Plantagnet, Ont



Matches 1 to 40 of 40

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anastasie  1860South Plantagnet, Ont I30767
2 Emma  1880South Plantagnet, Ont I30806
3 Leduc, Albert  1888South Plantagnet, Ont I30787
4 Leduc, Albina  1881South Plantagnet, Ont I30760
5 Leduc, Albina  1885South Plantagnet, Ont I30764
6 Leduc, Aline  1888South Plantagnet, Ont I30801
7 Leduc, Alphonse  1889South Plantagnet, Ont I30788
8 Leduc, Alzire  1874South Plantagnet, Ont I30775
9 Leduc, Amelia  1876South Plantagnet, Ont I30776
10 Leduc, Archical  1882South Plantagnet, Ont I30832
11 Leduc, Arthur  1889South Plantagnet, Ont I30816
12 Leduc, Belgine  1890South Plantagnet, Ont I30835
13 Leduc, Clara  1885South Plantagnet, Ont I30799
14 Leduc, Cornelius  1882South Plantagnet, Ont I30785
15 Leduc, Delphine  1882South Plantagnet, Ont I30768
16 Leduc, Delphine  1883South Plantagnet, Ont I30777
17 Leduc, Delvina  1889South Plantagnet, Ont I30770
18 Leduc, Donat  1886South Plantagnet, Ont I30786
19 Leduc, Ernestine  1881South Plantagnet, Ont I30813
20 Leduc, Ernestine  1891South Plantagnet, Ont I30789
21 Leduc, Eva  1883South Plantagnet, Ont I30763
22 Leduc, Evangeliste  1887South Plantagnet, Ont I30769
23 Leduc, Georges  1878South Plantagnet, Ont I30759
24 Leduc, Isodore  1881South Plantagnet, Ont I30778
25 Leduc, Laura  1891South Plantagnet, Ont I30771
26 Leduc, Louis  1874South Plantagnet, Ont I30831
27 Leduc, Mary  1884South Plantagnet, Ont I30833
28 Leduc, Mary Louise  1886South Plantagnet, Ont I30834
29 Leduc, Michel  1859South Plantagnet, Ont I30766
30 Leduc, Oliva  1887South Plantagnet, Ont I30815
31 Leduc, Olivine  1878South Plantagnet, Ont I30812
32 Leduc, Orphila  1883South Plantagnet, Ont I30798
33 Leduc, Oscar  1882South Plantagnet, Ont I30761
34 Leduc, Rosianne  1883South Plantagnet, Ont I30814
35 Leduc, Theophilda  1886South Plantagnet, Ont I30800
36 Leduc, Victoria  1890South Plantagnet, Ont I30802
37 Leduc, Victorine  1890South Plantagnet, Ont I30803
38 Leduc, Virginia  1891South Plantagnet, Ont I30817
39 Leduc, Wilfred  1877South Plantagnet, Ont I30811
40 Leduc, Zephir  1887South Plantagnet, Ont I30765