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London, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkin, Michelle Leigh   I189753
2 Belyea, Donald  London, Ontario, Canada I184549
3 Belyea, Harvey  London, Ontario, Canada I184546
4 Belyea, Norma  London, Ontario, Canada I184547
5 Belyea, Shirley  London, Ontario, Canada I184544
6 Bruxwell, Elizabeth  London, Ontario, Canada I183485
7 Cooke, Hubert  London, Ontario, Canada I12062
8 Crouch, Frank  London, Ontario, Canada I107
9 Crouch, Keith  London, Ontario, Canada I111
10 Crouch, Lorraine  London, Ontario, Canada I108
11 Crouch, Richard  London, Ontario, Canada I106
12 Culbert, Earl  London, Ontario, Canada I187940
13 Dawson, Adelaide (Ada)  1867London, Ontario, Canada I189625
14 Dawson, Albert William  28 Nov 1863London, Ontario, Canada I189532
15 Dawson, Annie Josephine Cunard (Jo)  5 Sep 1874London, Ontario, Canada I189536
16 Dawson, Benjamin W.  2 Sep 1871London, Ontario, Canada I189627
17 Dawson, Charles Melville  29 Jan 1864London, Ontario, Canada I189712
18 Dawson, Charlotte (Lottie)  1864London, Ontario, Canada I189624
19 Dawson, Jane Wright  24 Nov 1861London, Ontario, Canada I189531
20 Dawson, Mabel Gwendoline  20 Dec 1875London, Ontario, Canada I189761
21 Dawson, Reginald Joseph Cunard  16 Apr 1866London, Ontario, Canada I189533
22 Deacon, Kate  London, Ontario, Canada I120
23 Deacon, Louise  London, Ontario, Canada I119
24 Deacon, Mae C.  London, Ontario, Canada I122
25 Deacon, Nellie  London, Ontario, Canada I124
26 Deacon, Ralph  London, Ontario, Canada I123
27 Deacon, Sarah  London, Ontario, Canada I121
28 Dinsmore, Colborne  London, Ontario, Canada I188376
29 Dinsmore, Ernest  London, Ontario, Canada I188377
30 Dinsmore, Jane Amelia  London, Ontario, Canada I188373
31 Dinsmore, John Francis Bondhead  London, Ontario, Canada I188375
32 Dinsmore, Mary Emma  London, Ontario, Canada I188374
33 Dinsmore, Wilhelmina Victoria  London, Ontario, Canada I188372
34 Douglas, Clara  London, Ontario, Canada I183489
35 Elliot, Robert Craig  London, Ontario, Canada I185248
36 Emerson, Dr. J. G. Dr.  London, Ontario, Canada I184610
37 English, John  London, Ontario, Canada I183780
38 Grearson, Debbie  London, Ontario, Canada I11888
39 Grearson, Dennis Hodgins  London, Ontario, Canada I11890
40 Grearson, Donna  London, Ontario, Canada I11887
41 Grearson, Edison  London, Ontario, Canada I11889
42 Grearson, Michael  London, Ontario, Canada I11886
43 Griffith, Jennifer Lynn   I185169
44 Griffith, Scott William   I185166
45 Griffith, Stephen Mark   I185167
46 Grose, Ford  London, Ontario, Canada I183535
47 Harding, Margaret Ellen  London, Ontario, Canada I188083
48 Harding, Phillip Stanley Decoursey  London, Ontario, Canada I188084
49 Harlton, Esther Isabella  London, Ontario, Canada I455
50 Harlton, John Henry  London, Ontario, Canada I459

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Armitage, Alfarina Alvina  8 Dec 1942London, Ontario, Canada I491
2 Blackwell, Jane  London, Ontario, Canada I182227
3 Bradley, Catherine  1867London, Ontario, Canada I188448
4 Case, Reginald  1897London, Ontario, Canada I37727
5 Dawson, Albert William  10 Nov 1875London, Ontario, Canada I189532
6 Dawson, Anna Maria  1914London, Ontario, Canada I189523
7 Dawson, Benjamin Charles  24 Sep 1892London, Ontario, Canada I189460
8 Dawson, Benjamin W.  15 Feb 1926London, Ontario, Canada I189627
9 Dawson, Frederick H.  18 Feb 1926London, Ontario, Canada I189626
10 Dawson, Jane Wright  17 Sep 1884London, Ontario, Canada I189531
11 Dawson, Melville de Blois  29 Dec 1909London, Ontario, Canada I189505
12 Dawson, Wilberforce  29 Mar 1919London, Ontario, Canada I189506
13 Deacon, Ellen  26 Sep 1904London, Ontario, Canada I12027
14 Deacon, William  1878London, Ontario, Canada I118
15 Douglas, Mary Ann  11 Aug 1923London, Ontario, Canada I190686
16 Edwards, Ann  London, Ontario, Canada I182318
17 Hannah, Eliza Jane  9 Jan 1867London, Ontario, Canada I189711
18 Harlton, John  23 Jan 1929London, Ontario, Canada I187270
19 Haskett, Emma  29 Mar 1944London, Ontario, Canada I182551
20 Haskett, James Skinner  19 Mar 1924London, Ontario, Canada I182544
21 Haskett, Walter  6 Jul 1947London, Ontario, Canada I182549
22 Hawkshaw, Mary  11 Feb 1915London, Ontario, Canada I183795
23 Hodgins, Alexander  13 Aug 1845London, Ontario, Canada I188270
24 Hodgins, Catherine  London, Ontario, Canada I188454
25 Hodgins, Ellen  13 Sep 1892London, Ontario, Canada I188449
26 Hodgins, Franklin Ernest  1956London, Ontario, Canada I183419
27 Hodgins, George  21 Apr 1867London, Ontario, Canada I11922
28 Hodgins, Harold B.  Aft 1971London, Ontario, Canada I11863
29 Hodgins, Henry "Castle Henry"  5 Sep 1863London, Ontario, Canada I182524
30 Hodgins, John "Castle John"  1835London, Ontario, Canada I182521
31 Hodgins, John D. W.  1843London, Ontario, Canada I183167
32 Hodgins, John Deacon  London, Ontario, Canada I182317
33 Hodgins, Margaret  26 Oct 1890London, Ontario, Canada I11911
34 Hodgins, Rebecca  13 Sep 1935London, Ontario, Canada I187349
35 Hodgins, Sarah  1892London, Ontario, Canada I182235
36 Hodgins, Thomas  6 Jul 1884London, Ontario, Canada I182320
37 Hodgins, Thomas "Castle Tom"  London, Ontario, Canada I182525
38 Hodgins, Thomas "Thomas The Tenth"  1884London, Ontario, Canada I182527
39 Hodgins, Thomas Lambourne "Wolf Killer"  26 Sep 1884London, Ontario, Canada I188247
40 Hodgins, William "Big Bill"  1873London, Ontario, Canada I188248
41 Hodgins, William "Big Bill"  4 Jan 1905London, Ontario, Canada I11910
42 Hodgins, William "Castle William"  1834London, Ontario, Canada I182522
43 Hunt, Norman Willard  12 Sep 1964London, Ontario, Canada I184442
44 Latta, Alma Ethel  3 Dec 1939London, Ontario, Canada I185221
45 Latta, Bertha Grace  11 Jun 1941London, Ontario, Canada I185226
46 Latta, Reta Pearl  4 Dec 1934London, Ontario, Canada I185222
47 Logan, Edward Coyne  5 Jan 1913London, Ontario, Canada I12046
48 Logan, Frank  1919London, Ontario, Canada I12050
49 Logan, William Thomas  26 Feb 1878London, Ontario, Canada I12054
50 Orme, Emma  1949London, Ontario, Canada I182762

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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Case / Wolfe  16 Jun 1886London, Ontario, Canada F14214
2 Dawson / Deacon  3 Oct 1860London, Ontario, Canada F77920
3 Ferguson / Dawson  10 Jun 1901London, Ontario, Canada F77994
4 Morgan / Sceli  4 Jan 1888London, Ontario, Canada F184
5 Sceli / Brett  1903London, Ontario, Canada F187

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