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Little Valley, NY



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Anna  1880Little Valley, NY I139946
2 Brown, Ethel E.  10 Nov 1887Little Valley, NY I139948
3 Brown, R. Emerson  Feb 1883Little Valley, NY I139947
4 Brown, Wallace E.  Sep 1875Little Valley, NY I139945
5 Campbell, Corydon  Little Valley, NY I139902
6 Carroll, Amy  Little Valley, NY I140031
7 Case, A. James  6 Apr 1884Little Valley, NY I140028
8 Case, A.D.  Little Valley, NY I140014
9 Case, Clarice Harper   I139913
10 Case, Clifton C.  Little Valley, NY I139971
11 Case, E. Emerson  18 May 1901Little Valley, NY I139887
12 Case, Gerald C.   I140035
13 Case, India  Little Valley, NY I139987
14 Case, Jerome A.  5 Feb 1908Little Valley, NY I140034
15 Case, Lina  21 Jul 1888Little Valley, NY I139882
16 Case, Margaret Jane   I140037
17 Case, Margaret L.  26 Nov 1883Little Valley, NY I139969
18 Case, Rodger L.   I140036
19 Case, Russell  Little Valley, NY I139988
20 Case, Wyatt J.  Little Valley, NY I139970
21 Dudley, Richard  Little Valley, NY I139973
22 Houte, Marshall  Little Valley, NY I139954
23 Houte, Maxine  Little Valley, NY I139953
24 Lloyd, Margaret   I139962
25 Merow, Helen  13 Sep 1903Little Valley, NY I139891
26 Reed, Jean L.  5 Jan 1870Little Valley, NY I139844


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ainsworth, Ida Mae  7 Jan 1940Little Valley, NY I139856
2 Brown, John W.  1924Little Valley, NY I139857
3 Case, E. Emerson  30 Jun 1951Little Valley, NY I139887
4 Case, Elliot Jean  8 Sep 1903Little Valley, NY I139880
5 Case, Emma E.  1901Little Valley, NY I139853
6 Case, Jessie  1921Little Valley, NY I139854
7 Case, Job Russell  1915Little Valley, NY I132686
8 Case, John D.  1929Little Valley, NY I132852
9 Case, Theressa Maud  1 Nov 1942Little Valley, NY I139886
10 Case, Virginia  6 May 1914Little Valley, NY I139838
11 Champlin, Alson John  31 Jan 1935Little Valley, NY I139920
12 Champlin, John Brown Francis  1903Little Valley, NY I139846
13 Milks, Deborah  1869Little Valley, NY I132851
14 Wyatt, Sarah Jane  Little Valley, NY I139859


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brown, John W.  Little Valley, NY I139857
2 Burrell, Harold William  Little Valley, NY I139936
3 Case, Andrew J.  Little Valley, NY I139855
4 Case, Elliot Jean  Little Valley, NY I139880
5 Case, Emma E.  Little Valley, NY I139853
6 Case, J. Russell  Little Valley, NY I139871
7 Case, Jean  Little Valley, NY I139852
8 Case, Job Russell  Little Valley, NY I132686
9 Case, John D.  Little Valley, NY I132852
10 Case, Lela  Little Valley, NY I140029
11 Case, Theresa  Little Valley, NY I139869
12 Case, Theresa Mary  Little Valley, NY I139839
13 Case, William R.  Little Valley, NY I139840
14 Crandell, Bert  Little Valley, NY I139873
15 Milks, Deborah  Little Valley, NY I132851
16 Miller, Minnie Maud  Little Valley, NY I139884
17 Wyatt, Adaline Lois  Little Valley, NY I132853
18 Wyatt, Sarah Jane  Little Valley, NY I139859