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Kinloss, Ontario



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, Abbey Elizabeth  Kinloss, Ontario I96520
2 Hodgins, Alfretta  Kinloss, Ontario I99463
3 Hodgins, Catherine Ann "Kate"  1865Kinloss, Ontario I99464
4 Hodgins, Edward  Kinloss, Ontario I99621
5 Hodgins, Eileen Muriel  Kinloss, Ontario I96518
6 Hodgins, Elizabeth  1860Kinloss, Ontario I99617
7 Hodgins, Elizabeth  5 Apr 1862Kinloss, Ontario I99205
8 Hodgins, Elizabeth Harriet  Kinloss, Ontario I99467
9 Hodgins, Ellen  Kinloss, Ontario I99615
10 Hodgins, Ellison  Kinloss, Ontario I96521
11 Hodgins, Emma  Kinloss, Ontario I99462
12 Hodgins, Frances Perry  1856Kinloss, Ontario I98989
13 Hodgins, Francis  Kinloss, Ontario I99628
14 Hodgins, George  Kinloss, Ontario I99626
15 Hodgins, George Ralph  10 Oct 1865Kinloss, Ontario I99207
16 Hodgins, Henry  Kinloss, Ontario I99618
17 Hodgins, Henry Lynwood  Kinloss, Ontario I99466
18 Hodgins, James  Kinloss, Ontario I99619
19 Hodgins, John  1860Kinloss, Ontario I99616
20 Hodgins, John  5 Nov 1860Kinloss, Ontario I99203
21 Hodgins, John Alexander  Kinloss, Ontario I96519
22 Hodgins, Joseph  Kinloss, Ontario I99627
23 Hodgins, Joseph  6 Nov 1861Kinloss, Ontario I99461
24 Hodgins, Lorna Ethel  Kinloss, Ontario I96522
25 Hodgins, Margaret  Kinloss, Ontario I99623
26 Hodgins, Mary  1859Kinloss, Ontario I99204
27 Hodgins, Mary Caroline "Mezzie"  Kinloss, Ontario I99468
28 Hodgins, Maryann  Kinloss, Ontario I99624
29 Hodgins, Richard  Kinloss, Ontario I99625
30 Hodgins, Robert John Lorne  1884Kinloss, Ontario I96515
31 Hodgins, Samuel  Kinloss, Ontario I99208
32 Hodgins, Sarah  Kinloss, Ontario I99622
33 Hodgins, Thomas  Kinloss, Ontario I99620
34 Hodgins, Thomas  12 Jan 1864Kinloss, Ontario I99206
35 Hodgins, Walter  1868Kinloss, Ontario I99465
36 Hodgins, William  17 Dec 1857Kinloss, Ontario I99202


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hodgins, Elizabeth  Jul 1885Kinloss, Ontario I99205
2 Hodgins, Henry "Black Henry"  19 Feb 1919Kinloss, Ontario I99026
3 Hodgins, John "Red John"  Kinloss, Ontario I99031
4 Hodgins, Robert John Lorne  1959Kinloss, Ontario I96515
5 Kirk, Ellen  1946Kinloss, Ontario I99663
6 Percy, Eliza  Bef 1880Kinloss, Ontario I99613
7 Percy, Mary  1882Kinloss, Ontario I99460