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Goshen, Orange Co., NY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brown, Howell Samuel  9 Jul 1856Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125175
2 Case, Abigail  1 Jun 1777Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125920
3 Case, Benjamin Wells  25 Apr 1791Goshen, Orange Co., NY I122702
4 Case, Birdseye  Abt 1 Aug 1785Goshen, Orange Co., NY I132898
5 Case, Caleb  20 Sep 1789Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125499
6 Case, Catherine  20 Nov 1797Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125503
7 Case, Daniel  11 Jan 1781Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137322
8 Case, Daniel Franklin  31 Oct 1803Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125833
9 Case, David Jr.  11 Mar 1793Goshen, Orange Co., NY I132896
10 Case, Eliza  17 Jul 1791Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125891
11 Case, Elizabeth  13 Apr 1799Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125832
12 Case, Elizabeth Wells  7 Jul 1800Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137635
13 Case, Elvira  1805Goshen, Orange Co., NY I133662
14 Case, Gabriel J.  14 Jan 1816Goshen, Orange Co., NY I133675
15 Case, Harriet  22 Dec 1811Goshen, Orange Co., NY I133676
16 Case, Hattie L.  25 Aug 1893Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125278
17 Case, Helen  14 Jun 1786Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125953
18 Case, Hepzibah  Bef 1770Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125001
19 Case, Juliana  26 Feb 1783Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137319
20 Case, Lewis Ferdinand  3 Jul 1806Goshen, Orange Co., NY I123406
21 Case, Maria  20 May 1795Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137634
22 Case, Mary  22 Dec 1773Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125919
23 Case, Olive Belknap  12 Oct 1797Goshen, Orange Co., NY I132894
24 Case, Phineas  1741Goshen, Orange Co., NY I118522
25 Case, Phineas  1761Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125301
26 Case, Robert Mckune  7 Jul 1800Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137636
27 Case, Sarah  15 Oct 1790Goshen, Orange Co., NY I137633
28 Case, Sarah "Sally" Deziah  30 Apr 1781Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125951
29 Case, Usher Hampton  24 Jan 1784Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125952
30 Gregory, Alice  Goshen, Orange Co., NY I131971
31 Gregory, Katherine  Goshen, Orange Co., NY I131978
32 Knapp, Hannah  1734Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125741
33 Little, Abigalan  20 Apr 1819Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125888
34 Little, Abigalan  18 May 1823Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125890
35 Little, Adalaid  28 Aug 1801Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125955
36 Little, Elizabeth Case  18 Dec 1816Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125957
37 Little, Fanny  20 Aug 1808Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125886
38 Little, Joanna  20 Jun 1803Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125884
39 Little, Mary  26 Mar 1821Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125889
40 Little, Sarah Deziah "Sally"  16 Dec 1805Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125885
41 Vail, Alsop  3 Jan 1761Goshen, Orange Co., NY I127068
42 Van Scott, Patience  2 Jul 1774Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125266
43 Wickham, William  20 Mar 1789Goshen, Orange Co., NY I138696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Case, Daniel  10 May 1761Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125729
2 Case, Daniel Jr.  1793Goshen, Orange Co., NY I124973
3 Case, David  2 Nov 1830Goshen, Orange Co., NY I132892
4 Case, David Ely  1872Goshen, Orange Co., NY I138532
5 Case, Henry III  16 Apr 1720Goshen, Orange Co., NY I124989
6 Case, Jesse  6 Apr 1811Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125000
7 Case, Joshua  4 Apr 1816Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125265
8 Case, Kitty D.  9 Mar 1852Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125752
9 Case, Phineas  6 Feb 1815Goshen, Orange Co., NY I118522
10 Case, Silas Henry  28 Sep 1919Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125271
11 Case, Zacheus  8 Jan 1822Goshen, Orange Co., NY I124995
12 Little, Abigalan  25 Jun 1820Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125888
13 Little, Abigalan  25 Aug 1823Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125890
14 Payne, Martha  Abt 1728Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125259
15 Van Scott, Patience  9 Sep 1827Goshen, Orange Co., NY I125266


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Case / Salmon  7 May 1782Goshen, Orange Co., NY F53619
2 Little / Case  8 Sep 1800Goshen, Orange Co., NY F53908