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Gilmer Co., West Virginia



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  Abt 1843Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144981
2 Bennett, Martha  1840Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144990
3 Bennett, Sylvester  Abt 1840Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144804
4 Connally, James K. P.  1848Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144770
5 Fleming, John A.  Dec 1845Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144768
6 Goff, Elizabeth Jane  20 Jun 1846Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144744
7 Goff, George Sheldon  Abt 1852Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144658
8 Goff, Hiram Allen  Abt 1821Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144708
9 Goff, Ira Scott  29 Aug 1846Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144780
10 Goff, James R.  1830Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144649
11 Goff, Richard Worthington  28 Aug 1847Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144781
12 Goff, Rosetta  28 Aug 1871Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144989
13 Goff, Semiramias  20 Nov 1837Gilmer Co., West Virginia I145007
14 Goff, Strother Granville  Abt 1847Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144657
15 Hardman, Casset Charles  1839Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144592
16 Riddle, Alfred  Sep 1843Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144521
17 Riddle, Calvin Waldo  6 Nov 1846Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144522
18 Riddle, Chatman F.  16 Oct 1833Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144563
19 Riddle, Elisha S.  1841Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144802
20 Riddle, Etta  1838Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144916
21 Riddle, George  1843Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144501
22 Riddle, George M.  9 Dec 1834Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144796
23 Riddle, James H.  Abt 1806Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144452
24 Riddle, John F.  Mar 1840Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144799
25 Riddle, John W.  Abt 1842Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144920
26 Riddle, Marcus L.  1853Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144526
27 Riddle, Margaret Elizabeth  1850Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144540
28 Riddle, Nancy Elizabeth  17 Jul 1837Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144915
29 Riddle, Odhelius Richards  28 Jan 1841Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144566
30 Riddle, Rachel  14 Dec 1836Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144666
31 Riddle, Roanna  1844Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144803
32 Riddle, Serena  1846Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144932
33 Riddle, Zilpha E.  17 Mar 1837Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144797
34 Smith, Agnes  18 Aug 1806Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144794
35 Stallman, Harry  17 Jun 1828Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144798
36 Yates, Philander Owen  Abt 1846Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144745


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buzzard, Nancy Elizabeth  Aft 1880Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144787
2 Goff, Tamar  15 Sep 1823Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144420
3 Riddle, Benjamin Franklin Sr.  1855Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144351
4 Riddle, Benjamin Newton  17 Jul 1909Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144532
5 Riddle, George M.  12 Jun 1920Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144796
6 Riddle, James Richard  28 Feb 1910Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144535
7 Riddle, Margaret Elizabeth  5 May 1910Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144540
8 Riddle, Nancy Elizabeth  30 Oct 1920Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144915
9 Smith, Agnes  6 Dec 1844Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144794
10 Stallman, Harry  Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hardman, Maria Margaret  Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144450
2 Riddle, Jeremiah  Gilmer Co., West Virginia I144354


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Riddle  25 Oct 1866Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59592
2 Hardman / Goff  24 Nov 1835Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59494
3 Riddle /   Abt 1865Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59537
4 Riddle / Bennett  4 Apr 1865Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59538
5 Riddle / Bennett  4 Apr 1865Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59590
6 Riddle / Cotrill  12 Sep 1881Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59591
7 Riddle / Goff  24 Jul 1864Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59541
8 Riddle / Holbert  16 May 1824Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59447
9 Stallman / Riddle  30 Dec 1854Gilmer Co., West Virginia F59589