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Casey County, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bastin, Henry  23 Sep 1821Casey County, Kentucky I18592
2 Belden, Etta  1876Casey County, Kentucky I17715
3 Campbell, Artie Lee  20 Dec 1886Casey County, Kentucky I18965
4 Carman, Serena Margaret  23 Nov 1907Casey County, Kentucky I18896
5 Clements, Dearny Learny Sallie Ann  14 Feb 1871Casey County, Kentucky I18027
6 Clements, Mary Clemmons  1807Casey County, Kentucky I156843
7 Durham, Vininita  Jan 1861Casey County, Kentucky I15466
8 Elliott, Clarance  Jan 1883Casey County, Kentucky I15457
9 Elliott, Luther B.  May 1880Casey County, Kentucky I15456
10 Elliott, Rhoda C.  Jan 1885Casey County, Kentucky I15458
11 Emerson, Alice Lee  2 Mar 1891Casey County, Kentucky I18170
12 Emerson, Alvin Aaron  23 May 1911Casey County, Kentucky I18968
13 Emerson, Child  Casey County, Kentucky I18966
14 Emerson, Child  Casey County, Kentucky I18967
15 Emerson, George Thomas  11 Jan 1885Casey County, Kentucky I18172
16 Emerson, Nancy Elizabeth  9 Apr 1889Casey County, Kentucky I18171
17 Emerson, Patrick Henry  11 Jun 1880Casey County, Kentucky I18941
18 Emerson, Rufus  11 Sep 1862Casey County, Kentucky I18168
19 Emmerson, Everett  14 Oct 1912Casey County, Kentucky I22769
20 Emmerson, Myrtle Marie  Casey County, Kentucky I22776
21 Falcinbury, Nancy Nannie J. Falconbury  1804Casey County, Kentucky I15383
22 Godbey, Margaret Ann  1799Casey County, Kentucky I15406
23 Grooms, *Margaret  1856Casey County, Kentucky I6526
24 Grooms, Curtis  Casey County, Kentucky I17911
25 Grooms, Edith  Casey County, Kentucky I17906
26 Grooms, Elmer  Casey County, Kentucky I17907
27 Grooms, George Geo  1850Casey County, Kentucky I12906
28 Grooms, Jesse  Casey County, Kentucky I17903
29 Grooms, Leonard  Casey County, Kentucky I17910
30 Grooms, Lillie  Casey County, Kentucky I17908
31 Grooms, Lois  Casey County, Kentucky I17904
32 Grooms, Luceller  5 Aug 1881Casey County, Kentucky I19326
33 Grooms, Mabel  Casey County, Kentucky I17905
34 Grooms, Myrtle L.  6 Jun 1892Casey County, Kentucky I158195
35 Grooms, Nannie Catherine  8 Mar 1889Casey County, Kentucky I158197
36 Grooms, Ruth  Casey County, Kentucky I17909
37 Grooms, William  Casey County, Kentucky I17900
38 Linthicum, Barbara Ann  May 1832Casey County, Kentucky I18586
39 Linthicum, James Gabriel  1833Casey County, Kentucky I18587
40 Lucinda  Casey County, Kentucky I156973
41 Malone, Mary Ellen  Mar 1831Casey County, Kentucky I156769
42 Malone, Rebecca Ann  9 Feb 1846Casey County, Kentucky I156770
43 Marple, Clellia  Casey County, Kentucky I156972
44 Marple, Rena  6 Jul 1898Casey County, Kentucky I6522
45 Miles, Granvill  Casey County, Kentucky I17883
46 Miles, Hershel  Casey County, Kentucky I17881
47 Miles, Vatie  Casey County, Kentucky I17884
48 Miller, Samuel L.  Apr 1834Casey County, Kentucky I6552
49 Miller, William H.  1837Casey County, Kentucky I6553
50 Montgomery, Teresa  1817Casey County, Kentucky I18574

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bastin, Henry  9 Aug 1884Casey County, Kentucky I18592
2 Caesar, Barbara  Aft 1836Casey County, Kentucky I15352
3 Campbell, Artie Lee  30 Nov 1971Casey County, Kentucky I18965
4 Carman, Serena Margaret  2 Apr 1988Casey County, Kentucky I18896
5 Clements, Henrietta  Between 1839 and 1840Casey County, Kentucky I18061
6 Elliott, Esther Ester Ann  15 Jun 1930Casey County, Kentucky I15291
7 Emerson, Alice Lee  14 Jun 1972Casey County, Kentucky I18170
8 Emerson, Alvin Aaron  13 Oct 1954Casey County, Kentucky I18968
9 Emerson, George Thomas  12 Jun 1959Casey County, Kentucky I18172
10 Emerson, Nancy Elizabeth  13 Nov 1972Casey County, Kentucky I18171
11 Emerson, Rufus  22 Sep 1957Casey County, Kentucky I18168
12 Falcinbury, Nancy Nannie J. Falconbury  1885Casey County, Kentucky I15383
13 Godbey, Timothy Carpenter  30 Aug 1897Casey County, Kentucky I18593
14 Grooms, *Lucy Ann  Casey County, Kentucky I19333
15 Grooms, *Margaret  1 Dec 1921Casey County, Kentucky I6526
16 Grooms, Amney Annie C.  Bef 1935Casey County, Kentucky I6536
17 Grooms, Ethel Ethyle B.  15 Apr 1971Casey County, Kentucky I158196
18 Grooms, Mary B. D.  2 Nov 1946Casey County, Kentucky I6578
19 Grooms, Myrtle L.  27 Apr 1977Casey County, Kentucky I158195
20 Grooms, Nannie Catherine  2 Jun 1970Casey County, Kentucky I158197
21 Grooms, Virdy Vergie Berttie M.  Between 1920 and 1968Casey County, Kentucky I156955
22 Haggard, Emily Jane  31 Aug 1886Casey County, Kentucky I17649
23 Hamilton, Granville  11 Jun 1920Casey County, Kentucky I18960
24 Hamilton, Johnnie  9 Jun 1945Casey County, Kentucky I18957
25 Malone, Mary Ellen  22 Dec 1913Casey County, Kentucky I156769
26 Malone, Rebecca Ann  30 Aug 1902Casey County, Kentucky I156770
27 Mary  Casey County, Kentucky I17705
28 Miller, Cynthia Santhia Ann  1915Casey County, Kentucky I17396
29 Miller, Perry Hale  1916Casey County, Kentucky I14657
30 Miller, Samuel L.  Casey County, Kentucky I6552
31 Miller, Thomas  Between 1860 and 1870Casey County, Kentucky I6547
32 Montgomery, Louvina Spinner Lavina Vina  Between 1852 and 1864Casey County, Kentucky I156703
33 Moore, Bessie  7 Nov 1975Casey County, Kentucky I18961
34 Patterson, Mary Elizabeth  18 Sep 1938Casey County, Kentucky I18166
35 Rigney, Sally Sallie Jane  1 Aug 1893Casey County, Kentucky I15347
36 Rignly, Mary Damey Dancy Merritt  18 Oct 1901Casey County, Kentucky I15361
37 Rubarts, Elizabeth N.-W.  Between 1885 and 1900Casey County, Kentucky I17392
38 S, *Samuel -Rubart  8 Jul 1850Casey County, Kentucky I6555
39 Saliers, Jenne Jincy Salyers  Casey County, Kentucky I18880
40 Salyers, Vilette Violetta Violet  22 May 1931Casey County, Kentucky I17650
41 Salyers, Wesley  21 Jul 1973Casey County, Kentucky I18969
42 Spillman, Nancy Ann Spilman  1810Casey County, Kentucky I18613
43 Summers, Richard  Aft 1950Casey County, Kentucky I156834
44 Unknown, Mildred  Aft 1810Casey County, Kentucky I156705
45 Wall, *Gabriel Sen.  Dec 1836Casey County, Kentucky I15346
46 Wall, *Henderson G. Craig  28 May 1925Casey County, Kentucky I15290
47 Wall, *Jacob Walls  1823Casey County, Kentucky I15375
48 Wall, Aden Aiden H.  28 Jan 1914Casey County, Kentucky I17661
49 Wall, Artipriscilla  1871Casey County, Kentucky I18923
50 Wall, Barbara  Bef 1847Casey County, Kentucky I15372

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Grooms, Virdy Vergie Berttie M.  Casey County, Kentucky I156955
2 Malone, Mary Ellen  Casey County, Kentucky I156769
3 Malone, Rebecca Ann  Casey County, Kentucky I156770
4 Montgomery, Martin A.  Casey County, Kentucky I156767
5 Summers, Richard  Casey County, Kentucky I156834
6 Unknown, Mildred  Casey County, Kentucky I156705
7 Ward, Amanda Ann  Casey County, Kentucky I156771
8 Ward, Thomas Albert  Casey County, Kentucky I156773
9 Wethington, **Ervin Erb Irvin Green Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156748
10 Wethington, *George Hiram Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156753
11 Wethington, *Nancy Ellen  Casey County, Kentucky I156772
12 Wethington, Alexander  Oct 1960Casey County, Kentucky I156700
13 Wethington, Andrew Mcdowell Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156726
14 Wethington, Benjamin Ezechiel Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156827
15 Wethington, Bennett Wetherington Jr.  Casey County, Kentucky I156702
16 Wethington, Catherine Jane  Casey County, Kentucky I156838
17 Wethington, Englebert Bertrand  Casey County, Kentucky I156737
18 Wethington, George Thomas  Casey County, Kentucky I156840
19 Wethington, George Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156706
20 Wethington, James Albin Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156740
21 Wethington, John W. Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156752
22 Wethington, Joseph William Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156751
23 Wethington, Louvinia L.  Casey County, Kentucky I156730
24 Wethington, Lucy Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156742
25 Wethington, Mary Celeste  Casey County, Kentucky I156728
26 Wethington, Mary E.  Casey County, Kentucky I156719
27 Wethington, Mollie Mae  Casey County, Kentucky I156738
28 Wethington, Ollie Esther  Casey County, Kentucky I156732
29 Wethington, Rebecca Ann Jane Wetherington  Casey County, Kentucky I156704
30 Wethington, Susan Susie Agnes  Casey County, Kentucky I156701
31 Wethington, William Calloway  Casey County, Kentucky I156735
32 Wood, Mary Elizabeth Ward  Casey County, Kentucky I156736
33 Woodrum, William  Casey County, Kentucky I156774


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bastin / Wall  1865Casey County, Kentucky F5676
2 Belton / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6509
3 Clements / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6463
4 Clements / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6517
5 Elliott / B  1877Casey County, Kentucky F5709
6 Emerson / Campbell  17 Oct 1906Casey County, Kentucky F6577
7 Emerson / Wall  Casey County, Kentucky F6816
8 Emerson / Wall  24 Nov 1884Casey County, Kentucky F6575
9 Ewing / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6473
10 Fair / Edwards  Abt 1853Casey County, Kentucky F4067
11 Goode / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6452
12 Goode / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6470
13 Goode / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6503
14 Goode / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6512
15 Grooms / Chastine  Casey County, Kentucky F6518
16 Grooms / Marple  1925Casey County, Kentucky F4063
17 Hagan / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6474
18 Hamilton / Wall  Casey County, Kentucky F6827
19 Hamilton / Wall  4 Apr 1909Casey County, Kentucky F6824
20 Heistand / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6504
21 Hendrickson / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6468
22 Hines / Wall  Casey County, Kentucky F6430
23 Hines / Wall  8 Mar 1885Casey County, Kentucky F6802
24 Linthicum / Wall  14 Apr 1831Casey County, Kentucky F5684
25 McGaha / Miles  Casey County, Kentucky F6514
26 Miles / Cox  Casey County, Kentucky F6513
27 Miller / Rhuparts  13 Feb 1823Casey County, Kentucky F4077
28 Miller / Rubarts  Abt 1856Casey County, Kentucky F4079
29 Montgomery / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F6476
30 Murphy / Wethington  Casey County, Kentucky F4248
31 Salyers / Emerson  13 Sep 1906Casey County, Kentucky F6576
32 Summers / Wethington  Abt 1881Casey County, Kentucky F4281
33 Summers / Wethington  5 Jan 1890Casey County, Kentucky F4238
34 Vaughn / Morgan  31 Mar 1874Casey County, Kentucky F6445
35 Wall / Brown  Abt 1865Casey County, Kentucky F5673
36 Wall / Carman  Casey County, Kentucky F6429
37 Wall / Douglas  1891Casey County, Kentucky F5674
38 Wall / Durham  1 Jan 1862Casey County, Kentucky F5672
39 Wall / Durham  9 Oct 1882Casey County, Kentucky F5710
40 Wall / E  Abt 1896Casey County, Kentucky F6803
41 Wall / F  Abt 1836Casey County, Kentucky F5694
42 Wall / Falcinbury  Abt 1829Casey County, Kentucky F5691
43 Wall / Haggard  13 Oct 1881Casey County, Kentucky F5681
44 Wall / Hines  23 Oct 1895Casey County, Kentucky F6804
45 Wall / Patterson  24 Oct 1861Casey County, Kentucky F5671
46 Wall / R  Abt 1835Casey County, Kentucky F5711
47 Wall / Rigney  16 May 1835Casey County, Kentucky F5665
48 Wall / Rignly  Abt 1833Casey County, Kentucky F5680
49 Wall / Salyers  5 Feb 1888Casey County, Kentucky F5682
50 Wall / Watson  27 Nov 1889Casey County, Kentucky F6808

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