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Welcome to the genealogy section of the Douglas Archives

History of the Douglas family
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The first Douglas to stride across the stage of Scottish history was Sir William Douglas who fought and died for William Wallace. His son, Sir James Douglas was a supporter and lifelong friend of Robert the Bruce. "Good Sir James" died taking Bruce's heart on a crusade to the Holy Land. The 2nd Earl of Douglas died at the Battle of Otterburn in 1388 as his army defeated an English force led by Prince Henry "Hotspur". In 1402 the 4th Earl was defeated by the same Henry Hotspur at the Battle of Homildon Hill.

Further details can be found in the History section of the Douglas Archives.

The Database

The Douglas Archives genealogy database contains details of 179706 individuals and 74924 families, all linked to the Douglas family.

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Clan Gathering 2014

A Clan Gathering was held in Scotland in the summer of 2014..

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This section of the Douglas Archives contains the genealogy database.

New information is uploaded approximately monthly it is not possible for users to do this themselves. Corrections are occasionally made as they are notified, but will also be included in the monthly update.

There can be no guarantee over the accuracy of the contents of the Douglas Archives. Users are advised to check the information against recognised sources. Information is regularly exchanged between websites, so seeing the same information on two, or more, sites does not necessarily make it correct. However, we do our best and welcome suggestions and corrections.

Some individuals' identities are concealed by the use of the term 'Living'. This information may not have been passed to me, and, indeed, the person may no longer be living. Dates which as described as 'about' should be taken as covering a wide period. A wife may have been given an 'about' (abt) date of birth to match her husband purely to put her into the correct timeframe.

I welcome assistance from the wider Douglas family in maintaining the Douglas Archives, and look forward to learning more about your connection with the family.

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Researching our family history can be a lonely task - but it needn't be. Others are probably researching similar areas, and by exchanging information, we can build up our knowledge more quickly, test ideas and even ask someone better placed to visit cemeteries, public record offices or libraries to track down that elusive ancestor.

The Douglas Archives Community Network is a place where you, our visitor, can interact with others researching their Douglas history and genealogy. You can set up your own profile and page, add a blog, set up a discussion or post photographs. You can even decide how your page will look!

Take a look at the Community Network and if you like what you see, then please join us.

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General Sir Charles Whittingham Horsley Douglas
General Sir Charles Whittingham Horsley Douglas

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