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William Case

Male 1798 - 1873  (75 years)

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Sophronia C. Pomroy
Female 1848-WFT Est 1849-1942
Nellie E. Pomroy
Female 1859-1864
Ann Maria Case
Female 1822-1889
Moses B. Pomroy
Male 1819-1871
Eliza Ruth Case
Female 1850-WFT Est 1888-1945
John P. Ray
Male 1840-1909
Gladys E. Case
Female 1889-WFT Est 1890-1983
William T. Case
Male 1852-1914
Frances L. Smith
Female 1853-WFT Est 1892-1948
George S. Case
Male 1880-1880
George S. Case
Male 1882-WFT Est 1912-1973
Amey E. Hall
Female 1886-WFT Est 1912-1980
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Charles W. Case
Male 1884-1884
Albert Taft Case
Male 1891-WFT Est 1920-1982
Ruth Dix
Female 1891-WFT Est 1920-1985
Frank Castle Case
Male 1854-WFT Est 1894-1945
Fannie A. Sessions
Female 1857-WFT Est 1894-1952
Eleanor B. Case
Female 1886-WFT Est 1915-1980
Walter Phillips
Male 1884-WFT Est 1915-1975
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Ruth Taft Case
Female 1888-WFT Est 1889-1982
Hiram C. Case
Male 1865-WFT Est 1892-1956
Flora L. Booram
Female 1866-WFT Est 1892-1960
Elizabeth W. Case
Female 1892-WFT Est 1917-1986
Arthur Gould
Male 1887-WFT Est 1917-1978
Louise W. Case
Female 1896-WFT Est 1897-1990
Charles Fred Case
Male 1866-WFT Est 1899-1957
Anna L. Wheeler
Female 1865-WFT Est 1898-1960
Charles R. Case
Male 1824-1914
Chloe J. Taft
Female 1827-1909
Marion O. Fisher
Male 1850-1908
Aseneth M. Peare
Female WFT Est 1838-1860-1885
Bertha Fisher
Female 1885-1902
Sena M. Fisher
Female 1887-WFT Est 1911-1981
Walter Hintermeyer
Male 1876-WFT Est 1910-1967
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Roy Fisher
Male 1890-WFT Est 1891-1980
Marian Fisher
Female private-
Emma A. Sylvester
Female WFT Est 1845-1873-WFT Est 1908-1961
Fayette Fisher
Female 1881-WFT Est 1882-1975
Florence Fisher
Female 1882-WFT Est 1910-1976
Nathaniel Fisher
Male 1882-WFT Est 1910-1973
Ruby Fisher
Female 1886-WFT Est 1915-1980
Elmer Pierce
Male 1884-WFT Est 1916-1975
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Ralph Fisher
Male 1887-1893
Mortimer D. Fisher
Male 1853-WFT Est 1890-1944
Fred Fisher
Male 1878-WFT Est 1906-1969
Mabel Mitchell
Female 1881-WFT Est 1906-1975
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Marcius I. Fisher
Male 1857-WFT Est 1900-1949
Emma J. Frary
Female 1857-1883
Raymond N. Fisher
Male 1885-WFT Est 1886-1975
Hazel I. Fisher
Female 1889-WFT Est 1918-1983
Laverne Phelps
Male 1889-WFT Est 1918-1980
Grace E. Fisher
Female private-
Eliza J. McCoy
Female 1856-WFT Est 1899-1951
Dorothy Fisher
Female private-
Arthur M. Fisher
Male 1861-WFT Est 1902-1952
Eva L. Patterson
Female 1866-WFT Est 1902-1961
Una Wescott
Female 1888-WFT Est 1917-1982
John Richmond
Male 1889-WFT Est 1918-1980
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Leland Wescott
Male 1891-1911
Ida M. Fisher
Female 1863-WFT Est 1894-1957
Clinton D. Wescott
Male 1863-WFT Est 1895-1954
Ellis Hallock
Male private-
Nellie E. Fisher
Female 1867-WFT Est 1903-1962
John R. Hallock
Male 1861-WFT Est 1903-1952
Oscar N. Fisher
Male 1825-1904
Anna E. Case
Female 1864-WFT Est 1898-1959
Gerry Lapham
Male 1867-WFT Est 1899-1958
Leorie Case
Female 1865-1884
Mortimer L. Case
Male 1832-1905
Eliza Rapalee
Female 1840-1906
William C. Case
Male 1864-1910
Mary Frances Case
Female 1868-WFT Est 1914-1963
Maurice Harrison
Male 1857-WFT Est 1913-1949
Francis Castle Case
Male 1871-WFT Est 1905-1962
Rose Bradley
Female WFT Est 1859-1882-WFT Est 1905-1971
Harry Case
Male 1875-WFT Est 1876-1965
Edgar F. Case
Male 1841-1907
Julia Crittenden
Female 1843-WFT Est 1878-1938
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William Case
Male 1798-1873
Eliza Castle
Female 1802-1884