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 #   Repository ID   Name 
201 R247 Not Given (See Notes) 
202 R249 Not Given (See Notes) 
203 R224 Not Given (See Notes) 
204 R265 Not Given (See Notes) 
205 R217 Not Given (See Notes) 
206 R277 Not Given (See Notes) 
207 R209 Not Given (See Notes) 
208 R272 Not Given (See Notes) 
209 R271 Not Given (See Notes) 
210 R270 Not Given (See Notes) 
211 R207 Not Given (See Notes) 
212 R215 Not Given (See Notes) 
213 R267 Not Given (See Notes) 
214 R269 Not Given (See Notes) 
215 R273 Not Given (See Notes) 
216 R274 Not Given (See Notes) 
217 R276 Not Given (See Notes) 
218 R216 Not Given (See Notes) 
219 R211 Not Given (See Notes) 
220 R258 Not Given (See Notes) 
221 R268 Not Given (See Notes) 
222 R2 Not Given (See Notes) 
223 R210 Not Given (See Notes) 
224 R275 Not Given (See Notes) 
225 R266 Not Given (See Notes) 
226 R134 Notes 
227 R129 Obtained 28 April 2005 and placed in The McCoy Famiy Records 
228 R19 Obtained Source Information and Data from 
229 R145 October 2008, SLJuhl, Compiler, Redenbaugh Descendant; Redenbaugh 
230 R116 Owned by Compiler 
231 R190 Pane-Joyce Genealogy 
232 R10 Park & Griffin Records 
233 R176 Park Family Records 
234 R331 Partial Typed Listing Elkins/Juhl Family Records 
235 R131 Personal Clore Family Record Volumes; All Data, Records, and Sources 
236 R157 Rayphole Family Records - SLJuhl RNBSC, Compiler 
237 R168 Record kept in Reynolds Family Records of compiler SLJuhl 
238 R152 Record kept in Reynolds Family Records of compiler SLJuhl 
239 R158 Records of Penny Sue Park, Cousin to Edna Park Waller 
240 R170 Records of this source and the census records are in the Reynolds 
241 R163 Rector Family Records 
242 R13 Redenbaugh Records 
243 R146 Redenbaugh Records - Andrew Redenbaugh 
244 R120 Redenbaugh Records/Douglass Records 
245 R15 Reynolds Family Records 
246 R127 Robert Mackay Clan Links and Information 
247 R26 The American Genealogical Association 
248 R140 The Blair/McCoy Records 
249 R130 The Clore Family Records In The Care Of Sandra Lee Elkins Juhl of Rock 
250 R151 The Clore Family Volumes originally compiled by Joyce Lorraine Clore 

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