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Hartford, Hartford Co., CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Banning, Helen Frances  1898Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I36042 My Genealogy 
2 Biddle, Nellie B.  Abt 1851Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35794 My Genealogy 
3 Bigelow, Harry Waldo  19 Sep 1867Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34931 My Genealogy 
4 Buell, Mindwell  1741Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I18206 My Genealogy 
5 Butler, Ellen Elizabeth  8 Dec 1850Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35790 My Genealogy 
6 Case, Albert Marcus  11 Feb 1854Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35576 My Genealogy 
7 Case, Alvinsa H.  30 Dec 1835Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29439 My Genealogy 
8 Case, Arthur Dwight  30 May 1884Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26801 My Genealogy 
9 Case, Birdena Ward  5 Feb 1875Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29909 My Genealogy 
10 Case, Carabel Louise  11 Apr 1896Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35608 My Genealogy 
11 Case, Charles Farnham  22 May 1858Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27304 My Genealogy 
12 Case, Charles Gildersleeve  10 Oct 1861Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34973 My Genealogy 
13 Case, Charles Page  8 May 1858Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35086 My Genealogy 
14 Case, Charles Victor  24 May 1866Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34084 My Genealogy 
15 Case, Charles Warren  3 Nov 1871Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29864 My Genealogy 
16 Case, Clarence Norton  29 Sep 1880Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35175 My Genealogy 
17 Case, Edith Wadsworth  8 Dec 1865Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34975 My Genealogy 
18 Case, Edward Benton  9 Feb 1828Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I22953 My Genealogy 
19 Case, Edward Wells  10 Apr 1877Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29495 My Genealogy 
20 Case, Elizabeth Amelia  5 May 1825Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29412 My Genealogy 
21 Case, Ella Elizabeth  30 Mar 1855Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29849 My Genealogy 
22 Case, Ella Elizabeth  8 Feb 1859Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29851 My Genealogy 
23 Case, Emma Lillian  14 Nov 1869Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35570 My Genealogy 
24 Case, Erastus  1832Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29413 My Genealogy 
25 Case, Ernest Lincoln  22 Aug 1866Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35569 My Genealogy 
26 Case, Everett Erastus  9 Sep 1888Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35343 My Genealogy 
27 Case, Frank  1840Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29416 My Genealogy 
28 Case, Frederick William  8 May 1890Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35616 My Genealogy 
29 Case, Genevieve C.  19 Aug 1901Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I36041 My Genealogy 
30 Case, George Orville  28 Dec 1861Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29852 My Genealogy 
31 Case, Georgiana  1835Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29415 My Genealogy 
32 Case, Gertrude  17 Nov 1874Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34976 My Genealogy 
33 Case, Harriet Phelps  2 Dec 1901Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35417 My Genealogy 
34 Case, Helen Eliza  15 Nov 1876Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35341 My Genealogy 
35 Case, Herbert Monroe  28 Sep 1875Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35340 My Genealogy 
36 Case, Herman William Washington  11 Feb 1874Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35097 My Genealogy 
37 Case, Howard Tyler  19 Oct 1889Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I30258 My Genealogy 
38 Case, Jarvis Dixon  16 Sep 1900Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35457 My Genealogy 
39 Case, Julia Amanda  28 Apr 1860Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27305 My Genealogy 
40 Case, Julia Etta  3 Jul 1869Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29863 My Genealogy 
41 Case, Lizzie Thompson  26 May 1855Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27301 My Genealogy 
42 Case, Louise Blakeslee  1 Nov 1881Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29910 My Genealogy 
43 Case, Mabel Delia  10 Nov 1875Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35572 My Genealogy 
44 Case, Manna Preston  4 Aug 1832Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29438 My Genealogy 
45 Case, Margaret  1842Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29417 My Genealogy 
46 Case, Mary  19 Jan 1895Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35302 My Genealogy 
47 Case, Mary Anzalette  13 Apr 1864Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29853 My Genealogy 
48 Case, Mary Beebe  9 Apr 1823Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26161 My Genealogy 
49 Case, Minnie Abigail  6 Jan 1857Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27302 My Genealogy 
50 Case, Muriel Adeline  18 Feb 1901Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I30261 My Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beebe, Mary G.  19 Apr 1823Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26157 My Genealogy 
2 Case, Albert Marcus  17 Oct 1938Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35576 My Genealogy 
3 Case, Arlington Bacon  18 Oct 1986Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35961 My Genealogy 
4 Case, Birdseye Erskine  23 Sep 1943Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35716 My Genealogy 
5 Case, Col. Clayton Horace  24 Jun 1921Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I23399 My Genealogy 
6 Case, Elihu Burr  17 Mar 1906Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I25595 My Genealogy 
7 Case, Elizabeth Amelia  29 Apr 1869Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29412 My Genealogy 
8 Case, Emma Lillian  1 Dec 1869Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35570 My Genealogy 
9 Case, Harriet Amelia  11 Mar 1914Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34664 My Genealogy 
10 Case, Horace Jones  11 Jan 1907Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27667 My Genealogy 
11 Case, Horace Orville  25 Sep 1912Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29832 My Genealogy 
12 Case, Ida  10 Jun 1903Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35483 My Genealogy 
13 Case, Israel  29 Mar 1799Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I28775 My Genealogy 
14 Case, Lemuel Searls  12 May 1893Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I23618 My Genealogy 
15 Case, Lucian Benajah  15 Oct 1885Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I24450 My Genealogy 
16 Case, Luke Barber  25 Dec 1865Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I22760 My Genealogy 
17 Case, Margaret  1874Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29417 My Genealogy 
18 Case, Minnie Abigail  16 Jan 1859Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27302 My Genealogy 
19 Case, Newton  14 Sep 1890Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I21901 My Genealogy 
20 Case, Orlando Dwight  21 Jan 1903Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26486 My Genealogy 
21 Case, Orson  14 Apr 1860Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I22609 My Genealogy 
22 Case, Richard  1694Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I15104 My Genealogy 
23 Case, Roger Newell  26 Jun 1910Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I25897 My Genealogy 
24 Case, Walter Denison  25 Apr 1961Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35028 My Genealogy 
25 Case, William Cullen  23 Dec 1901Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I22288 My Genealogy 
26 Case, William Parsons  27 Aug 1941Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26838 My Genealogy 
27 Charter, George  6 Nov 1745Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I37391 My Genealogy 
28 Ford, Hepzibah  11 Apr 1683Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I21199 My Genealogy 
29 Goodhue, Ella Jane  10 Mar 1923Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35577 My Genealogy 
30 Goodrich, Lucretia A.  26 Feb 1860Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35079 My Genealogy 
31 Goodwin, Patricia Case  Oct 1992Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26845 My Genealogy 
32 Greene, Laura Alma  8 Nov 1954Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26839 My Genealogy 
33 Gridley, Bertha Marinda  8 May 1921Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34630 My Genealogy 
34 Griswold, Sarah Maria  15 Jan 1883Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29290 My Genealogy 
35 Harris, Agnes  1680Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I6478 My Genealogy 
36 Hurlbut, Lemira B.  1 Nov 1878Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I26499 My Genealogy 
37 Litchfield, Sarah Elizabeth  Jul 1917Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I29386 My Genealogy 
38 Loomis, Nathaniel  28 Feb 1733Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I21185 My Genealogy 
39 Marsh, John  1727Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I21204 My Genealogy 
40 McDonnell, Mary Lockwood  12 Apr 1926Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34972 My Genealogy 
41 Owens, Mary Elizabeth  27 Jan 1927Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I27310 My Genealogy 
42 Spencer, William  Aft 4 May 1640Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I6477 My Genealogy 
43 Tucker, Laura Ann  8 Feb 1910Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35565 My Genealogy 
44 Van Buren, Jessie  4 Feb 1946Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I35707 My Genealogy 
45 Wilcox, Marietta W.  19 Aug 1910Hartford, Hartford Co., CT I34865 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Case  6 Nov 1904Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13317 My Genealogy 
2 Barker / Case  23 Sep 1878Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10556 My Genealogy 
3 Bliss / Case  9 Apr 1840Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10098 My Genealogy 
4 Brown / Case  9 Jul 1892Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10828 My Genealogy 
5 Carpenter / Case  6 Oct 1886Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10558 My Genealogy 
6 Case / Arthur  16 Oct 1895Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11566 My Genealogy 
7 Case / Atwood  5 Oct 1897Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9512 My Genealogy 
8 Case / Biddle  6 Mar 1879Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13207 My Genealogy 
9 Case / Boardman  8 May 1862Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10684 My Genealogy 
10 Case / Butler  6 Mar 1879Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13206 My Genealogy 
11 Case / Calverly  18 Oct 1886Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13453 My Genealogy 
12 Case / Case  24 Feb 1886Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11237 My Genealogy 
13 Case / Crosby  19 May 1824Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8736 My Genealogy 
14 Case / Crosby  24 Sep 1857Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8855 My Genealogy 
15 Case / Davis  20 Jun 1843Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F7413 My Genealogy 
16 Case / Davis  24 May 1878Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9498 My Genealogy 
17 Case / Eagan  14 Sep 1878Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8749 My Genealogy 
18 Case / Gallagher  27 Mar 1872Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8748 My Genealogy 
19 Case / Goodhue  12 Feb 1885Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13457 My Genealogy 
20 Case / Heath  4 Dec 1911Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13272 My Genealogy 
21 Case / Holmes  16 Oct 1899Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10857 My Genealogy 
22 Case / Hubbard  24 Dec 1874Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8874 My Genealogy 
23 Case / Kinnie  18 Apr 1877Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9009 My Genealogy 
24 Case / Litchfield  16 Apr 1861Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8699 My Genealogy 
25 Case / M.  27 May 1855Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8737 My Genealogy 
26 Case / Mary  19 Oct 1831Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8738 My Genealogy 
27 Case / Nearing  4 May 1881Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F12912 My Genealogy 
28 Case / Olmsted  5 Oct 1841Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8792 My Genealogy 
29 Case / Packard  24 Sep 1849Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9573 My Genealogy 
30 Case / Parker  18 Jan 1856Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8892 My Genealogy 
31 Case / Porter  3 Oct 1865Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9007 My Genealogy 
32 Case / Sargent  5 Jun 1907Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13316 My Genealogy 
33 Case / Starbuck  29 Jan 1913Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13382 My Genealogy 
34 Case / Talmadge  6 May 1907Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11540 My Genealogy 
35 Case / Thompson  30 Aug 1854Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8681 My Genealogy 
36 Case / Travers  14 Dec 1877Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F12911 My Genealogy 
37 Case / Tucker  10 Sep 1862Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11522 My Genealogy 
38 Case / Tyler  7 Apr 1886Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9470 My Genealogy 
39 Case / White  6 Jun 1838Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8794 My Genealogy 
40 Case / Whiting  5 Mar 1845Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8393 My Genealogy 
41 Case / Wilcox  11 Jan 1857Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F9902 My Genealogy 
42 Case / Woodruff  4 Aug 1852Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10236 My Genealogy 
43 Daniels / Case  21 May 1844Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11386 My Genealogy 
44 Edwards / Harris  11 Dec 1645Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F2413 My Genealogy 
45 Hart / Case  25 Oct 1899Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13372 My Genealogy 
46 Hart / Case  8 Dec 1915Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F13366 My Genealogy 
47 Humphrey / Case  21 Apr 1892Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F11564 My Genealogy 
48 Judson / Case  8 Dec 1856Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8616 My Genealogy 
49 Logan / Case  8 Oct 1889Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F10022 My Genealogy 
50 Loomis / Scott  3 Feb 1649Hartford, Hartford Co., CT F8063 My Genealogy 

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