Patrick Douglas

Baillie of Morton 

Probably a natural s (Letters of Legitimation 16 Aug 1546, and his family heirs of entail to Barony of Drumlanrig 11 March, 1574) of Sir James Douglas, Laird of Drumlanrig.  He is also shown as the son of Sir James and his first wife Margaret.

Other natural sons of Sir James, Robert, John and Adam, were legitimised on 16 August 1546.

From him are descended the Douglases of Morton, in Dumfriesshire, the Douglases of Fingland, Kirkcudbright, of Salwarpe, Worcestershire and others.

It should be noted that he was Baillie of Morton, Dalkeith, not of Morton Castle, which is near Drumlanrig.

Details of his family can be found in the genealogy database.