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Douglas database continues to grow

The Douglas Archives database grows ever larger, and there are now nearly 5,000 listed who have Douglas as, or in, their surname. The full database contains almost 150,000 names. Read More »

Douglases on Facebook.

The family has a strong presence of Facebook.  If you are a Facebook user, why not seek out others who are working on their family tree?

Douglas Archives Bookshop

Our bookshop contains a number of books that will be of interest to those researching their Douglas history. I have been busy building my own Amazon Wish List, and must now put some of the titles I have there into the bookshop! The Store »

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Monday 22nd June 2009

New Community Network launches

network screenshotThis newsletter coincides with the launch of the Douglas Archives Community Network. Many of us exchange emails with others researching similar family lines, but how do we know who else is doing the same? The Community Network is a place where all those working on their Douglas family background can share ideas, raise questions and develop their family trees. Read More »

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Douglas dna group seeks new  leadership

This group is for members who are trying to link our modern Douglas families with our "Old Douglas" lines by using yDNA tests. The Douglas dna project has made significant advances in determining these old Douglas lines, but there is still some way to go. 

Beryl Turner has been leading the group for sometime, but has 'pull back a bit' and is seeking someone, or a group of people, to take on the various tasks:

  • Keep the web-site organised- sorting people into groups etc, and keeping the introduction etc organised and up to date.
  • Keep up some public relations- promotional activites - such as writing articles for the Clan Douglas Association newsletter.
  • Point of contact for people asking questions about the project.
  • Analysis and strategic directions.

Click to join douglasDNA
Click to join DouglasDNA

The Douglas Archives website carries details of how dna research can help trace family lines. Read More »

If you are involved with the group, nd think you can lend some support, please get in touch with Beryl.

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Genealogy myths

stowawayMany families have cherished myths and stories about their immigration to America or other pivotal events and people. Sharon DeBartolo Carmack's book A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Immigrant and Ethnic Ancestry helps us take some into account when doing our research.

My favourite is the stowaway myth . For some reason, it is so much more romantic to have an ancestor who came to America as a stowaway rather than a paying passenger. While there are cases of people who actually did sneak aboard ships, this was not common practice. If the stowaway was discovered enroute, typically, he will be recorded on the last page of the passenger arrival list. I deliberately use "he" because you almost never hear a story about great-grandma being a stowaway. Even if you have the family story of a stowaway, still check for a passenger arrival list, since if he was discovered and recorded on the passenger list, he'll likely be on the index, too.  Read More Myths»

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