Douglas of Mains Mausoleum

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Douglas mausoleum memorial plaque  


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This mausoleum dates from 1906, only a few years after the cemetery opened, and it is specifically mentioned in the listing text for the cemetery. The Douglas of Mains crest appears on the plaque at its far end.

The location is near the high point of the cemetery (the memorial is also on the berm of the Antonine Wall; the berm is the space between the rampart and the ditch of the Wall).

Rectangular-plan, raised, open burial plot; low outer boundary walls of coursed, stugged red sandstone; advanced base course, splayed at top; plain, thin rectangular copes; raised entrance to S side; plain rectangular buttresses to centre of E and W walls. Flat, raised inner burial area; loose pebble covering; commemorative plaque to N wall with Douglas of Mains crest and raised lettering.

The family of Douglas of Mains was descended from Nicholas Douglas (son of the fourth Lord of Hermiston), who in September 1373 married Janet Galbraith, heiress of Mains, though whom he inherited substantial lands.

New Kilpatrick Cemetery, also known as Hillfoot Cemetery, was opened in 1903, following a competition to design the new cemetery layout. The winning design showed pathways laid out to form in plan the outline of a Roman centurions helmet, in recognition of the fact that a particularly well preserved section of the Antonine Wall, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, crosses the centre of the cemetery.

Two areas of the wall have been excavated to their stone base course and remain exposed. The cemetery paths were gradually laid out as the cemetery was filled, appearing complete for the first time on the Ordnance Survey map revised between 1936-1938. There is no trace of the cemetery or lodge on the 2nd edition map from the 1890s, showing only open fields at this time.

Between the Wars (c.1922), it was extended to the north. Its former lodge, at the SW corner, is now a private residence.

The cemetery is bordered to the left by the Old Bearden Conservation Area, but excludes any of the cemetery grounds. Another, earlier, Mausoleum of the Douglas of Mains family is found in the churchyard of New Kilpatrick Parish Church.

The mausoleum in New Kilpatrick cemetery was installed in 1906, in what was eventually to be the centre of the cemetery and the Ordnance Survey map of 1914 shows the mausoleum to be at the very rear of the half developed cemetery.

A memorial to Brigadier General Douglas Campbell Douglas of Mains also stands in New Kilpatrick Cemetery.




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