Douglas of Drumgarland

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Notes on the Douglas family of Drumgarland

Drumgarland: A modest hill on the southern edge of the Ochils of SE Perth and Kinross, Drumgarland rises to 259m (849 feet) a mile (1.5 km) north northeast of Carnbo and 1¼ miles (2 km) east of Dalqueich..

Drumgarland: 1 1/8 Miles N.N.E. of Carnbo.
A farm steading in Ruins lying between North Queich River & Ledlation is the property of David Syme Esqre. Sheriff, Kinross. (c1855)

Drumgarland. Drumgarlet. Drum + gearr + leathad = short ridge of the hill side.

Robert Douglas of Lochleven  had two (other) sons, presumably illegitimate, Robert, to whom and to Janet Ramsay, his wife, he granted the lands of Drumgarland 1515, and Richard, who was a macer of the Court of Session, which office continued in his descendants for five generations.

Undated records:
Douglas, Henry, of Drumgarland. See Arnot, Elizabeth. Bessie, daughter of Walter Arnot (c1501-1550)(2)
Douglas, Robert, in Drumgarland. See Monypenny, Agnes.

Dated records:
Arnot, Elizabeth, relict of Henry Douglas, of Drumgarland 8 June 1580
Monypenny, Agnes, sometime spouse to Robert Douglas, in Drumgarland 19 July 1580 and 1591

1605 - Roberto Dowglas de Drumgarland. et Agnete Arnott ejous spouse, - terras de Colcany, in baronia de Innermaithe, vic Perthe

Rental Book of the Cistercian Abbey of Cupar-Angus:
Walter Douglas in Drumgarland
Patrick Douglas in Drumgarland

Henry Douglas the younger, of Drumgarland was amongst those 'dependents, who could, each support him, by their advice, or arms, by their words, or writings' accompanied the ambitious John Stewart, the perpetual Commendator of the Priory of St. Andrews to France, on the Queen's (John's sister) affairs in 1550"

Robert Douglas of Drumgarland is mentioned in papers relating to Mary Queen of Scots in 1551

In 1583 Archibald Bruce of Powfoulis and his brother, Ninian, had, along with Robert Douglas in Drumgarland, James Colvile of Easter Wemyss, and James Edmestoun of Newton, servitor pro tem, of the Earl of Mar, a remission for participation in the Raid of Ruthven(3). [comment: note 'in Drumgarland', not 'of Drumgarland']

1583 - Protest by Robert Douglas of Drumgarland having appeared before the Council as Robert charged , “ in respect that nane comperit to accuse him , protestit that he Douglas of Drumgarland . sould not be laid to answer quhill he wer ...

1610 - Robert Douglas of Drumgarland, son of Robert Douglas of Drumgarland

1616 - On 30th June last , Robert Douglas , elder of Drumgarland , Drumgarland came with some accomplices to the lands of Warrok ...

In 1626 Andro Rowan of Barnhill was tried for the murder of his wife Effie (Euphemia) Douglas. She is the daughter of Robert Douglas of Drumgarland.

Lands and their owners in Galloway:
In regard to Mid Glen, on the 19th February 1658, there was a charter by Archibald Stewart in favour of Captain William Ross of Drumgarland, commissary of Dumfries, who had sasine on the 30th September 1671. [?appointed by Cromwell's judges in Scotland]

Henry Douglas (1747-1781) Born in Scotland on Abt. 1747. Henry Douglas married Lady Christiana Elisabeth Erskine, Countess. He passed away on Abt. 1781 in Drumgarland, West Lothian, Scotland. Note: This is from Ancestry and includes date of family events 300 years apart! Not reliable!

Agnes , daughter of Robert D. of Drumgarland , and spouse of John Dunkieson(1)

Reference book (not accessed):
 David Marshall's Kinross-shire & and its Owners - held by Kinross library Drumgarland 1359-1886

The following extracts from documents refer to members of the family in the dates shown.

1.  ???John Dunkieson, minister to his majesty in 1594;
Dunkieson, Walter, son to John D., minister to His Majesty, was an apprentice with Robert Myddiltoun, tailor 4 Mar. 1594-5
2.  Walter Arnot m. (1520) Elizabeth Duddingston (dau of ?? Duddingston of Saintford (Sandfurd))
3Malcolm Douglas, 8th Laird of Mains was executed for his part in the raid.



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