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Douglas of Penzearie



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Also recorded as Pingarie, Penziere, Penzerie, and Pinzearie

  • George Douglas, priest, son of Sir James Douglas, 8th Baron of Drumlanrig.
  • ..James Douglas of Baitford, now callit of Pinzerie ...
  • George Douglas of Penzearie married Barbara Lauder. Their son, James, maried 26 Dec 1560 Jean Hepburn, daughter of John Hepburn of Smeaton, East Lothian and Helen Swinton. They has 3 children, William, Isobel and Marie/Mary, who married Matthew Hairstanes. Marie married 2ndly George Maxwell, 9th of Carnsalloch.
  • The family of Douglas of Penzire was descended from George Douglas, the third son of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig, who was killed July 22, 1484, near Lochmaben. William of Penzire married Agnes, second daughter of John, sixth Lord Maxwell, (the father of John the seventh Lord Maxwell, whose Treason, escape, &c form part of this Dittay,) by Lady Elizabeth Douglas, second daughter of David, seventh Earl of Angus. This circumstance explains satisfactorily that part of the Dittay which refers to his resetting, and other transactions with Lord Maxwell, his brother-in-law.

In I610 this William Douglas, being feuar of Lincluden
in right of his father, James Douglas of Pinzerie, was
arraigned before the High Court of Justiciary upon a
" dittay " containing many counts : first, that in company
with John Cunninghame his servant, and about a score of
" deboischet " men, he dragged out of his house at the
Brigend of Dumfries one Thomas Softlaw, a burgess, and
slew him ; second, that at the same place, but on another
occasion, he set upon and slew Edward Maxwell of Cros-
toun ; third, that when Greir, a swordslipper, one of his
accomplices in the last-mentioned crime, had been " tane
with the bludie hand " and lodged in prison, Douglas broke
the prison, released Greir, and carried him off to his house
of Lincluden ; fourth, that when Lord Herries attempted
to carry out the Council's order for the arrest of Douglas
on account of his association with a proclaimed rebel and
murderer, Robert Lord Maxwell, Douglas violently resisted,
and with his servants drove Herries and his men out of
Lincluden ; and lastly, he was charged not only with
common and habitual theft, but, although " ane landit
gentilman," with housebreaking and theft in the place of
Greenlaw, the property of his cousin, William Douglas of
Drumlanrig, then Provost of Lincluden.

Provost Douglas was justly indignant with his dis-
reputable relative, and vowed he would have young Pinzerie
drowned, or at least driven out of the country. Pinzerie,
realising that he had gone too far, resolved to throw himself
on his kinsman's mercy, and a pretty picture has been
preserved of his going to Greenlaw so early in the morning
that the Provost was still " lyand in his bed, and Penzerie,
pulling off his breikis and schankis,i fell down upon his
bair knees before the Provost, craving God and him for
pardoun and forgiveness." Perhaps the Provost would have
winked hard and let the culprit escape ; but the arm of
the law was stronger than of yore. Pinzerie was tried
before the Justice-depute, and, albeit there were two of the
name of Douglas among the jury of fifteen, he was con-
victed on all the counts. Thereafter he was taken to the
Mercat Cross of Edinburgh, where first his right hand was
struck off as a penalty for theft, and then this inglorious
Douglas was hanged on a gibbet.-

  • Katherine Edwards, bapt 12 Dec 1714 at Broseley, m. 21 May 1734 at Sutton Maddock, Shropshire, Robert Maxwell of Folksworth, Huntingdonshire, Land Agent to the Cotton family, Baronets, of Connington, Huntingdonshire, son of George Maxwell, 9th of Carnsalloch in the county of Dumfries, and his second wife Mary, widow of Matthew Hairstanes of Craig and dau of James Douglas of Pinzerie. He d. 1762 (P.C.C. will dated 1 Oct 1761 and proved 1 Mar 1762) and she d. 22 Apr 1803, aged 89, at Fletton Lodge and was buried at Fletton, Huntingdonshire having had issue...
  • William Douglas younger of Baitford or Pinzerie was a grand-nephew, some accounts say a son, of the provost (of Lincluden). Anyhow, he proved an unmitigated ruffian, though he married Agnes, sister of John, 9th Lord Maxwell, showing that his position was such as should have saved him from bringing his name into utter degradation.
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