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Index of first names

Rather late into the project, I have decided to introduce a change log to record alterations that do not necessarily qualify as 'Whats new?' or 'Recent changes'.

27 May 2018 James Sholto Douglas, consul in Tangier
George Douglas of Roddinghead
Palaeography, or handwriting
Gavin Douglas, d1522
Major-General Robert Douglas, of Garlston
Uploaded changes to website
added memorial image
added image of father-in-law's memorial; Wife's death
new page
tidy up of index page; revised menu
added record of matriculation
coding tidy up
27 May 2018 Installed revised copy of Who Do You Think Should be the House of Chief of Douglas
Business home page

Removed Amazon ad
28 May 2018 Ships and shipping
Douglas of Garallan
Patrick Douglas of Garallan
added Robert Douglas of Ardrossan, and brig Douglas
added image; improved coding
added image
29 May 2018 New article on Moses Douglas, of Kinnigoe
Uploaded changes to website
Lt. Col Montagu William Douglas CSI, CIE
also image of his son, William

Minor additions, but unable to help his biographer with specific question
30 May 2018 Began examination of new format for portal pages
Responded to enquiry from The Guardian 'How did Keith Douglas die?'
Responded to enquiry re boat that brought Robert Douglas 3rd bart to New Zealand

Killed by mortar fire in St Pierre, France, in 1944

Unable to provide an answer
31 May 2018 Earl of Dumbarton
Responded to enquiry from BBC Scotland
Responded to enquiry 'Where is Douglas Bridge?'
Recorded creation of new Earldom for Prince Harry & improved page coding
Re: Copyright of painting of Earl of Dumbarton

Northern Ireland
5 June 2018 Examine photographs of Douglas Support Supplied by a Coatbridge historian.
4 June 2018 Responded to enquiry re DNA, Sterrett sept and Pegelow surname connection
Responded to enquiry from Embassy of Sweden in Jakarta
Responded to enquiry re Thomas Dicson
Responded to enquiry re places to visit in Ireland

Re: first Ambassador was Carl Ludvig Douglas (Biography updated)

Referred to Dickey/Dickson as Douglas sept (14 June - linked Douglas larder)
Suggested Londonderry - article required?
5 June 2018 Responded to enquiry re Lady Ellen Douglas as possible artist of portrait of Princess Victoria.
Responded to enquiry re ephemera relating to Admiral Douglas
Probably not the daughter of the Earl of Morton - but who?

Promoted on social media
6 June 2018 Welcomed 3 new members and responded to their comments
8 June 2016 Renewed subscription to Stirnet  
9 June 2018 Issued alert that genealogy database update was not going well
Responded to suggestion that Douglas in Hebrew means "Distinguished Man".
Discovered Hamilton Ash family links to Earl's Gift, a Douglas residence in Co. Tyrone

Shared in community forum

Updated genealogy records
10 June 2018 Listed CDSNA newsletters
Prepared newsletter No16
Tidied 'News' folder
Uploaded changes to website
Still to be catalogued

Needs more work, including indexing
11 June 2018 Responded to request to find a home for a Douglas of Salwarpe brooch.
Responded to an enquiry about Black Douglas whisky
Sent newsletter to 1,100 subscribers and notified 2,000 others that it could be viewed online.
Responded to offer to tender for a Douglas tugmaster
Researched provenance and located family member.

And dealt with responses.

Directed to the right place.
13 June 2018 Researched 4 new articles

Linked Eleanor Touchet to her ancestors in the genealogy database
Improved 50 entries for the Hastings family
Added detail to the Redenbaugh family
Douglas knights, and Knights bannerets; Archibald 7th of Tilquhillie and his wife Eleanor Touchet
14 June 2018 Uploaded changes to website  
10 July 2018 Revised use of contents list in Clans section  
7 August 2018 Reviewed Douglas of Glenbervie page This needs serious work! Any volunteers?
8 August 2018 Wrote new article for Wikipedia and
edited Douglas Archives article
Added several new artiles
William Douglas, 9th Earl of Morton

Including Glasgow burgesses; Wigton earls; Sibiville; Orelans seige; Branxholme, and more
9 August 2018 Revised article on Major-General Archibald Sholto George Douglas
Improved coding on 10 older pages
He was awarded the Order of Kutuzov of the U.S.S.R.  Why?

Making layout more attractive
10 August 2018 Uploaded new genealogy database This took most of the day.  All is not well with the process.  We now have 184,163 people listed (and I merged a number of duplicates during the month!)
11 August 2018 Added article on the salamander, as used in Douglas heraldry
Added material on the Battle of Teba
This was first published in the CDAA newsletter in March 2011

Kindly contributed by Sally Douglas


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The webmaster does not intend to claim authorship, but gives credit to the originators for their work.

As work progresses, some of the content may be re-written and presented in a unique format, to which we would then be able to claim ownership.

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