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With the demise of the Clan Douglas Association of Australia, it is important to ensure that the accumulated knowledge is not lost.

It is intended to collect and catalogue/index the newsletters here as a reference source for Douglas researchers.

There are more than 100 newsletters, and it may not be possible to gather them all, but as the collection grows, it may be necessary to change the format of this page.

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CDAA Newsletter No1
March 1987
Welcome messages
Clan, or not a clan

CDAA Newsletter No21
I have been unable to locate a copy of this newsletter. If you have a copy, please get in touch.
CDAA Newsletter No2
July 1987
Origin of Drysdale
Crests, Mottoes and Supporters
The double 'ss'
1839 - Arrival of the Douglass family
Kate Barlass
CDAA Newsletter No22
Know your roots
David Syme
Bonjedward House
Edith van Driel's Douglas connections
Jenny Douglas, Highland dancer
CDAA Newsletter No3
Sept: MacGuffog
Douglas Castle
Norman Douglas of Dundarroch (Part 1)
CDAA Newsletter No23
Benjamin Douglas, 1830-1904
Notes on Torthorwald and Strathendry castles
Examples of highland dress
AGM notes

CDAA Newsletter No4
Sept: Glendenning
Norman Douglas of Dundarroch (Part 2)
The Douglas iris (plant)
CDAA Newsletter No24
Know your roots
Burial register of South Leith churchyard
Rev. James Douglas, 1752-1819
Celtic honours system
Notes on Strathendry and Kirkness houses
CDAA Newsletter No5
November 2000
Association news
CDAA Newsletter No25
Know your roots
Septs - Drysdale
Sgain Dhus
The Douglas heart
Notes on Whiteriggs and Brigton House
CDAA Newsletter No6
August 1988
Bi-centennial First Ships re-enactment
International Gathering of the clans
James of Douglas poem
Prayer for Mary Queens of Scots
Lochleven Castle
Moreton Bay fig
CDAA Newsletter No26
Know your roots
Sept Commissioners (USA)
Frederick Douglass, 1817-1895
What is a sept?
Wearing of the tartan
Brigton House sundial
CDAA Newsletter No7
Arms of Ronald Douglas
Lord Lyon's information leaflet
Jock Douglas, president of Cattlemen's Union
Teba memorial stone
CDAA Newsletter No27
The search for a Chief
AGM reports
Kirkin o the tartan
Douglas of Brigton bookplate
Robert Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton (ce)

CDAA Newsletter No8
Septs - Drysdale
Chief of the House of Douglas
Douglas coat of arms
Durisdeer Kirk
CDAA Newsletter No28
Know your roots (continued)
Kirriemuir clock tower
Scottish names, titles and descriptions
James Blackwood, 1820-1881
'Crocodile' Malcom Douglas
CDAA Newsletter No9
Early Douglas history
Septs - Sterritt
William Douglas of Brigton
Vacant and Dormant Clan Chiefs
Rise of Clan Soceties
Map - Clans of Scotland
Douglas of Killiewarren
CDAA Newsletter No29
Know your roots (continued)
Wills (part 1)
Balvenie Castle
Port Douglas
Calendar facts
Mother Shipton's Forecasts
Waltzing Matilda
Alexander Forrest, 1849-1901
John Forrest, 1847-1918
CDAA Newsletter No10
Early history of the House of Douglas
Septs - Morton
Douglas of Mains
Douglas of Tilquhillie
David Queensberry
Court of the Lord Lyon
The Bruce
CDAA Newsletter No30
Know your roots (continued)
Mrs Jane Douglas, bc1858
Spott House (Photo)
William Alexander Watt, 1871-1946
John Brownlee, 1900-1969
Henry Gratton Douglas, 1791=1865
David Kirkpatrick (Dusty Slim), b1928
CDAA Newsletter No11
Early history of the House of Douglas
Septs: Blackstock
A Douglas Chief
Douglas of Pumpherston
Douglas of Dundarroch
CDAA Newsletter No31
AGM notes
John Brownlee (continued)
Drumlanrig (Photo)
Kathleen Death, nee Douglas, profile
Annie Laurie
CDAA Newsletter No12
Early history of the House of Douglas
John Douglas, 1828-1904
'of', 'in' or 'at
Lord Lyon's information leaflet
Sash wearing etiquette
CDAA Newsletter No32
Know your roots (continued)
Douglas Heritage Museum
Threave Castle (Photo)
CDAA Newsletter No13
Early history of the House of Douglas
Sept: Kirkpatrick
Succession to a chieftainship
Bruce, Douglas - and Teba
White heather legend
Clive Martin Douglas, b1903
Catching butterflies - family research
Kilmun and Glenfinart
CDAA Newsletter No33
Know your roots (continued)
Sept - Glendinning
Douglas Castle
Betty Skimming, nee Douglas, profile
Irish records
Forrester, of Clackmannanshire
Weaving a Douglas tartan rug
James, Earl of Angus statue (Photo)
CDAA Newsletter No14
Early history of the House of Douglas
Sept: Forrester
Sir William Henry Forster
Glenbervie House
CDAA Newsletter No34
Know your roots (continued)
Scots in Australia
Morton Castle (Photo)
Sept - Morton
June Marks, profile
John Douglas, Royal Aero Club (Photos)
CDAA Newsletter No15
AGM notes
Glenbervie House (Part 2)
The PRD company
Tantallon Castle
Sir James Douglas, Hudsons Bay Company
CDAA Newsletter No35
AGM reports
Cavers House (Photo)
Scots in Australia (continued)
Margaret Andrews, nee Douglas, profile
Standard of Earl of Douglas (drawing)
Standard of Lord Home (drawing)
Standard of the Earl Marischall (drawing)
CDAA Newsletter No16
Know your roots
Sept: Kilpatrick
Douglas aircraft
David Douglas, botanist
Abbey of St Germain des Pres
Glenbervie House (Part 3)
Early arrivals in Melbourne
Douglas Parade March
CDAA Newsletter No36
Know your roots (continued)
Douglas of Heworth, Co. Durham
Donald John Douglas, 1933-1994
Hon. John Douglas, 1828-1904
Douglas at Newcastle with Percy's banner (drawing)
Septs policy
Julia, wife of Richard William Glode Douglas
Cavers Church (Photo)
CDAA Newsletter No17
Know your roots
Sept: Blacklock
A McCubbin connection
Scots in unifoem
Family tree reseach
Janet Douglas, executed 1537
Annie Laurie
Martin Douglas, of Sunderland
CDAA Newsletter No37
Earl of Selkirk inheritance
They carved our history
Agnes Douglas, 1814-1897
Robert Burns's bible
Lincluden Abbey (Photo)
Douglas at Threave (drawing)
Olive Howes, profile
CDAA Newsletter No18
Know your roots
Early Tasmanian births
Tale of the Afflecks of Auchinleck
Barholm Castle
Sir Robert and Lady Douglas of Glrnbervie, and Whangarie
CDAA Newsletter No38
Know your roots (continued)
Hon. John Douglas, 1828-1904 (continued)
Ron Douglas O.A.M.
John Mitchell
Douglas Castle c1450 (drawing)
Weaving a Douglas tartan rug
Grace McAfee, nee Douglas, profile
CDAA Newsletter No19
Sept: Young
George Frederick Bell
AGM notes
Gathering - 1991
General Monteath Douglas memorial
CDAA Newsletter No39
AGM reports
Jock Douglas calls for national vision
Stone of Destiny
Bruce's heart
Hon. John Douglas, 1828-1904 (continued)
Norman Douglas coat of arms (photo)
Kirkin o the Tartan
CDAA Newsletter No20
Know your roots
JWHT Douglas
Glen Innes
Gravestone in Dalry, Kirkcudbrightshire
CDAA Newsletter No40
Know your roots (continued)
Book of Kells illustartions
Hon. John Douglas, 1828-1904 (continued)
Jock Douglas, McKell medal winner
Douglas at Abercorn (drawing)
Norris Douglas, profile
Mousewald Place (photo)

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