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Douglases who served in the Navy




Members of the Douglas family served in the British Navy in all ranks in all parts of the world.  The lists below are just a few of those we have identified. Help with developing the biographies, and adding to them would be gratefully received.


Ranks used may not be the ranks held at their retirement from the navy, but are appropriate to the details we know and have recorded.


Some of the biographies are very thin, and I need your help to improve them



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  • Archibald Lucius Douglas

    Vice-admiral in 1901 who was commander-in-chief of the North American station.

  • Admiral Sir Charles Douglas

    Charles Douglas of Carr

    In 1782, at the Battle of the Saintes off Dominica, he 'broke the line'.


  • Andrew Snape Douglas

    He was a member of the Court Martial in the trial of the Bounty Mutineers.

  • Castle Mains

    Francis Douglas

    He was awarded this sword for his role in suppressing a violent mutiny.

  • George Douglas

    Commodore Douglas was the driving force behind the evolution of the combatant Air Arm for the Navy.


  • Lionel Douglas

    After the war, to continue his career with Canadian Pacific, he took command of the Empress of Canada and other ocean liners.


  • Douglas Castle

    Henry How Douglas

    Promoted to Lieutenant, in consequence of his conduct in rescuing slaves on the east coast of Africa.

  • Thomas Douglas

    Thomas Douglas

    He was hanged at Tyburn for the murder of William Sparks, both seamen.

  • Hon William Douglas

    William Sholto Douglas

    He reputedly was responsible for sinking a submarine in the Firth of Forth, though this was not confirmed.


Able Seaman Neil Hamilton Douglas, c1921 - 1941
Admiral Archibald Lucius Douglas, 1842-1913
Admiral George Douglas-Hamilton, 1906-1994
Admiral Hon. Charles Douglas-Hamilton 1747 - 1825
Admiral James Douglas, 1755-1839
Admiral John Leigh Douglas, 1741-1810
Admiral Lord Charles Thomas Montagu Douglas Scott, 1839-1911
Admiral Robert Gordon Douglas
Admiral Robert Gordon Douglas, 1829-1910
Admiral Sholto Douglas, 1833-1913
Admiral Sir Charles Douglas of Carr, Bt d1789
Admiral Sir James Douglas, 1704-1787
Admiral The Honourable Sir Cyril Eustace Douglas-Pennant, 1894 – 1961
Admiral William Douglas 1749 - 1817
Alexander Douglas RN
Alfred Douglas Douglas-Hamilton, 13th Duke of Hamilton
Andrew Douglas, d1725
Angus William Sholto Douglas
Capt Kenneth Douglas-Morris, 1919-1993
Capt Richard Douglas, 1788-1866
Capt. Hon. George Douglas, 1738-1838
Captain Andrew Snape Douglas RN, 1761-1797
Captain Bloomfield Douglas, 1831-
Captain John Erskine Douglas RN
Captain Philip William Douglas, 1883-1949
Captain PS Douglas, RN
Captain William Bloomfield Douglas, 1822 - 1906
Captain William Douglas, d1741
Captain William Grant Douglas, 1824-1898
Captain William Henry Douglas, living 1813
Commander Charles Henry Douglas, Living 1844
Commander Francis Douglas, living 1800
Commander Henry John Douglas, living 1851
Commander Henry S. Douglas, RN
Commander Hugh Donald Cameron Douglas, d1843
Commander John Douglas RN
Commander Roddam Douglas, c1807-1813
Commander Sholto Grant Douglas
Commander The Hon. Dunbar Douglas
Commander William Manners Wellington Douglas 1814 - 1865
Donald Cameron Douglas, d2006
Francis Douglas RN, living 1805
George Douglas, d2008
Henry Douglas, bc 1691 k1751
Hon. Arthur James Douglas, 1802-1864
James Douglas of Baads, 1793-?1875
Lionel Dale Douglas, living 1915
Lt Archibald Henry Douglas, living 1846
Lt Colin Douglas RN, living 1838
Lt Emma Douglas, RN, c1975 - 2004
Lt Francis Douglas, living 1801
Lt Francis Douglas-Watson, 1896-1941
Lt Henry Douglas, Living 1806
Lt Henry How Douglas RN 1858-1890
Lt John Alex Douglas RN, Living 1802
Lt John Douglas RN, Living 1780
Lt John Douglas, b bef 1835
Lt John Graham Douglas RN
Lt Thomas Douglas RN
Lt William H. Douglas RN, k1797
Lt. J. Douglas
Margaret Cooper, 1918-206
Marie Yvonne Chisholm Douglas, 1925-2006
Mark Raymond Douglas, - 1941
Martin Douglass, Living 2017
Mate Hon HG Douglas, RN
Maurice Douglas, c1920 -2003
Norman Sholto Douglas, bc1895
Percy Cuthbert Douglass, 1886-1917
Pringle Home Douglas, 1784 - 1859
Rear Admiral George Henry Douglas
Rear Admiral Stair Douglas RN, 1764-1826
Rear-admiral Peter John Douglas 1787 - 1858
Ronald Douglas, 1890-1922
Seaman 1st Class General Preston Douglas, k1943
Sir Sholto Douglas
Stephen Francis Douglas, living 1846
Stopford Douglas, living 1907
Surgeon Commander Timothy Douglas-Riley, Living 2008
Thomas Douglas, exec 1714
Vice Admiral Sir (Henry) Percy Douglas, 1876-1939
Vice Admiral Sir William Henry Douglas, 1763-1809

Officers of the Coast Guard
Extracted from a copy of the Navy List for 1851.

DOUGLAS Blomfield ex Indian Navy 05 Nov 47 Frazerburgh, Scotland
DOUGLAS Charles H. Commander 26 Mar 47 Wexford, Ireland
DOUGLAS John late E.I.C.S. 21 Jan 48 Mundsley, England
DOUGLAS William M.W. Commander 04 Dec 48 Kinsale, Ireland

Lt John Douglas 1826

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  • The following naval officers biographies can be found in William O'Byrne's Naval Biographical Dictionary:
    Lt Archibald Henry Douglas 1846
    Commander Hon Arthur James Douglas B 1802
    Commander Charles Henry Douglas 1844
    Lt Colin Douglas 1846
    Lt Hon George Henry Douglas 1844
    Lt Henry Douglas 1815
    Commander Henry John Douglas 1845
    Lt James Douglas Stoddart Douglas 1815
    Lt John Douglas 1826
    Admiral John Erskine Douglas 1838
    Captain Peter John Douglas 1811
    Commander Pringle Hume Douglas 1814
    Commander Richard Douglas 1823

    The following naval personnel died post World War2:
  • Douglas, Emma, Lieutenant, V030951H, Cornwall, 3 October 2004, died
  • Douglas, Ian G A, Lieutenant, Fulmar, 12 October 1954, died. Half-brother to Commodore George Douglas, DFC
  • Douglas, John C, Stoker Mechanic, SKX 903133, Illustrious, 4 June 1953, died
  • Douglass, Derek I, Lieutenant (O), Albion, 26 February 1959, air crash

  • I would welcome help about the following:
  • Admiral Sir Archy Douglas, Naval Lord 1902
  • Captain Charles Henry Douglas-Hamilton,  R.N.1808 - 1873
  • Commander James Angus Douglas-Hamilton1890 = ?
  • Lt J. Douglas RNR W 19.12 QMH RNH  Commanded HMS Tern at fall of Hong Kong 1941
  • Andrew Douglas, Paymaster to the Navy 1753 - ?
  • Vice-Admiral Sir (Henry) Percy Douglas 1876-1939
  • Surgeon Henry Douglas, murdered Newcastle 1751
  • Midshipman A. Douglas-Hamilton served c1900
  • DOUGLAS, Alexander, Stoker Petty Officer, 278626 Lost his life when Submarine B.2 (attached to Forth), sank, Friday, 4 October 1912
  • Herries Sholto Douglas, Naval Cadet or Entry: 13/04/1869; June 1870 : 079 - Britannia [Cadet under training]
  • Capt. John Douglas of his Majesty's ship the Terrible 1780 (The Venus was now commanded by John Douglas from the Terrible) John's brother, Robert, of st Kitts, left John the bulk of his fortune (which is very considerable)
  • A.B. Robert Alexander Douglas, R.N.V.R., O.N. (London), brought to the notice of the Admiralty for valuable services in the prosecution of the War 1919.
  • Commander Sholto Grant Douglas, R.N. For valuable services as Divisional Naval Transport Officer at Middlesbrough and Glasgow - CBE in recognition of the services of the Royal Naval Transport Service during the War - July 1919 (2 May 1889 apptd to the Daphne)(Born in Portsmouth)
  • Sir Sholto Douglas, Commander of Coastal Command with responsibility for hunting 'snorkel boats'.
  • Augustus C Douglas, appointed Midshipman on 1st January 1817 'nt on duty'
  • Charles Douglas promoted Lieutenant on 1st October 1794
  • John Douglas, Master Attendant at Plymouth, Sheerness (4 Sep 1819) and Deptford
  • John Douglas, Master Attendant at Halifax, Nova Scotia (Appointed 1815) (Same as above?)
  • Lt. Douglas, shipwrecked on the armed transport brig, Kite, in China and subsequently taken prisoner in 1840.
  • William Douglass born 22 Oct 1869 in Bethnal Green, Middlesex; Service Number 131562 ; First Service Date 2 Mar 1885; First Ship Served On Boscawen; Last Service Date 4 Aug 1917; Last Ship Served On Victory I
    The following were casualties of the German U-Boat campaign:
    • Arthur Douglas, b1913, son of George and Henrietta Douglas, of Plymouth, was an Able Seaman on Light cruiser HMS Galatea. He was killed when it was attacked on 15 Dec 1941 by U-557.

    • John Douglas, b1923, son of John and Mary Douglas, of Edinburgh. Cook was killed when destroyer HMS Martin was attacked on 10 Nov 1942 by U-431.

    • John Douglas, b1914, son of John and Charlotte Douglas; husband of Desdamona Douglas, of Blyth, Northumberland, was an Able Seaman (DEMS gunner) on Steam merchant Empire Prairie. He was killed when it was attacked on 10 Apr 1942 by U-654.

    • Royce Douglas, b1921, son of W.E. and Kate Douglas, of Clee, Lincolnshire, was an Ordinary Seaman on Destroyer HMS Stanley. He was killed when it was attacked on 19 Dec 1941 by U-574.


    Lt Cdr DouglasWho is this?
    Lt Cdr Douglas RN in 1918

















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