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6th July 2014 - Event closed

Stirling Castle


Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument
Image copyright Stirling Council


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The earliest recorded castle at Stirling was used by Malcolm Canmore in the 11th century. Alexander I died here in 1124, as did William the Lyon in 1214. Edward I of England captured the castle in 1304 when he used a siege engine called the "War Wolf", even though the garrison had already surrendered. William Wallace took the castle for the Scots, but it was retaken by the English until the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Robert the Bruce had the castle slighted, but it was rebuilt by Edward III of England, after his victory of Halidon Hill in 1333, in support of Edward Balliol. The English garrison was besieged in 1337 by Andrew Moray, but it was not until 1342 that the Scots recovered the castle. James III was born here in 1451. James II lured the 8th Earl of Douglas to it in 1452, murdered him, and had his body tossed out of one of the windows, despite promising safe conduct.

It is here, in the Old Chapel, that Mary was crowned Queen of Scots on 9th September 1543, before being taken to France. She was later to spend some time in the castle.


The tour to Stirling Castle, on Sunday 6th July, will also include a visit to the site of the Battle of Bannockburn.

Entry to both will be by private arrangement.

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