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6th July 2014 - Event closed

Lochleven Castle


Lochleven Castle

Lochleven Castle - Image by Chris Cuthbert


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The island fastness of Lochleven is associated with many colourful events and has been visited by countless distinguished personalities during its history. Some of those taking the boat across Loch Leven came of their own accord, including King Robert Bruce (in 1313 and 1323). Others were held prisoner within the castle’s walls – such as Robert, the High Stewart, in 1369, two years before his coronation as Robert II, the first of the royal house of Stewart.

Another tale tells of Sir William Wallace himself capturing the fastness and killing all 30 ‘Inglismen’ he found there.

But the castle will be forever associated in the memory with another Stewart sovereign, Mary Queen of Scots. She first visited in 1561 as a guest of the owner, Sir William Douglas. But her last stay, in 1567–8, was as his prisoner. It was at Lochleven that she was compelled to abdicate her throne in favour of her infant son, James VI. The castle walls held her for less than a year. In May 1568 she escaped across the loch and before that month was out she was in exile in England. She never saw her native land again.


Aberdour and Lochleven castles will be visited on the same day, Monday 30th June.  The ticket price includes entry to both castles.

It is hoped that our visit may coincide with a pageant or display.

There may be two parties if there are too many for the boats at Lochleven.

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