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6th July 2014 - Event closed

Aberdour Castle


Aberdour Castle

Aberdour Castle


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Aberdour Castle served as a residence for three noble families over a period of 500 years – the Mortimers, Randolphs and Douglases. The present complex of roofed buildings and ruined structures perfectly illustrates how a medieval castle could be extended and modified over time.

James Douglas, 4th Earl of Morton, held the castle in the 16th century. Morton was implicated in the murder of Rizzio, the Secretary of Mary, Queen of Scots, and of Darnley, her second husband. He escaped severe punishment at the time, and in 1572 was made Regent for the young James VI. In 1580, however, the Earl's plotting finally caught up with him, and James VI had him executed.

The castle is among the oldest standing masonry castles in Scotland; in fact, it may be the oldest. Hidden away in the extensive complex are the remains of a two-storey hall-house.

First built to provide its owner with a secure place of strength, it was later enlarged in several stages until it became an extensive, outward-looking residence surrounded by delightful gardens and pleasure-grounds. It tells the visitor a great deal about changes in architectural and domestic fashion, as well as about the developing fortunes of the noble families who owned it.

There will an opportunity to visit nearby St Fillans Church, which contains several Douglas memorial plaques.


Aberdour and Lochleven castles will be visited on the same day, Monday 30th June.  The ticket price includes entry to both castles.

It is hoped that our visit may coincide with a pageant or display.

There may be two parties if there are too many for the boats at Lochleven.

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