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Winch Family History, copy of email letter held by James C. Anderson

Source Information

  • Title Winch Family History, copy of email letter held by James C. Anderson 
    Short Title Jan Reineking, email to James Anderson 
    Author Jan Reineking, email 
    Publisher May 28, 2001 
    Source ID S347 
    Text :
    I may have some family history you would be interested in. Recently my sister and I have taken over tracing our mothers family tree. Her name was Betty Anne Winch, Ehlers, 1931-1992, her father was Paul Winch, (who is still living at the age of 101) and his father and mother were James R. Winch and Cora A. Herrick. This info we got from our mother's notes. Today we were at the Nashville Cemetary in Martin County Minnesota and found they're grave sites, James R. Winch was born in 1865 and died in 1940. Cora A. Winch was born in 1870 and died in 1950. Cora A.'s maiden name was Herrick and her father was Orrin S. Herrick born Jan 30th, 1842 from Piscataquis county, Parkman Maine. Her mothers name was Cordelia Bacon, born Oct. 21, 1844 from Mount Morris New York, Livingstone county, and died June 13, 1914. There was another stone next to James and Cora's we believe to be their son, but will have to do some checking but here is the name on it: Orrin J. Winch 1896-1981. We think Orrin for her father and the J. could stand for James??
    We also Found James R. Winchs brother Albert Winch born 1841, died Feb. 10th 1887 and his wife Hattie Winch born 1848 and died 1927.

    Another brother George H. Winch Born 1873 died 1963, married to Mamie C. ( we don't know the last name, born 1880-1964.

    We also found variety of other Winch's also, listed below:

    Anna Winch Wife of O.E. Winch ( but no stone was found for him) Born May 3,1876, died Jan. 30 1911.

    James Winch 3 days old JUne 28 1903.
    Alice Winch 10 days old sept. 22, 1905 ( both these names were on the same stone)
    We believe them to be a brother and sister of our grandfather Paul Winch.

    Doris Leona Daughter of Lee H. and H.L. Winch born May 2, died May 3, 1914.
    Possibly another bother of Paul, but no stone for them was found.

    Bert W. Winch 1892-1960 Wife Emma B. Winch 1897-1955, Marvel Winch 1920-1932.
    (all on one stone) Another brother of Paul.

    Preston Jay Winch Cpl US Army Korea Mar 31, 1930-Jan. 22,1999.

    Eugenia "Jean" Winch 1931- , Berten "Bertie" Winch 1928-1992 Children, Dale and Bruce Winch.

    Alice Winch, Masters, 1910-1985 (my Aunt) Everette Winch 1899-1979 (my uncle)

    Paul Winch 1901- ( my granfather) Eva Winch, Masters, 1912-1991 ( my grandmother)
    ( on another note of interest Paul and Everette married sisters )

    Paul Winch's bothers and sisters sorry we dont know the correct order but this is the order our mother had written them in:
    Alice ( died when 10 days old see above)
    James (died when 3 days old see above)
    Bert 1892-1960 Married Emma 1897-1955
    Ora (twin)
    Jay (twin)
    Everette 1899-1979
    Paul 1901-
    Lee H.

    Paul Winch Married Eva Masters July 18, 1901
    their children are:
    Myrtle Dela Winch born Aug. 25, 1928
    Betty Anne Winch Born July 1, 1931
    Paul Jr. Winch (will get this date to you as it seems my sister didn't give it to me)
    Bill Winch Born Dec. 12, 1938 (twin)
    Bonnie Winch born Dec. 12, 1938 died Jan 29 1940 (Bill's Twin)

    I'll let you digest this I do have more info concerning who Paul's children married and etc. but I'll let you decide if you want it or not.

    I was verry happy to find your info on the net it was very very helpful. Thanks for doing it ( just in case no ones told you that yet :) )

    Enjoy the info hope you like it.
    Jan Reineking, Betty Winch's youngest
    37365 210th st
    Winnebago, Minnesota 56098 
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