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Washington County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bowlin, Alinoar N.  22 Nov 1818Washington County, Tennessee I17295
2 Bowlin, Catharine Suffia  22 Aug 1830Washington County, Tennessee I17303
3 Bowlin, George W.  1830Washington County, Tennessee I17302
4 Bowlin, John Peter  4 Jun 1819Washington County, Tennessee I17296
5 Bowlin, Joseph M.  1834Washington County, Tennessee I17301
6 Bowlin, Margaret Peggy  Bef 1826Washington County, Tennessee I17298
7 Bowlin, Valentine  1826Washington County, Tennessee I17299
8 Bowlin, William W.  Bef 1826Washington County, Tennessee I17297
9 Broyles, Amanda  4 Feb 1847Washington County, Tennessee I16581
10 Carathers, Elizabeth Angeline  3 Oct 1830Washington County, Tennessee I17285
11 Copp, Birdie Beatrice  Washington County, Tennessee I16699
12 Copp, Bruce B.  Washington County, Tennessee I16698
13 Copp, Flora M.  Washington County, Tennessee I16701
14 Copp, Fornie E.  Washington County, Tennessee I16702
15 Dewald, Catharine Caroline  15 Oct 1826Washington County, Tennessee I16587
16 Fulmer, George F.  1827Washington County, Tennessee I17287
17 Fulmer, James  Washington County, Tennessee I17286
18 Fulmer, John Jr.  1825Washington County, Tennessee I17284
19 Fulmer, John W.  1856Washington County, Tennessee I17291
20 Fulmer, Sarah E.  1850Washington County, Tennessee I17293
21 Housley, William Howell  17 Jun 1849Washington County, Tennessee I16591
22 Keplinger, Nancy  21 Sep 1811Washington County, Tennessee I17305
23 Kiker, *Margaret Keicher Kyker  18 Oct 1802Washington County, Tennessee I16566
24 Rubel, David Jasper  Washington County, Tennessee I17316
25 Rubel, Eliza Ellen  Washington County, Tennessee I17318
26 Rubel, George H.  Washington County, Tennessee I17315
27 Rubel, Henry Wirt  9 May 1821Washington County, Tennessee I17310
28 Rubel, Isaac Newton  Washington County, Tennessee I17317
29 Rubel, John Wesley  Washington County, Tennessee I17314
30 Rubel, Madison Elbert Sevier  Washington County, Tennessee I17313
31 Rubel, Susan Margaret  Washington County, Tennessee I17319
32 S, *Peter -Walter  Between 1750 and 1767Washington County, Tennessee I16567
33 Walter, *Amos  3 Jan 1831Washington County, Tennessee I16542
34 Walter, Ann Margaret  Abt 1801Washington County, Tennessee I17260
35 Walter, Axah  1856Washington County, Tennessee I17246
36 Walter, Burly  1849Washington County, Tennessee I17244
37 Walter, Catharine L.  1867Washington County, Tennessee I16594
38 Walter, Catherine  Between 1815 and 1820Washington County, Tennessee I16574
39 Walter, Clara  1818Washington County, Tennessee I16575
40 Walter, Daniel  1852Washington County, Tennessee I17245
41 Walter, Daniel A.  1873Washington County, Tennessee I16598
42 Walter, David  1838Washington County, Tennessee I17241
43 Walter, Dorotha A.  1874Washington County, Tennessee I16599
44 Walter, Elbert L.  1844Washington County, Tennessee I17250
45 Walter, Elizabeth  1793Washington County, Tennessee I17262
46 Walter, Elizabeth  21 Jan 1834Washington County, Tennessee I16563
47 Walter, Francis L.  1854Washington County, Tennessee I17253
48 Walter, George F.  1851Washington County, Tennessee I17252
49 Walter, Isaac  9 Oct 1835Washington County, Tennessee I16569
50 Walter, Isaac Patton  Jan 1879Washington County, Tennessee I16601

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Broyles, Amanda  1 Mar 1917Washington County, Tennessee I16581
2 Carathers, Elizabeth Angeline  27 Apr 1912Washington County, Tennessee I17285
3 Catherine  27 Jun 1907Washington County, Tennessee I17238
4 Click, Elizabeth Amanda  4 Sep 1892Washington County, Tennessee I16543
5 Crowell, James D.  Between 1900 and 1920Washington County, Tennessee I24167
6 Dewald, Catharine Caroline  27 Jun 1907Washington County, Tennessee I16587
7 Ellis, Rebecca Jane  25 Feb 1871Washington County, Tennessee I16592
8 Fulmer, *Clara Fulmor  1 Jan 1834Washington County, Tennessee I16568
9 Fulmer, John Jr.  Washington County, Tennessee I17284
10 Fulmer, John ? Johann Michael Vollmer Sr.  12 Nov 1883Washington County, Tennessee I17281
11 Kiker, *Joseph Keicher Kyker  13 Jul 1855Washington County, Tennessee I16585
12 Kiker, *Margaret Keicher Kyker  16 Nov 1864Washington County, Tennessee I16566
13 Kiker, Conrad Keicher Kyker  2 Nov 1826Washington County, Tennessee I17340
14 Miller, Susannah  1882Washington County, Tennessee I16577
15 Painter, Elbert S.  18 Aug 1908Washington County, Tennessee I16589
16 S, *Peter -Walter  18 Aug 1809Washington County, Tennessee I16567
17 Walter, *Amos  23 Mar 1884Washington County, Tennessee I16542
18 Walter, *John  8 Aug 1862Washington County, Tennessee I16560
19 Walter, Clara  Bef 1877Washington County, Tennessee I16575
20 Walter, George  1875Washington County, Tennessee I16570
21 Walter, George Worley  23 Feb 1912Washington County, Tennessee I16565
22 Walter, Isaac  18 Mar 1867Washington County, Tennessee I16569
23 Walter, John  Bef 1875Washington County, Tennessee I16573
24 Walter, John Peter  23 Jul 1870Washington County, Tennessee I16578
25 Walter, Margaret Loretta  23 Aug 1892Washington County, Tennessee I16555
26 Walter, Mary Jane  14 Jan 1916Washington County, Tennessee I16579
27 Walter, Peter Jr.  1839Washington County, Tennessee I17239
28 Walter, Tennessee M.  9 Nov 1882Washington County, Tennessee I16608


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Walter, John P.  May 1860Washington County, Tennessee I17225


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bowlin / Walter  14 Feb 1817Washington County, Tennessee F6332
2 Copp / Painter  1881Washington County, Tennessee F6125
3 Copp / Walter  Abt 1800Washington County, Tennessee F6100
4 Copp / Walter  1873Washington County, Tennessee F6124
5 Fulmer / Carathers  25 Aug 1853Washington County, Tennessee F6340
6 Fulmer / Mallonee  14 Feb 1850Washington County, Tennessee F6341
7 Housley / Walter  12 Apr 1866Washington County, Tennessee F6105
8 Kiker / Booth  31 Mar 1802Washington County, Tennessee F6109
9 May / Walter  6 Feb 1834Washington County, Tennessee F6333
10 Million / Walter  20 Oct 1822Washington County, Tennessee F6334
11 Painter / Walter  4 Feb 1855Washington County, Tennessee F6094
12 Painter / Walter  13 Apr 1858Washington County, Tennessee F6104
13 Rubel / Walter  26 Jan 1843Washington County, Tennessee F6102
14 Walter / Barbara  Abt 1835Washington County, Tennessee F6328
15 Walter / Bitner  4 Oct 1866Washington County, Tennessee F6098
16 Walter / Broyles  6 Nov 1871Washington County, Tennessee F6096
17 Walter / Cannon  4 Sep 1856Washington County, Tennessee F6093
18 Walter / Cressaleus  20 Oct 1833Washington County, Tennessee F6330
19 Walter / Dewald  17 Aug 1849Washington County, Tennessee F6103
20 Walter / Ellis  13 Aug 1865Washington County, Tennessee F6095
21 Walter / Kiker  16 Sep 1822Washington County, Tennessee F6092
22 Walter / Miller  20 Nov 1817Washington County, Tennessee F6099
23 Walter / Susan  Abt 1843Washington County, Tennessee F6331
24 Walters / Keplinger  20 Dec 1829Washington County, Tennessee F6345