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Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
851 Robe, Elizabeth (Roby)  19 Jul 1694Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I113391
852 Robe, Sarah  13 Apr 1756Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117122
853 Robe, Walter  27 Mar 1773Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116966
854 Sisson, Dora Josephine  13 Nov 1872Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I122870
855 Slater, Ariel  28 Sep 1789Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117137
856 Smith, Walter Bennett  6 Mar 1869Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I131714
857 Soveril, Lydia  15 Sep 1736Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119976
858 Stratton, Eunice  27 Jul 1733Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I113671
859 Stratton, Jeremiah  7 Jul 1740Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I113672
860 Stratton, Martin  13 Jan 1730/31Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I113670
861 Talmadge, Harriet May  Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I126908
862 Terry, John Gridley  22 Sep 1749Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115889
863 Terry, Stephen  27 Sep 1751Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115237
864 Tuller, Arthur Frederick  Dec 1864Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I125218
865 Tuller, Asaph  Oct 1774Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115365
866 Tuller, Elijah  2 Feb 1725/26Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115355
867 Tuller, Elijah  13 Jul 1744Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114785
868 Tuller, Elisha  Dec 1768Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114790
869 Tuller, Esther  6 Jan 1780Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115153
870 Tuller, Isaac  24 Apr 1720Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114591
871 Tuller, Joel  15 Mar 1758Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115359
872 Tuller, Sarah  21 Nov 1752Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115356
873 Turnbull, Margaret J.  24 May 1837Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I125254
874 Viets, Deborah  25 Jun 1757Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117323
875 Vining, Horace Case  26 Dec 1828Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I118774
876 Weston, Loren  6 Sep 1792Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117355
877 Westover, Mary  Abt 1674Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I105823
878 Whitehead, Annie Mary  Jan 1875Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I131921
879 Wilcox, Abigail  11 Jan 1754Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116934
880 Wilcox, Charles  1750Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114646
881 Wilcox, Emily  Feb 1792Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I121980
882 Wilcox, Ezra Jr.  10 Nov 1746Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115260
883 Wilcox, Lucy  12 Nov 1754Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114645
884 Wilcox, Marietta W.  1 Sep 1830Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I131375
885 Wilcox, Roger  9 Jan 1751/52Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116239
886 Willcockson, Rhoda  13 Mar 1731/32Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116172
887 Willoughby, William Barnard  16 Jul 1871Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I132192
888 Wilson, Hannah  31 Jul 1731Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116087
889 Woodbridge, Dorothy  13 Nov 1745Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116674

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