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Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
401 Case, Joseph Victor  5 Apr 1814Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119557 My Genealogy 
402 Case, Josephine Cornelia  9 Apr 1853Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I125681 My Genealogy 
403 Case, Joshua  1 Jun 1698Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I113303 My Genealogy 
404 Case, Joshua Jr.  Abt 1728Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115186 My Genealogy 
405 Case, Josiah  1 Apr 1718Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I114807 My Genealogy 
406 Case, Judah  14 Dec 1760Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115931 My Genealogy 
407 Case, Judith  13 May 1749Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116215 My Genealogy 
408 Case, Julia  20 Dec 1829Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I122388 My Genealogy 
409 Case, Julia Abigail  29 Oct 1874Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I123863 My Genealogy 
410 Case, Julia Caroline  17 Aug 1836Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I123085 My Genealogy 
411 Case, Julia Hepzibah  Feb 1803Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119222 My Genealogy 
412 Case, Julianna  4 Jun 1801Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I118821 My Genealogy 
413 Case, Juliette E.  4 Apr 1810Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119628 My Genealogy 
414 Case, Julius  20 Feb 1773Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116268 My Genealogy 
415 Case, Julius  22 May 1790Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117913 My Genealogy 
416 Case, Justin Lucius  28 Oct 1851Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I123311 My Genealogy 
417 Case, Justus Marcus  4 Sep 1816Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I118100 My Genealogy 
418 Case, Keturah  11 Dec 1762Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115986 My Genealogy 
419 Case, Laura  Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I118666 My Genealogy 
420 Case, Laura  7 Jan 1791Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116327 My Genealogy 
421 Case, Laura  3 Apr 1791Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119649 My Genealogy 
422 Case, Laura  7 Feb 1793Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117286 My Genealogy 
423 Case, Laura  4 May 1799Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116711 My Genealogy 
424 Case, Laura  12 Dec 1812Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119921 My Genealogy 
425 Case, Laurence L.  1903Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I132072 My Genealogy 
426 Case, Lavinia Roxanna  20 Mar 1814Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116950 My Genealogy 
427 Case, Levi  14 Dec 1760Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115744 My Genealogy 
428 Case, Levi  17 Dec 1775Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116881 My Genealogy 
429 Case, Levi Phelps  4 Jan 1800Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117183 My Genealogy 
430 Case, Lewis Wesley  31 Aug 1898Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I131711 My Genealogy 
431 Case, Lidia  14 Dec 1755Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115177 My Genealogy 
432 Case, Lillia Irene  10 Aug 1860Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I123858 My Genealogy 
433 Case, Lois  15 Sep 1760Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115985 My Genealogy 
434 Case, Lois  10 Apr 1763Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115394 My Genealogy 
435 Case, Lois  20 Oct 1786Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116578 My Genealogy 
436 Case, Lorenzo Lawrence  19 Sep 1800Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119617 My Genealogy 
437 Case, Louis Leslie  6 May 1870Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I127244 My Genealogy 
438 Case, Louisa  Aug 1803Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I138691 My Genealogy 
439 Case, Louisa Lettice  20 Nov 1819Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117434 My Genealogy 
440 Case, Lucia Amanda  20 Nov 1826Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119615 My Genealogy 
441 Case, Lucia D.  17 Sep 1815Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119630 My Genealogy 
442 Case, Lucy  22 Feb 1751/52Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115111 My Genealogy 
443 Case, Lucy  17 Feb 1754Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116065 My Genealogy 
444 Case, Lucy  20 Oct 1766Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I116118 My Genealogy 
445 Case, Lucy  14 Feb 1767Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115952 My Genealogy 
446 Case, Lucy  9 Feb 1772Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I115982 My Genealogy 
447 Case, Lucy  25 Sep 1800Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I117658 My Genealogy 
448 Case, Lucy  14 Feb 1802Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119654 My Genealogy 
449 Case, Lucy Ann  2 Nov 1841Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I124887 My Genealogy 
450 Case, Lucy Aurelia  7 Jan 1836Simsbury, Hartford Co., CT I119943 My Genealogy 

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