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Shawville, Quebec



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dale, G. William  Shawville, Quebec I98240
2 Hodgins, Adam C.  Shawville, Quebec I98040
3 Hodgins, Alexander  Shawville, Quebec I97390
4 Hodgins, Alexander "Little Alex"  1872Shawville, Quebec I98485
5 Hodgins, Alice  Shawville, Quebec I98396
6 Hodgins, Amy  Shawville, Quebec I97561
7 Hodgins, Amy  Shawville, Quebec I98188
8 Hodgins, Ann  Shawville, Quebec I98761
9 Hodgins, Annie  1868Shawville, Quebec I97845
10 Hodgins, Arthur  Shawville, Quebec I97567
11 Hodgins, Asa  Shawville, Quebec I97388
12 Hodgins, Austin  1875Shawville, Quebec I97898
13 Hodgins, Blanche  Shawville, Quebec I98189
14 Hodgins, Catherine  Shawville, Quebec I98217
15 Hodgins, Charles George  Shawville, Quebec I97718
16 Hodgins, Charlotte  Shawville, Quebec I98393
17 Hodgins, Clara  Shawville, Quebec I97384
18 Hodgins, Clarence  Shawville, Quebec I97568
19 Hodgins, Clarence  Shawville, Quebec I97389
20 Hodgins, Clayton  1900Shawville, Quebec I97902
21 Hodgins, David  Shawville, Quebec I98229
22 Hodgins, David T.  Shawville, Quebec I97647
23 Hodgins, Edgar Percival  May 1892Shawville, Quebec I97827
24 Hodgins, Edith  Shawville, Quebec I98036
25 Hodgins, Edmund Augustus  Shawville, Quebec I97625
26 Hodgins, Eleanor  Shawville, Quebec I97615
27 Hodgins, Eliza Jane  Shawville, Quebec I98762
28 Hodgins, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1858Shawville, Quebec I97548
29 Hodgins, Ellard Lee  Shawville, Quebec I97559
30 Hodgins, Emma  Shawville, Quebec I98392
31 Hodgins, Erma  Shawville, Quebec I98190
32 Hodgins, Erskine  Shawville, Quebec I97612
33 Hodgins, Ethel  Shawville, Quebec I97563
34 Hodgins, Fanny  1836Shawville, Quebec I98233
35 Hodgins, Fanny  1860Shawville, Quebec I97549
36 Hodgins, Florabel  Shawville, Quebec I97846
37 Hodgins, Florence  Shawville, Quebec I97569
38 Hodgins, Frank  Shawville, Quebec I98224
39 Hodgins, Frank  Shawville, Quebec I98230
40 Hodgins, Frederick  Shawville, Quebec I97566
41 Hodgins, Garfield  Dec 1881Shawville, Quebec I97899
42 Hodgins, Genevieve  Shawville, Quebec I97614
43 Hodgins, George  Shawville, Quebec I98231
44 Hodgins, George "Big George"  Shawville, Quebec I97207
45 Hodgins, George Frederick  1873Shawville, Quebec I97552
46 Hodgins, George G. "Kilrabies George"  1857Shawville, Quebec I98351
47 Hodgins, Georgina  Shawville, Quebec I97386
48 Hodgins, Gladys  Shawville, Quebec I97565
49 Hodgins, Glenn  Shawville, Quebec I98192
50 Hodgins, Gordon  Shawville, Quebec I97562

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cuthbertson, Janet  Shawville, Quebec I98035
2 Hodgins, Adam  1914Shawville, Quebec I97188
3 Hodgins, Blanche  Shawville, Quebec I98189
4 Hodgins, Edward  1923Shawville, Quebec I97184
5 Hodgins, Edward "Pioneer Edward"  1873Shawville, Quebec I97170
6 Hodgins, George "Pioneer George"  1855Shawville, Quebec I97167
7 Hodgins, George Frederick  Shawville, Quebec I97552
8 Hodgins, Harold  24 Oct 1964Shawville, Quebec I97306
9 Hodgins, Herbert  Shawville, Quebec I98894
10 Hodgins, Hewett Bedell "Bill"  Aft 1976Shawville, Quebec I97336
11 Hodgins, James  1899Shawville, Quebec I97183
12 Hodgins, Ralph  1926Shawville, Quebec I97648
13 Hodgins, Ruth  1922Shawville, Quebec I97895
14 Hodgins, Thomas "Pioneer Tom"  1867Shawville, Quebec I97463
15 Hodgins, William "Northbranch Bill"  Shawville, Quebec I97462
16 Hodgins, William "Pioneer William"  1843Shawville, Quebec I97164
17 Morgan, Eliza  1878Shawville, Quebec I98759
18 Pye, Hetty  1831Shawville, Quebec I98218
19 Stoney, Maria  1877Shawville, Quebec I97178


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Morgan, Eliza  Shawville, Quebec I98759


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hodgins / Hodgins  Shawville, Quebec F42841