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Providence, RI



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary  1648Providence, RI I138934
2 Browne, Mary  1702Providence, RI I138954
3 Dexter, Abigail  24 Sep 1655Providence, RI I138932
4 Dexter, Albert  1821Providence, RI I139131
5 Dexter, Anna  1795Providence, RI I139034
6 Dexter, Benjamin  1722Providence, RI I139172
7 Dexter, David  1722Providence, RI I139165
8 Dexter, Edward III  1799Providence, RI I138888
9 Dexter, Edward  1837Providence, RI I139317
10 Dexter, Freelove  1796Providence, RI I139203
11 Dexter, Henry Harris  1801Providence, RI I138891
12 Dexter, James  1650Providence, RI I138931
13 Dexter, James  1691Providence, RI I139025
14 Dexter, Jeremiah  1730Providence, RI I138911
15 Dexter, John  6 Nov 1652Providence, RI I138918
16 Dexter, John  1670Providence, RI I138935
17 Dexter, John  1692Providence, RI I138921
18 Dexter, John  1718Providence, RI I139164
19 Dexter, John B.  1800Providence, RI I139029
20 Dexter, Joseph  1727Providence, RI I138909
21 Dexter, Knight  1734Providence, RI I138966
22 Dexter, Mary Ann  1791Providence, RI I139127
23 Dexter, Naomi  1736Providence, RI I138967
24 Dexter, Peleg  1658Providence, RI I138933
25 Dexter, Samuel K.  1837Providence, RI I139446
26 Dexter, Stephen  1 Nov 1647Providence, RI I138930
27 Dexter, Stephen  1689Providence, RI I138906
28 Dexter, Stephen  1795Providence, RI I139202
29 Dexter, Susannah  1763Providence, RI I138995
30 Dexter, Thomas Mortimer  1839Providence, RI I139447
31 Dexter, Timothy Walker  1839Providence, RI I139318
32 Dexter, William  1714Providence, RI I139169
33 Dexter, William James  1796Providence, RI I139028
34 Dexter, William James  1833Providence, RI I139105
35 Fenner, Hannah  1797Providence, RI I104853
36 Field, Mary  1676Providence, RI I138943
37 Harris, Phebe  1735Providence, RI I139002
38 Knight, Mahetabel  1704Providence, RI I138965
39 Mumford, Sarah  1781Providence, RI I138899
40 Owen, Ellen S.  1838Providence, RI I139396
41 Potter, Abby B.  1837Providence, RI I139157
42 Smith, Abby  1773Providence, RI I138892
43 Smith, Alice  WFT Est 1650-1677Providence, RI I138919
44 Whipple, Mary  1692Providence, RI I139163
45 Whipple, Susannah  1690Providence, RI I138907


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Mary  1676Providence, RI I138934
2 Dexter, James  Abt 1676Providence, RI I138931
3 Dexter, Jessie  1947Providence, RI I138815
4 Dexter, Nathaniel Balch  1832Providence, RI I139210
5 Dexter, Stephen  1676Providence, RI I138930
6 Potter, Christopher Dexter  1976Providence, RI I138894
7 Shedd, Edward Whitten  WFT Est 1903-1952Providence, RI I138814
8 Shedd, Faith May  18 Sep 1986Providence, RI I138850


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dexter / Owen  10 May 1858Providence, RI F58541
2 Dexter / Shedd  28 Sep 1900Providence, RI F58388