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Parke County, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
151 Garland, Thomas Marks  27 Apr 1874Parke County, Indiana I15683
152 Garland, Tinnie May  16 Jul 1876Parke County, Indiana I15711
153 Haga, Abraham  9 Nov 1859Parke County, Indiana I12992
154 Haga, Grace Susan  29 Nov 1895Parke County, Indiana I13004
155 Haga, James Abraham  9 May 1898Parke County, Indiana I13011
156 Haga, William Henry  8 Apr 1893Parke County, Indiana I13008
157 Hamilton, Alva E.  1872Parke County, Indiana I14882
158 Hamilton, Ann  1861Parke County, Indiana I20487
159 Hamilton, Dion  Parke County, Indiana I21210
160 Hamilton, Emily  1850Parke County, Indiana I20485
161 Hamilton, Emily Jane  3 Sep 1836Parke County, Indiana I20477
162 Hamilton, Evan Even Ellis  24 Aug 1831Parke County, Indiana I14911
163 Hamilton, James Alexander  18 Dec 1833Parke County, Indiana I20476
164 Hamilton, John  Abt 1873Parke County, Indiana I14883
165 Hamilton, John Randolph  22 Jul 1844Parke County, Indiana I20469
166 Hamilton, John Sam  1852Parke County, Indiana I20478
167 Hamilton, Luetta Etta  1875Parke County, Indiana I14885
168 Hamilton, Martha Mattie  1870Parke County, Indiana I14880
169 Hamilton, Mary A.  1864Parke County, Indiana I20488
170 Hamilton, Nancy Catherine  22 Sep 1856Parke County, Indiana I20480
171 Hamilton, Newton G.  1854Parke County, Indiana I20479
172 Hamilton, Ora D.  1878Parke County, Indiana I14886
173 Hamilton, Ordalia Ordella M.  1859Parke County, Indiana I20486
174 Hamilton, Perry R.  1874Parke County, Indiana I14884
175 Hamilton, Robert  1869Parke County, Indiana I20489
176 Hamilton, Robert L.  19 Apr 1842Parke County, Indiana I20468
177 Hamilton, Samuel Addison  14 Jul 1848Parke County, Indiana I21060
178 Hamilton, William E.  1879Parke County, Indiana I20490
179 Hann, Conrad  Parke County, Indiana I159883
180 Harbison, Odalin A.  7 Sep 1886Parke County, Indiana I20674
181 Harney, Herbert C.  22 Jul 1884Parke County, Indiana I20070
182 Hatch, Ira  11 Jan 1884Parke County, Indiana I13007
183 Hatch, Nellie P.  17 Jan 1920Parke County, Indiana I159768
184 Heath, Elmer Russell  1910Parke County, Indiana I16438
185 Heath, Mary Evelyn  1907Parke County, Indiana I16437
186 Hubert, Henry  2 Dec 1888Parke County, Indiana I13006
187 Jack, Betty Elizabeth Jean  18 May 1921Parke County, Indiana I21718
188 Kemp, Rebecca K.  4 Jun 1844Parke County, Indiana I22531
189 Kent, Wallace Raymond  28 Oct 1900Parke County, Indiana I8178
190 Kiger, *Beaulah Bulah Ellen  18 Jun 1892Parke County, Indiana I158690
191 Kiger, Laura Jane  Oct 1894Parke County, Indiana I16492
192 Kilburn, Edwin H.  21 Dec 1907Parke County, Indiana I158817
193 Kitchen, Henrietta Nadine  2 Nov 1917Parke County, Indiana I158738
194 Lane, Mabel Elizabeth [Zachary]   I102134
195 Lawson, Netta  1872Parke County, Indiana I12371
196 Masterson, Mae  12 May 1892Parke County, Indiana I15959
197 McMullen, Elbert Everett  1 Jul 1892Parke County, Indiana I23002
198 McMullen, Lela B.  17 Nov 1888Parke County, Indiana I23001
199 Mitchell, Herbert  Parke County, Indiana I19925
200 Mitchell, Lowell Reid  7 Jul 1909Parke County, Indiana I158822

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