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Parke, Indiana, USA



Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cheesewright, Annie Belle  27 Nov 1892Parke, Indiana, USA I159884
2 Farner, Ada E.  1874Parke, Indiana, USA I16278
3 Farner, Carl Thomas  27 Mar 1924Parke, Indiana, USA I159890
4 Farner, Carl W.  1913Parke, Indiana, USA I159828
5 Farner, Charles Anson  1879Parke, Indiana, USA I159784
6 Farner, Charles Frederick  1892Parke, Indiana, USA I159557
7 Farner, Conrad Carl  8 Sep 1859Parke, Indiana, USA I159872
8 Farner, Ebson Lewis  29 Apr 1857Parke, Indiana, USA I159668
9 Farner, Hazel Marie  Parke, Indiana, USA I159561
10 Farner, Herchel  1917Parke, Indiana, USA I159755
11 Farner, Kenneth K.  11 Jun 1908Parke, Indiana, USA I159744
12 Farner, Ora Alvin  1900Parke, Indiana, USA I159788
13 Farner, Pearl  28 Jun 1900Parke, Indiana, USA I159827
14 Farner, Thomas C.  12 Mar 1885Parke, Indiana, USA I159675
15 Farner, William Jr.  10 Oct 1868Parke, Indiana, USA I158161
16 Graham, Celia Alice  21 Feb 1898Parke, Indiana, USA I159573
17 Hamilton, Joseph Henderson  22 Oct 1840Parke, Indiana, USA I14912
18 Hamilton, Samuel D.  18 Oct 1839Parke, Indiana, USA I20858
19 Pratt, *Emily  1831Parke, Indiana, USA I159666
20 Ramsay, Alexander Ramsey  Mar 1811Parke, Indiana, USA I20979
21 Ramsay, Andrew  18 Apr 1813Parke, Indiana, USA I20980
22 Ramsay, Elizabeth Eliza  1816Parke, Indiana, USA I20982
23 Ramsay, Joseph William  26 May 1855Parke, Indiana, USA I21014
24 Ramsay, Laura Jane  11 Apr 1850Parke, Indiana, USA I21013
25 Ramsay, Mary  10 Sep 1815Parke, Indiana, USA I20981
26 Ramsay, Mary Margaret  25 Nov 1847Parke, Indiana, USA I21012


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burnside, Thomas  11 Jul 1918Parke, Indiana, USA I25343
2 Cheesewright, Annie Belle  6 Nov 1971Parke, Indiana, USA I159884
3 Cress, Mary J.  3 Jan 1903Parke, Indiana, USA I14871
4 Farner, *John  25 Dec 1901Parke, Indiana, USA I159658
5 Farner, Ada E.  1881Parke, Indiana, USA I16278
6 Farner, Carl Coonie  1956Parke, Indiana, USA I159879
7 Farner, Carl Thomas  9 Jul 2002Parke, Indiana, USA I159890
8 Farner, Charles Frederick  1954Parke, Indiana, USA I159557
9 Farner, Harry Marshall  30 Apr 1969Parke, Indiana, USA I159556
10 Farner, Herchel  1918Parke, Indiana, USA I159755
11 Farner, Kenneth K.  Sep 1962Parke, Indiana, USA I159744
12 Farner, Pearl  2 Oct 1907Parke, Indiana, USA I159827
13 Farner, Thomas C.  1958Parke, Indiana, USA I159675
14 Farner, William Jr.  9 Sep 1955Parke, Indiana, USA I158161
15 Hamilton, Joseph Henderson  27 Feb 1919Parke, Indiana, USA I14912
16 Hamilton, Nancy Mabel Todd  28 Mar 1883Parke, Indiana, USA I20430
17 Hamilton, Samuel D.  2 Jan 1840Parke, Indiana, USA I20858
18 Kaufman, Ethel  1975Parke, Indiana, USA I159743
19 McKissick, Josephine  18 Feb 1894Parke, Indiana, USA I21142
20 Moore, Anne Moor  1 Jul 1840Parke, Indiana, USA I14914
21 Ramsay, *Hannah Cochran Ramsey  20 Jul 1851Parke, Indiana, USA I14899
22 Ramsay, John  11 Jun 1851Parke, Indiana, USA I20518
23 Ramsay, Joseph Moore  14 Oct 1867Parke, Indiana, USA I19224
24 Ramsay, Martha J.  9 Aug 1853Parke, Indiana, USA I25346
25 Ramsay, Mary Jane  25 Jul 1943Parke, Indiana, USA I21001
26 Ramsay, Mary Margaret  26 Nov 1934Parke, Indiana, USA I21012
27 Ramsay, Sumner  11 Mar 1943Parke, Indiana, USA I21003
28 Smith, Nina Ethel  19 May 1975Parke, Indiana, USA I159559
29 Spencer, Charles  14 Mar 1916Parke, Indiana, USA I21045
30 Spencer, Jesse Morton  27 Aug 1955Parke, Indiana, USA I21047
31 Spencer, Robert B.  10 Mar 1871Parke, Indiana, USA I21039
32 Stephenson, Jane Stevenson  15 Feb 1887Parke, Indiana, USA I21007
33 Thomas, Rose Rosa Ella  1949Parke, Indiana, USA I159558
34 Zachary, Marie Blanche  31 May 1971Parke, Indiana, USA I159566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Burnside, Thomas  Jul 1918Parke, Indiana, USA I25343


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burnside / Ramsay  14 Apr 1868Parke, Indiana, USA F7428
2 Farner / Kaufman  Abt 1910Parke, Indiana, USA F9580
3 Farner / McMasters  3 Jul 1877Parke, Indiana, USA F9571
4 Farner / Pratt  19 Jan 1851Parke, Indiana, USA F9565
5 Farner / Shelby  30 Nov 1839Parke, Indiana, USA F9564
6 Farner / Todd  13 Jul 1902Parke, Indiana, USA F9633
7 Hamilton / Cress  12 Nov 1853Parke, Indiana, USA F5481
8 Moorehead / Ramsay  6 Mar 1873Parke, Indiana, USA F7429
9 Porter / Ramsay  6 Dec 1871Parke, Indiana, USA F7427
10 Spencer / Ramsay  12 Oct 1875Parke, Indiana, USA F7424