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North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
101 Lookabill, George  1802North Carolina I20937
102 Lutes, Henry  North Carolina I21223
103 Lutes, Jacob S.  1801North Carolina I19397
104 Marshall, Savanah  North Carolina I109235
105 McGahey, Sarah Jane (Clodfelter)  20 Mar 1821North Carolina I21048
106 McKinney, Nancy E.  1844North Carolina I141570
107 McMahan, Archibald  1803North Carolina I143506
108 McMahan, Golden Washington  29 May 1875North Carolina I145618
109 McMahan, Mary  1895North Carolina I145600
110 McMahan, Mary J.  Feb 1878North Carolina I145639
111 McMahan, Rebecca E.  Aug 1859North Carolina I145592
112 McMahan, Sewell  1836North Carolina I143520
113 McMahan, Sherman  1864North Carolina I145636
114 Metcalf, Clyde  9 Aug 1898North Carolina I143650
115 Metcalf, Roy  1928North Carolina I144234
116 Mippsaps, Dorcas  1787North Carolina I14850
117 Moore, William  Abt 1847North Carolina I149644
118 Myers, Michael Franklin  North Carolina I15824
119 Payne, Bessie L.  1896North Carolina I143737
120 Penland, Absalom  1816North Carolina I142401
121 Penland, Bascom  1888North Carolina I143605
122 Penland, Bascombe Baldwin  18 Mar 1888North Carolina I143613
123 Ragsdale, James  1778North Carolina I599813
124 Ray, William Benjamin Sr.  1849North Carolina I141809
125 Renfroe, Priscilla  1793North Carolina I141516
126 Riddell, Frederick Franklin  1841North Carolina I143268
127 Riddle, *Elizabeth  Abt 1765North Carolina I6923
128 Riddle, Alexander  1798North Carolina I143835
129 Riddle, Alice Etta  1873North Carolina I141600
130 Riddle, Ann  1807North Carolina I145051
131 Riddle, Ansel  8 Oct 1826North Carolina I141512
132 Riddle, Austin  1834North Carolina I143247
133 Riddle, Benjamin Tyre  13 Mar 1800North Carolina I141496
134 Riddle, Carlo B.  1857North Carolina I141751
135 Riddle, David  1844North Carolina I143086
136 Riddle, Dullia  15 Jun 1871North Carolina I142351
137 Riddle, Elizabeth  1801North Carolina I145048
138 Riddle, Elizabeth  1829North Carolina I143136
139 Riddle, Elizabeth  1832North Carolina I143481
140 Riddle, Emma  1847North Carolina I142435
141 Riddle, Evie May  3 Dec 1877North Carolina I141580
142 Riddle, George  1842North Carolina I143085
143 Riddle, Hiram Burton  1831North Carolina I141867
144 Riddle, Isabelle  1859North Carolina I141446
145 Riddle, James  1850North Carolina I142330
146 Riddle, James Marion  1845North Carolina I141790
147 Riddle, James Sherman  3 Sep 1865North Carolina I141598
148 Riddle, James Woodrow  13 Mar 1870North Carolina I143245
149 Riddle, Jane  1805North Carolina I143507
150 Riddle, John W.  1829North Carolina I142431

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